Volume: 42 Issue: 3

1. Application of Quality Control Circle Activity in CT Quality Control Management. Page:232—234
2. Technology Maturity and Application Assessment of Medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment Based on Technology Evolution Theory. Page:228—231
3. Improvement and Application of Radiated Emission Test Method for Medical Microwave Equipment. Page:225—227
4. Research on Experimental Model of Security Assessment of DEHP Migration from PVC-Tubes Medical Devices. Page:222—224
5. Comparison and Discussion of National/Military Standards Related to Flow Measurement of Medical Injection Pump. Page:219—221
6. Research on Classification Monitoring Model of Medical Device Adverse Events Based on Risk Management. Page:215—218
7. Single-use Medical Devices Re-processing: Regulatory Status Quo. Page:210—214
8. Discussion on Administrative Innovation of Medical Device in China and U.S. Page:206—209
9. Analysis of Changes in Medical Device Classification Concept of the New EU Regulations. Page:202—205
10. Mechanical Reinforcement Strategy of Calcium Phosphate Cements by Loading Polymers. Page:198—201
11. Progress in Research Drug Eluting Stents Drug-looding and Drug Release Kinetics. Page:193—197
12. Research Progress of External Defibrillation Technique and Its Application. Page:188—192
13. Research and Implementation of Vital Signs Monitoring System Based on Cloud Platform. Page:185—187
14. Design and Implementation of a New Heart Sound Detecting Device. Page:182—184
15. Design of Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and Its Data Encryption Method. Page:180—181
16. Development of Positioning and Navigation System Using for C-arm X-ray Apparatus for Minimally Invasive Surgeries. Page:176—179
17. Research on the Clinical Alarm Management Mechanism Based on Closed-loop Control Theory. Page:173—175
18. Research on Field Strength of Radiated Immunity Test for Active Implantable Medical Devices. Page:170—172
19. Design of Remote Sleep Monitoring Mobile Devices. Page:166—169
20. Implementation of Wearable Terminal Used for Dynamic ECG Real-time Monitoring Based on Internet of Things. Page:161—165
21. Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements of Blood Flow Velocity and Turbulence. Page:157—160