Volume: 42 Issue: 2

1. In-machine Fault Monitoring Mechanism and Maintainability Improvement of Varian Linear Accelerator. Page:154—156
2. New Problems and Improvement Ideas of Medical Equipment Quality Control. Page:150—153
3. Preliminary Study on Classifcation and Purchase of Medical Consumables in China. Page:147—149
4. Assessment of Technology and Clinical Application of Hydrosurgery System. Page:144—146
5. Evaluation of Material Permeability of Type I Collagen Hydrogel. Page:140—143
6. Consideration for the Common Problems of the Preclinical Part in Medical Devices including Antimicrobial Agents Registration. Page:137—139
7. Interpretation of the International Standard 2017 Version of Implantable Neurostimulators. Page:133—136
8. Common Problems and Suggestions on Full Life-cycle Supervision and Administration of Diagnostics. Page:129—132
9. Discussion on Supervision of 3D Printing Medical Device Related Software. Page:125—128
10. Thoughts on the Witnessed Audit in Medical Device Single Audit Program. Page:122—124
11. Research on the Management System of Medical Device Recognized Consensus Standards in USA. Page:119—121
12. Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold: A Focused Review on Development and Preclinical Studies. Page:115—118
13. Analysis of Risk Prevention and Control in Production for Medical X-ray CT System and Some Suggestions for Field Inspection. Page:111—114
14. New Medical EMC Laboratory Solution. Page:107—110
15. Design of Portable Spirometer Based on Internet of Things of Medicine. Page:103—106
16. Design and Implementation of Portable Abnormal ECG Signal Analysis Instrument Based on Feature Classifcation. Page:99—102
17. Study of the Application of Mobile Medical Technology in Construction of Grading Diagnosis and Treatment System. Page:95—98
18. Using Parallel Convolutional Neural Networks for Treatment Position Recognition in X-ray Images. Page:92—94
19. Design and Trial Operation of Tele-rehabilitation Gradient Motor Function Self-evaluating System for Stroke Patients. Page:88—91
20. Testing System for Biomechanical Properties of Bone. Page:84—87
21. Design of Electromagnetic Tracking System Using Rotating Magnetic Field Based on DSP. Page:79—83