Volume: 42 Issue: 1

1. Advances in Medical Device Standard System. Page:49—52
2. The Clinical Status and Process of Hydrosurgery System. Page:46—48
3. Research Progress of Blood Pressure Measurement by Oscillometric Method. Page:41—45
4. Development of Mobile Medical Consumable Material Management System. Page:38—40
5. Design of Real-time Disease Warning System Based on Storm Technology. Page:35—37
6. Design and Implementation of Medical Wireless Gateway Based on Several Communication Protocols. Page:31—34
7. Automatic Robotic Puncture System for Accurate Liver Cancer Ablation Based on Optical Surgical Navigation. Page:27—30
8. Design of Multifunctional Automated External Defibrillator Based on STM32. Page:22—26
9. Design and Implementation of the Wireless ECG Monitor Based on AD8232 and CC2530. Page:18—21
10. Finite Element Analysis of Biodegradable Polylactic Acid Stent. Page:14—17
11. Development of Biliary Contrast Agents Remote Pushing Device. Page:11—13
12. Development and Validation of Dynamic Intensity Modulated Accurate Radiotherapy System KylinRay-IMRT. Page:7—10
13. Hippocampus MRI Parallel Segmentation Using Three Dimensions Lattice Boltzmann Model with Prior Information. Page:1—6
14. Common Walking Fault of Multileaf Collimator in Linear Accelerator. Page:77—78
15. Application of Hyaluronic Acid. Page:74—76
16. Enlightenment on Medical Equipment Application Quality Management of "Top 10 Health Technology Hazards" in Recent Five Years. Page:70—73
17. Optical Radiation Safety Evaluation and Control of Laser Medical Equipment. Page:67—69
18. Requirements and Countermeasures of Electromagnetic-compatibility for Medical Electrical Equipment. Page:64—66
19. Discussion on Regulatory Risk of in Vitro Diagnostic Reagents in Use. Page:62—63
20. Research on the Efficacy of Fulfillment of Medical Device Adverse Event Monitoring Entities and Safeguard Mechanism. Page:58—61
21. Analysis of Changing the Original Test Result after Retesting in National Medical Device Sampling and Testing from 2013 to 2016. Page:56—57
22. Introduction of Quality Management System Audit in Medical Device Single Audit Program. Page:53—55