Volume: 36 Issue: 6

1. Common malfunctions shooting to MRI OPEN MARK II. Page:459—460
2. Clinical significance of peripheral blood circular DNA level measurements in patients with acute myocardial infarction. Page:456—458
3. Grade III general hospital grade assessment as an opportunity to improve the management level of medical equipment. Page:453—455
4. 2011 Shanghai customer satisfaction report of DSA/X-ray equipment's after-service. Page:451—458
5. The value of electronic film for improving the quality of hospital services. Page:449—455
6. Test for dangerous limits of capacitor energy. Page:447—448
7. Preliminary discussion on the preparation of medical device standards. Page:444—446
8. Analysis and thinking on the post marketing quality of the disposable sterilized syringe. Page:441—443
9. Clinical trial requests of indigenous diagnostic imaging ultrasound devices in first-time registration application. Page:438—440
10. Statistical analysis on findings in the quality management system during inspection of IVD manufactures of China. Page:433—437
11. Study on the reform and improvement of the medical device registration system in China. Page:426—432
12. Technique and application of cell image processing. Page:422—425
13. The development of multifunction intravenous infusion quantitative packaging device. Page:420—421
14. Development of medical supplies management system. Page:415—419
15. Application of improved PCNN algorithm in retinal macular edema segmentation. Page:411—414
16. Portable lung function parameters testing system based on DSP. Page:407—410
17. The development and transplantation of LCD module-based interface for medical diagnosis instrument. Page:400—406
18. Development of an automatic pneumatic tourniquet system that determines pressures in synchrony with systolic blood pressure. Page:396—399
19. Research on WiFi-based wireless microscopy on a mobile phone and its application. Page:391—395