Volume: 36 Issue: 3

1. The design of the static magnetic field testing coil for pacemaker. Page:182—184
2. Study and manufacture of a degradable bioactive glass. Page:180—181
3. Research on clone algorithm applied in edge detection of retinal vessels. Page:177—179
4. The control method design of thermal treatment system via fuzzy logic. Page:172—176
5. Visualization study of SW atlases in neurosurgery navigation system. Page:168—191
6. An automatic 3D brain segmentation based on improved level-set method in micro-CT rat/mouse images. Page:162—167
7. Realization of a compact mobile phone based wireless plantar pressure monitoring system and application. Page:157—161
8. The applied research of a neotype medical drainage bag in clinical care. Page:229—230
9. Development of rapid determination of carbon dioxide combining power without mercury. Page:227—234
10. Low-field MRI: a quick scan based on the large field of view. Page:225—226
11. The practice and proposals for standardized management of neonatal insulation technology. Page:222—224
12. Discourse of requirement for facility & environment in medical device quality system. Page:218—221
13. Preliminary discussion on the preparation of medical device standards adopting international standards. Page:215—217
14. The cytotoxicity study of sterile urethral catheter for single use. Page:213—221
15. A new solution for performance test of disposable syringe and other transfusion apparatus. Page:210—212
16. Study of the management of clinical trial in the registration of medical devices in China. Page:206—209
17. Point on consideration of the clinical trial design and evaluation on the dressing applied to burn wound. Page:202—205
18. Research and design of an initiative lung simulator based on plunger. Page:199—201
19. Design & development of orthopedics implants failure management system. Page:194—198
20. Design of the chest belt wireless health monitoring terminal for the old based on MSP430. Page:192—209
21. Research of the clinical case knowledge based on ontology. Page:188—191
22. Design of hospital mobile clinical tablet PC. Page:185—198