Volume: 36 Issue: 2

1. Multifunctional pneumatic breathing machine in the first-aid application experience. Page:149—150
2. Development and application of a medical device maintenance information platform based on BS architecture. Page:145—148
3. The research on two different algorithms used in generating MLC fields of IMRT plan. Page:142—144
4. Discussion on packaging and marking of the sterile urethral catheter(catheterization bag). Page:140—141
5. The application of barcode technology in management of high value medical consumables. Page:136—139
6. To probe the system of performance tests and safety inspections in medical equipment. Page:133—135
7. Study on the risk management for medical devices in use. Page:128—132
8. Normalize product registration standard of digital mammography system. Page:125—148
9. Evaluation of uncertainty in measurement of radiated disturbance and analysis of the result. Page:121—124
10. Safety assessment of DEHP from PVC medical devices. Page:118—120
11. Research progress on medical body area network. Page:114—117
12. The research progress of mobility performance in simulated prosthetic vision. Page:110—113
13. Central sterile supply department management system design and implementation based on RFID technology. Page:106—108
14. Research on application of transitional medicine to guided-navigating operation of bone and joints surgery. Page:103—105
15. Development of portable free hemoglobin detector. Page:99—102
16. Research of bio-performance of chitosan and chitosan being used for bacterial vaginosis. Page:96—113
17. Hospital clinical engineer orientation and function in the maintenance system of hospital medical equipment. Page:93—95
18. Design of multi-physiological parameters acquisition and storage system based on zigbee. Page:90—102
19. The preliminary quantitative analysis of the structures of neovascular morphology of tumours at different stages based on synchrotron radiation. Page:85—89
20. Dynamic pulse signal acquisition and processing. Page:79—84
21. Security management and maintenance of medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Page:151—152