Volume: 36 Issue: 1

1. Development and application of hospital customer service center platform. Page:77—78
2. Discussion on the application of non-invasive automatic sphygmomanometers. Page:74—76
3. New model of doctor-nurse communication based on electronic medical advice platform. Page:72—73
4. Analyses on the common-used classified codes of medical consumptive materials. Page:69—71
5. Development and clinical application of the integrative immobilization board for radiotherapy. Page:67—68
6. A new type of emergency trauma fracture external fixator--the development of spraying dextran-based polyurethane external splints. Page:64—66
7. Analysis for the common problems of the product standards for medical devices' registeration. Page:61—63
8. The rebuilding of LIS to pass the ISO15189. Page:59—60
9. Immunogenic evaluation and test strategy for medical devices. Page:56—58
10. The on-line detection system of disposable syringe needle point burrs. Page:52—55
11. Current status and latest advancement in developing techniques for tumor early detection. Page:43—51
12. Design and manufacture a set of viewable bi-cavity abdominal puncture device. Page:41—42
13. Designing of the two-way suction drainage tube in vacuum sealing. Page:39—40
14. Research and design of the clinical path system based on data mining. Page:36—38
15. Design and experiment of guide wire tele-manipulation system based on laser mouse sensor. Page:32—35
16. An ultra-low power, wearable, long-term ECG monitoring system with mass storage. Page:28—31
17. Establishment and application of DR automatic system based on DICOM3.0 BPE. Page:25—27
18. Investigation of Elekta linac characteristics for VMAT. Page:22—24
19. The analysis of ECG of different state based on approximate entropy. Page:19—21
20. Accelerated algorithm of dose calculation for treatment planning system of multi-source stereotactic radiotherapy system with gamma beam. Page:15—18
21. The impact of prime parameters of MR RF-subsystem on functionality. Page:12—14
22. The artificial joint failure types and analysis. Page:8—11
23. Comparison of three dynamic algorithms of electrical impedance tomography based on simulation study. Page:4—7
24. The development of phase signal generator for the phased HIFU system based on FPGA. Page:1—3