WPRIM Management System> DCMS> ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry> 2011> 12> 1

Volume: 12 Issue: 1

1. Anxiety and Depression Symptoms And Health-related Quality of Life Status Among Patients With Cancer In Terengganu, Malaysia Page:1—15
2. A Randomized Trial of Oral Risperidone Versus Intramuscular Haloperidol In The Emergency Treatment Of Acute Psychotic Agitation Page:1—8
3. Concurrent Validity Of The Depression And Anxiety Components In The Bahasa Malaysia Version of The Depression Anxiety and Stress Scales (DASS) Page:1—5
4. Stress, Stressors And Coping Strategies Among House Officers In A Malaysian Hospital Page:1—10
5. The Prevalence Of Orgasmic Dysfunction Among Malaysian Women Receiving Antidepressant: A Comparison Between Escitalopram And Fluoxetine Page:1—11
6. Development And Validation Of The Brain Fag Propensity Scale Page:1—13
7. Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Augmentation In Reducing Negative Cognitions In The Treatment Of Depression In Malaysia Page:1—16
8. Effects of A Brief Stress Reduction Intervention On Medical Students' Depression, Anxiety And Stress Level During Stressful Period Page:1—14
9. Second Opinion On Insanity Plea In A Murder And Attempted Suicide Case: A Case Report Page:1—5
10. Dementia in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges Page:1—7
11. Mastering Tasks Of Adolescene: The Key TomOptimum End Of Life Care of An Adolescent Dying of Cancer Page:1—3
12. The Role of Treating Nicotine Addiction prior To Treatment Of Periodontal Disease Page:1—4
13. Thrombocytopenia With Valproate And Clozapine Combination Therapy Page:1—4
14. Paranoid Delusions: A Review Of Theoretical Explanations Page:1—9