WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of International Health> 2005> 20

Volume: 20

1. Unbalanced Development Page:1—1
2. The traditional plants and animals used for food by the people of Talaura, in the eastern part of Gadalcanal Is., the Solomon Islands Page:11—12
3. Malaria facilities and health seeking behavior at community level in Malaita, Solomon Islands Page:13—17
4. The Acceptance of Development and the Imperial Medicine: A Case of Aneityum, Southern Vanuatu. Page:18—22
5. Modern Medicine for the People in the Sepik Basin, Papua New Guinea Page:2—5
6. Imperial medicine and international health: malaria control in British India and Vanuatu Page:23—25
7. The Youth Reproductive Health Survey in Granada, Nicaragua: Promoting Partnership between the Health and Education Sectors Page:26—30
8. A user-fee system helped maintain the financial sustainability of a Maternal and Child Health Handbook Program in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia Page:31—35
9. Intervention and its target population: experiences in a malaria epidemiological survey in Papua New Guinea Page:6—10
10. Opinion for International Health Page:2_1—2_1
11. Globalization of Biomedicine and Localization of illness:A case in a mountainous area in Yemen Page:2_19—2_27
12. Community Development Approach for International Health Activities in Developing Countries Page:2_28—2_37
13. Human Resource Development in International Medical Cooperation in the United Kingdom Page:2_38—2_43
14. Medical support in Recovery phase after an earthquake in Bam Page:2_44—2_51
15. Cooperation with the Philippines in Tuberculosis Control Page:2_52—2_62
16. Japan's contribution in achieving the health MDGs Page:2_63—2_64
17. Current state and future perspectives of the health sector development study Page:2_65—2_70
18. Women's Health Issues in Cambodia during Post-conflict Reconstruction and Development Page:2_7—2_18