Volume: 7

1. A Possible Role of Kainate Receptors in C2C12 Skeletal Myogenic Cells. Page:375—379
2. Carrageenan-Induced Hyperalgesia Is Partially Alleviated by Endomorphin-1 Locally Delivered into Inflamed Paws In Rat. Page:369—373
3. Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester Inhibits the PKC-Induced IL-6 Gene Expression in the Synoviocytes of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients. Page:363—368
4. The Effect of Carbon Monoxide on L-type Calcium Channel Currents in Human Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cells. Page:357—362
5. Cooperation of Gbeta and Galphaq Protein in Contractile Response of Cat Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES). Page:349—355
6. Stretch-activated K+ Channels in Rat Atrial Myocytes. Page:341—348
7. Reduction of Muscarinic K+ Channel Activity by Transferrin in Ischemic Rat Atrial Myocytes. Page:333—339
8. Involvement of Oxidative Stress and Poly (ADP-ribose) Polymerase Activation in 3-Nitropropionic Acid-induced Cytotoxicity in Human Neuroblastoma Cells. Page:325—331
9. Electrophysiological and Morphological Classification of Inhibitory Interneurons in Layer II/III of the Rat Visual Cortex. Page:317—323
10. SM709, Ingredient of Antimelanogenic Bamboo Extract, Blocks Endothelin-1-induced Ca2+i Increase in Human Melanocytes. Page:311—316
11. Curcumin Attenuates Glial Cell Activation But Cannot Suppress Hippocampal CA3 Neuronal Cell Death in i.c.v. Kanic Acid Injection Model. Page:307—310
12. Modulation of Amygdala Synaptic Transmission by Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors. Page:303—306
13. Inhibitory Modulation of 5-Hydroxytryptamine on Corticostriatal Synaptic Transmission in Rat Brain Slice. Page:295—301
14. Merlin Represses Ras-Induced Cyclin D1 Transcription through the Cyclic AMP-Responsive Element. Page:289—293
15. Inhibitory Effect of Esculetin on the Inducuble Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in TNF-stimulated 3T3-L1 Adipocytes. Page:283—287
16. Expression Profiles of Immune-related Genes in Fluoxetine-treated Human Mononuclear Cells by cDNA Microarray. Page:279—282
17. A Simple and Accurate Method for Determining Antioxidative Activity. Page:275—278
18. Prevention of Diabetes Using Adenoviral Mediated Hepatocyte Growth Factor Gene Transfer in Mice. Page:261—266
19. CD40 Activation Protects Dendritic Cells from Anticancer Drug-Induced Apoptosis. Page:255—260
20. Effects of Local Anesthetics on Rotational Mobility of n- (9-Anthroyloxy) stearic Acid in Neuronal Membranes. Page:119—124
21. Selective Cytotoxicity of Novel Platinum (II) Coordination Complexes on Human Bladder Cancer Cell-Lines and Normal Kidney Cells. Page:111—117
22. Involvement of NAD (P) H Oxidase in a Potential Link between Diabetes and Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation. Page:103—110
23. Altered Expression of Aquaporins in Rat Submandibular Glands after Parasympathetic Denervation. Page:97—102
24. Promoting Effect of a Mixture of 8 Herbal Extracts (SPELA 707) on Hair Growth. Page:91—96
25. Changes in Vestibular Nerve Activity Following Acute Hypotension in Rats. Page:85—90
26. Modulation of Pituitary Somatostatin Receptor Subtype (sst1-5) mRNA Levels by Growth Hormone (GH) -Releasing Hormone in Purified Somatotropes. Page:79—84
27. Roles of Nitric Oxide in Vestibular Compensation. Page:73—78
28. Inhibition of NF-kappaB Activation Increases Oxygen-Glucose Deprivation-Induced Cerebral Endothelial Cell Death. Page:65—72
29. Inhibitory and Excitatory Postsynaptic Currents of Medial Vestibular Nucleus Neurons of Rats. Page:59—64
30. Mechanism of Glutamate-inducedCa2+i Increase in Substantia Gelatinosa Neurons of Juvenile Rats. Page:53—58
31. Effects of Noradrenaline on the Membrane Potential of Prostatic Neuroendocrine Cells of Rat. Page:47—52
32. Dietary Ascorbate Supplementation Reduces Oxidative Tissue Damage and Expression of iNOS in the Kidney of Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats. Page:39—45
33. Overexpressed Mitochondrial Thioredoxin Protects PC12 Cells from Hydrogen Peroxide and Serum-deprivation. Page:33—37
34. Apo-1/Fas (CD95) Gene Polymorphism in Korean Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients. Page:29—31
35. 4-Aminopyridine Inhibits the Large-conductance Ca2+ -activated K+ Channel (BKCa) Currents in Rabbit Pulmonary Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells. Page:25—28
36. Thiol-dependent Redox Mechanisms in the Modification of ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channels in Rabbit Ventricular Myocytes. Page:15—23
37. Inhibition of DNA-dependent Protein Kinase by Blocking Interaction between Ku Complex and Catalytic Subunit of DNA-dependent Protein Kinase. Page:9—14
38. Acute Effect of Alcohol and Nicotine on 5-Hydroxytryptamine Synthesis and Tryptophan Hydroxylase Expression in Dorsal and Median Raphe of Rats. Page:5—8
39. Regulation of 3HNorepinephrine Release by Opioids in Human Cerebral Cortex. Page:1—3
40. Antagonists of NMDA Receptor, Calcium Channel and Protein Kinase C Potentiate Inhibitory Action of Morphine on Responses of Rat Dorsal Horn Neuron. Page:251—254
41. A Simple and Sensitive Assay for Cefepime in Human Plasma Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Page:247—250
42. Salicylate Regulates Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression through ERK and Subsequent NF-kappaB Activation in Osteoblasts. Page:239—246
43. Influence of Bradykinin on Catecholamine Release from the Rat Adrenal Medulla. Page:231—238
44. Enhancement of ATP-induced Currents by Phospholipase D1 Overexpressed in PC12 Cells. Page:223—230
45. Roles of Gonadal Steroids on Exocrine Secretion of Isolated Perfused Rat Pancreas. Page:217—222
46. Comparative Analysis of Phospholipase D2 Localization in the Pancreatic Islet of Rat and Guinea Pig. Page:211—216
47. Fuctional Relationship between Rate of Fatty Acid Oxidation and Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase I Activity in Various Rat Tissues. Page:207—210
48. PDTC Inhibits TNF-alpha-Induced Apoptosis in MC3T3E1 Cells. Page:199—206
49. Responses of Inferior Olive Neurons to Stimulation of Semicircular Canals. II. Vertical Semicircular Canalss. Page:193—198
50. Effects of Dopamine on Intracellular pH in Opossum Kidney Cells. Page:187—191
51. Sympathetic Regulation of Aquaporin Water Channels in Rat Kidney. Page:181—185
52. Neurotrophic and Neuritogenic Effects of Water Extracts of Rhizoma of Coptis chinensis Franch in PC12 Cells. Page:175—179
53. Effects of gamma-Aminobutyric Acid on Intrinsic Cholinergic Action in Exocrine Secretion of Isolated, Perfused Rat Pancreas. Page:169—174
54. Transduction of Tat-Superoxide Dismutase into Insulin-producing MIN6N Cells Reduces Streptozotocin-induced Cytotoxicity. Page:163—168
55. Alteration of Substrate Specificity by Common Variants, E158K/E308G and V257M, in Human Hepatic Drug-metabolizing Enzyme, Flavin-containing Monooxygenase 3. Page:157—162
56. Comparison of Vasodilator Effects of Platycodin D and D3 in Rats. Page:149—155
57. Consistent and Specific Suppression of Mucin Release from Cultured Hamster Tracheal Surface Epithelial Cells by Poly-L-Lysine. Page:143—147
58. Effects of Chlorhexidine Digluconate on Rotational Rate of n- (9-Anthroyloxy) stearic Acid in Porphyromonas ginginvalis Outer Membranes. Page:125—130