WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Imaging Science in Dentistry> 2019> 49> 2

Volume: 49 Issue: 2

1. Erratum to: Development of a new ball-type phantom for evaluation of the image layer of panoramic radiography Page:177—177
2. In vivo optical coherence tomographic imaging to monitor gingival recovery and the adhesive interface in aesthetic oral rehabilitation: A case report Page:171—176
3. Use of an anatomical mid-sagittal plane for 3-dimensional cephalometry: A preliminary study Page:159—169
4. Morphological variation of the velum in children and adults using magnetic resonance imaging Page:153—158
5. Optimization of exposure parameters and relationship between subjective and technical image quality in cone-beam computed tomography Page:139—151
6. Factors affecting modulation transfer function measurements in cone-beam computed tomographic images Page:131—137
7. Influence of the anterior arch shape and root position on root angulation in the maxillary esthetic area Page:123—130
8. Comparison of cone-beam computed tomography and panoramic radiography in the evaluation of maxillary sinus pathology related to maxillary posterior teeth: Do apical lesions increase the risk of maxillary sinus pathology? Page:115—122
9. Correlations between anatomical variations of the nasal cavity and ethmoidal sinuses on cone-beam computed tomography scans Page:103—113
10. The influence of different scan resolutions on the detection of proximal caries lesions Page:97—102
11. Common conditions associated with mandibular canal widening: A literature review Page:87—95
12. Common conditions associated with displacement of the inferior alveolar nerve canal: A radiographic diagnostic aid Page:79—86