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Volume: 6

1. Brunei International Medical Journal: Future directions Page:1—4
2. H1N1 Pandemic: The Situation In Brunei Darussalam Page:5—16
3. Evaluation of the RIPASA Score: a new appendicitis scoring system for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis Page:17—26
4. Cystic carcinoma of the neck Page:56—60
5. Primary angiosarcoma of the breast Page:61—64
6. Tonic pupil presenting after surgical removal of an orbital cavernous haemangioma Page:65—68
7. Asthma related admissions to RIPAS Hospital over a six-month period Page:27—33
8. The spectrum of osteoarticular tuberculosis in Brunei Darussalam Page:34—40
9. Sudden onset of unilateral blindness. Page:131—131
10. Management of liver trauma in RIPAS Hospital Page:41—47
11. Buried bumper syndrome Page:52—55
12. A patient evaluated for chronic iron deficiency anaemia. Page:49—49
13. A patient evaluated for chronic iron deficiency anaemia - Answers. Page:70—70
14. Incidental finding on computed tomography angiogram. Page:50—50
15. Brunei International Medical Journal: Achieving standards with indexing and open access journal status Page:114—116
16. Methylene blue for sentinel lymph node localisation in breast cancer surgery: Experience of RIPAS Hospital Page:117—121
17. Resumption of driving following acquired brain injury amongst Bruneians Page:122—125
18. Routine chest drainage after patent ductus arteriosis ligation is not necessary Page:126—130
19. Cardiac complication secondary to jugular catheter insertion in a renal failure patient Page:140—144
20. Sudden onset of unilateral blindness (Answers). Page:153—153
21. A charming finding. Page:132—132
22. A charming finding (Answers). Page:154—154
23. A man with droopy eyelids. Page:133—133
24. A man with droopy eyelids (Answers). Page:155—155
25. Painful swallowing Page:134—134
26. Painful swallowing (Answers). Page:156—156
27. An important incidental ECG findings. Page:48—48
28. An important incidental ECG findings - Answers. Page:69—69
29. Incidental finding on computed tomography angiogram. Page:71—71
30. Rapid onset of facial swelling. Page:51—51
31. Rapid onset of facial swelling - Answers. Page:72—72
32. Use of Heartstring aortic seal device with selective epiaortic scanning in OPCAB. Page:76—82
33. Lymphangioma of the ovary Page:145—148
34. Twins with congenital hypertrophy of infantile pyloric stenosis Page:149—152
35. Endoscopic removal of an extensive sinonasal schwannoma Page:135—139
36. Medical foundation training in Brunei Darussalam-the Postgraduate Year 1 and Year 2 Programme Page:157—166
37. A glimpse at male infertility based on semen analyses in Brunei Darussalam. Page:83—91
38. Chronic hepatitis C treatment response to combination therapy: Experience of RIPAS Hospital. Page:92—97
39. Colonic obstruction secondary to phytobezoar. Page:100—104
40. Ruptured right atrial appendage secondary to blunt chest trauma. Page:105—108
41. Unusual case of fish bone migration. Page:109—111
42. An under-recognised endoscopic findings in a patient evaluated for chronic laryngopharyngeal reflux symptoms. Page:98—98
43. A painless chest swelling. Page:99—99
44. An under-recognised endoscopic findings in a patient evaluated for chronic laryngopharyngeal reflux symptoms - Answers. Page:112—112
45. A painless chest swelling - Answers. Page:113—113