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Volume: 7

1. Echocontrast cystosonography versus micturating cystourethrography in the detection of vesicoureteric reflux Page:1—8
2. Superdominant right coronary artery with absent left circumflex artery Page:1—3
3. Superselective embolisation for control of intractable epistaxis from maxillary artery injury Page:1—3
4. A brief history of interventional radiology in Singapore and its current status Page:1—4
5. Evaluation of imaging performance of major image guidance systems Page:1—7
6. Optimising the scan delay for arterial phase imaging of the liver using the bolus tracking technique Page:1—10
7. Pelvic aneurysmal bone cyst Page:1—3
8. Epidural haemorrhage during embolisation: a rare complication of intra-arterial embolisation of vertebral metastases Page:1—4
9. Ultrasound evaluation of penile fractures Page:1—3
10. Modified teaching approach for an enhanced medical physics graduate education experience Page:1—6
11. A phase II study of oxaliplatin with 5-FU/folinic acid and concomitant radiotherapy as a preoperative treatment in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer Page:1—8
12. Evaluating the clinical teaching of medical imaging students at Curtin University of Technology, Australia Page:1—5
13. Education and training of medical physicists in South East Asia: accomplishments and challenges Page:1—3
14. Radiofrequency ablation of a misdiagnosed Brodie’s abscess Page:1—5
15. Reference Dosimetry according to the New German Protocol DIN 6800-2 and Comparison with IAEA TRS 398 and AAPM TG 51* Page:1—10
16. Do the majority of Malaysian women have dense breasts on mammogram? Page:1—6
17. Diagnostic value of SPECT, PET and PET/CT in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease: A systematic review Page:1—11
18. Paget’s disease of the breast: clinical, imaging and pathologic findings: a review of 16 patients Page:1—7