Volume: 40 Issue: 9

1. Using aptamer of sgc8 for diagnosis of acute leukemia Page:1157—1167
2. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone-antagonist up-regulate the proportion of uterine natural killer cells and enhance their toxicity during the implantation window period of mice Page:1168—1173
3. Bioinformatics analysis of miRNAs in mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's disease Page:1174—1183
4. Injectable hydrogel loaded with bone morphogenetic protein-2 microspheres for bacteriostasis and osteogenesis Page:1184—1192
5. Expression of lnc-MTBP-5 in colorectal cancer and its effect on cell invasion Page:1193—1201
6. Inhibitory effect of toosendanin on gastric cancer cells BGC-823 by downregulating circDLST Page:1202—1206
7. Analysis of the feature and influencing factors of anhedonia in schizophrenia Page:1207—1212
8. Value of transformation zone type in the evaluation of random biopsy among patients without visible lesions under colposcopy Page:1213—1217
9. Clinical value of domestic electromagnetic navigation system for precutaneous transthoracic needle biopsy: a randomized controlled trial Page:1218—1221
10. Prediction of functional connectivity of fronto-limbic network in the outcome of subjects with clinical high-risk for psychosis Page:1222—1228
11. Preliminary study on motion artifacts removal of coronary CT angiography using generative adversarial network Page:1229—1235
12. Clinical value of fibroblast growth factor 19 in predicting gastrointestinal dysfunction in children with sepsis Page:1236—1242
13. Establishment of a prognostic scoring model for the breast cancer patients with spinal metastasis Page:1243—1248
14. Clinical observation of gastric emptying rate in patients with diabetes Page:1249—1255
15. Clinical characteristics and risk factors of male patients with alcohol-induced psychotic disorders Page:1256—1262
16. Application of 3D-CT reconstruction technology to predicting difficult airway in patients with odontogenic infections Page:1263—1269
17. Comparison of outcomes after thrombectomy in patients with embolic stroke of undetermined source and cardiogenic stroke Page:1270—1276
18. Effect of maternal vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy on neurodevelopment of offspring Page:1277—1282
19. Progress of histone variant macroH2A1 in tumor proliferation Page:1283—1287
20. Advances in study of regulation of tumor immune inflammatory microenvironment by cancer-associated fibroblasts Page:1288—1293
21. Advances in Philadelphia chromosome-like acute lymphoblastic leukemia Page:1294—1301
22. Progress in biomarkers of multiple system atrophy Page:1302—1307
23. Use of REDCap in data collection and data management of birth cohort study Page:1308—1314