Volume: 37 Issue: 3

1. Association between age of first spermatorrhea and physical activity or sleeping time in boys Page:394—397
2. Gene diagnostic method for primary immunodeficiency disease based on targeted panel sequencing Page:390—393
3. Changes of the peripheral blood cells in children with high-risk neuroblastoma after chemotherapy and factors related to severe infection Page:377—380
4. Value of ultrasonic measurement of distance from skin to epiglottis for predicting the difficult airway Page:373—376
5. Morphological changes of mitral valve geometry caused by repair procedure Page:363—367
6. Analyses of vitamin D2/D3 levels in moderately and severely depressive patients Page:359—362
7. Relationship of adipose chemerin and its receptor chemerinR gene expression to obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:352—358
8. Effect of the quality of embryos on biochemical pregnancy or arrest of embryo development in the freezing and thawing cycles Page:344—347
9. Study of tissue-engineered small vascular graft sheathed with nano poly (1,3-diamino-2-hydroxypropaneco-polyolsebacate) on adventitia and coated with heparin on intima Page:337—343
10. Novel small-molecule CDK2-cyclinA2 inhibitors: design, synthesis, and biological evaluation Page:330—336
11. Differential expression of miR-143 in colon cancer tissue and its effect on apoptosis and migration of colon cancer cell Page:325—329
12. Effect of fucoidan on autophagy, migration and invasion of U266 cells Page:312—317
13. Mechanisms of inhibiting the proliferation of triple negative breast cancer cell lines by silencing the CD147 gene Page:305—311
14. Expression of RCAN1 and CnA in tissues of in-stent restenosis after intervention of lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans and its significance Page:298—304
15. Changes in peripheral blood CD14dimCD16+ monocyte count and serum C- reactive protein level in elderly patients with chronic heart failure Page:423—426
16. Research advances of gastrointestinal hormones and polycystic ovary syndrome Page:414—419
17. Recent research advances in the relationship between caffeine intake and atrial fibrillation Page:411—413
18. Research progress in animal models of cholangiocarcinoma Page:407—410
19. Liver fibrosis and stem cell therapy Page:403—406
20. Family medical intervention model of senile dementia with behavioral and psychological symptoms Page:398—402
21. Antimicrobial resistances and clinical distributions of Acinetobacter junii and Acinetobacter lwoffii Page:386—389
22. Investigation of depression and anxiety among patients with recurrent spontaneous abortion and analysis of the influence factors Page:381—385
23. Analysis of 3-year survival of implants in patients with chronic periodontitis Page:368—372
24. Surgical treatment with RPR technique for complex hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy Page:348—351
25. Effects of different concentrations of ox-LDL on the proliferation of rat theca cells and the expression of steroidogenesis related genes LXR-α and StAR Page:318—324
26. Effects of Gadd45 α-knockdown on human extravillous trophoblast cell migration and invasion functions under hypoxia/re-oxygenation Page:293—297
27. IL-10 promotes ocular neovascularization by regulating macrophages Page:278—287
28. Characterization and genomic analysis of bacteriophage SH-Kp152234 infecting extensively drug-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia Page:273—277