Volume: 30 Issue: 1

1. Research progress of role of innate immunity in infection of leptospira Page:94—97
2. Empirical analysis of economies of scale in public hospitals of Zhejiang Province Page:91—93
3. Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric and hebetic adrenocorticotropic hormone secreting pituitary microadenoma Page:88—90
4. Minimally invasive fixation of complex proximal tibial fractures by uniaxial and polyaxial locking plates Page:84—87
5. Influence of nebulized Pulmicort respules inhalation after endoscopic sinus surgery on expression of ENaC protein Page:80—83
6. Accuracy of three dimensional facial measurement system based on structured light projection Page:66—69
7. Effects of nifedipine on proliferation of gingival fibroblasts in drug-induced gingival hyperplasia Page:63—65
8. Molecular mechanism of hyaluronan and CD44 on regulation of airway mucous hypersecretion Page:59—62
9. Evaluation of mouse acute liver damage by breath test with domestically synthesized ~(13)C-methacetin Page:55—58
10. Protective effect of active component of Eclipta on hepatic injury induced by ConA in mice Page:50—54
11. Application of fish 0il in sepsis Page:46—49
12. Energy metabolism and related mechanism in patients with malignant tumors Page:42—45
13. Comparison of references for assessment of overweight and obesity in children of Shanghai Page:36—38
14. Analysis of metabolic syndrome among obese children in clinics Page:32—35
15. Effect of community-based nutrition education program on diet quality of the elderly in Jinshan District of Shanghai Page:24—27
16. Comprehensive nutritional assessment scale for hospitalized patients established with analytical hierarchy process Page:20—23
17. Four cases report of functional visual loss Page:118—120
18. One case report of successful treatment of severe myocarditis mimicking acute myocardial infarction by intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation Page:116—117
19. Computer-aided surgical simulation and navigation in reconstruction of old maxillofacial fractures Page:112—115
20. Research on cortical stimulation for treatment of stroke Page:108—111
21. Research advances in peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-γ and renal fibrosis Page:104—107
22. Research progress of mechanisms of Acinetobacter baumannii resistance to β-lactam antibiotics Page:98—103
23. Evaluation of fluid balance and dry weight with BIA in patients with maintenance hemodialysis Page:76—79
24. Combination effect of tramadol and low dose propofol on emergence agitation in children receiving sevoflurane for adenotonsillectomy procedure Page:73—75
25. Change of serum Nogo-A protein in patients with acute closed brain injury Page:70—72
26. Parenteral nutrition related central venous catheter infection in elder patients with malignant tumors Page:39—41
27. Distribution of HOMA-IR index and its relationship with metabolic syndrome and inflammatory cytokines in students aged 7 to 14 years Page:16—19
28. Preventive effects of phytosterol on lipid metabolic disturbance of rats Page:13—15
29. Immunological relationship between food allergy induction and occurrence of asthma in mice Page:9—12
30. Immunomodulatory effects of probiotics on rat models with ovalbumin induced food allergy Page:4—8
31. Analysis of bone strength and influencing factors in adults Page:28—31,35
32. Development of discipline of nutrition in China Page:1—3,8