Volume: 29 Issue: 12

1. Application of MRI diffusion tensor imaging on diagnosis of traumatic brain injury Page:1491—1494
2. Effects and mechanism of Fructus lycii on renal calcium oxalate stone formation in rats Page:1477—1481
3. Preventive effects of calcium antagonist on injury of renal tubular epithelial cells induced by hyperoxaluria Page:1474—1476
4. In vitro oxalate-degrading ability of 10 strains of lactic acid bacteria for yoghourt fermentation Page:1463—1466
5. Expression of STAT3, pSTAT3, VEGF and bFGF in tissues of nonsmall-cell lung cancer Page:1450—1454
6. Experimental study of diffusion weighted imaging in diagnosis of diffuse axonal injury Page:1439—1442
7. Effects of berberine on cholesterol efflux in THP-1 macrophage derived foam cells Page:1415—1418
8. Degradation of dicalcium phosphate dihydrate-coated Mg-Zn alloy and bone formation in vivo Page:1410—1414
9. Photochemical tissue bonding in tissue repair Page:1407—1409
10. Effect of mesenchymal stem cells on subcutaneous xenograft tumors in mice with Lewis lung cancer Page:1428—1430
11. Expression change of stromal cell-derived factor 1α in retinas after partial optic nerve injury Page:1424—1427
12. Effects of external substance P on scalding wound healing and neovascularization in diabetic rats Page:1471—1473
13. Effects of kidney calcium oxalate calculus resistant acidophilus milk versus commercially available sacidophilus milk on urinary oxalate excretion in rats Page:1467—1470
14. Effects of different doses of topiramate on expression of NCAM and GAP- 43 mRNA in hippocampus of rats with epilepsy Page:1459—1462
15. Effect of Kanglaite injection on immune function of rats with Lewis lung carcinoma Page:1455—1458
16. Correlation of tumor growth and endothelial progenitor cells entering blood induced by surgical injury Page:1447—1449
17. Study of diffuse axonal injury at early stage using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy Page:1443—1446
18. Effects of different dialysates on apoptosis and expression of PKCδ of U937 cell line Page:1434—1438
19. Relationship between extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer and clinical type of coronary heart disease Page:1431—1433
20. Study on X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis associated factor-1 suppressing xenograft growth in nude mice with hepatocellular carcinoma Page:1419—1423
21. Research development on mechanism of wound repair and correlative technique Page:1403—1406
22. Treatment of traumatic brain injury with hypertonic saline solutions Page:1518—1521
23. Preliminary study on grading of injury from adverse drug reaction Page:1515—1517
24. Application of association rules to risk prediction of sudden deafness Page:1512—1514
25. Therapeutic effects of different doses of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-receptor Ⅱ:IgG Fc fusion protein on rheumatoid arthritis Page:1509—1511
26. Efficacy of etanercept on ankylosing spondylitis Page:1506—1508
27. Clinical study of controlled hypotension with magnesium sulphate during functional endoscopic sinus surgery Page:1502—1505
28. Effects of chain model of kindred-like nursing on self-nursing of patients with ankylosing spondylitis Page:1499—1501
29. Outcomes of traumatic flail chest treated by operative fixation versus conservative approach Page:1495—1498
30. Correlation between Chlamydia pneumoniae and sudden sensorineural hearing loss Page:1487—1490
31. Expression of c-met, e2f-1 and Ki-67 in tissues of gastric cancer Page:1482—1486