Volume: 29 Issue: 11

1. Outcomes and survival analysis of patients with AML and high risk MDS treated by CAG regimen Page:1355—1358
2. Study on neural generators of N400 in first episode schizophrenia Page:1351—1354
3. Microarray analysis of DHPG-induced rat hippocampal slice epileptic seizure model Page:1320—1323
4. Pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion with immune type Page:1275—1278
5. Roles of interleukins in carcinogenesis and development of gastric cancer Page:1387—1390
6. Influence of oxidative stress on p53 post-translational modifications Page:1377—1382
7. Determinants of average length of stay of upper first-class general hospitals Page:1374—1376
8. Diagnostic performance of 64-slice spiral CT combined with exercise treadmill test for coronary artery disease Page:1371—1373
9. Levels of soluble endoglin in peripheral blood and intervillous space blood of patients with preeclampsia Page:1367—1370
10. Expression of transforming growth factor-β and metalloproteinases in joint capsule of frozen shoulder Page:1363—1366
11. Efficacy and safety of domestic olmesartan in treatment of mild to moderate essential hypertension Page:1359—1362
12. Mutations of WNK gene in patients with hypokalemic salt-losing tubulopathies Page:1344—1350
13. Application of continuous cardiac index monitoring in acute heart failure model Page:1341—1343
14. Effects of ginsenoside Rg3 on growth and apoptosis of gastric cancer cell lines in vitro Page:1336—1340
15. Effects of perfluorochemical on in vitro long-term hypothermic heart preservation in rats Page:1331—1335
16. ZMS regulation of M_2 muscarinic receptor stability mediated by de novo synthesis of protein Page:1324—1327
17. Synergic effects of bexarotene and TRAIL on apoptosis of leukemic cell line KG1a Page:1316—1319
18. Inhibition effects of monoclonal antibody C225 on breast cancer stem cells Page:1311—1315
19. Role of hypoxia inducible factor-1α and VHL in murine endochondral ossification Page:1305—1310
20. Survey on application of different types of fixed partial dentures in Shanghai Page:1302—1304
21. Survey on application and proportion of different types of dentures in Shanghai Page:1299—1301
22. Stress analysis of distal-extension removable partial dentures supported by mini implants Page:1295—1298
23. Stress analysis of precision attachment dentures for mandibular distal-extension edentulous cases Page:1291—1294
24. Comparison of stress distribution on telescopic denture and clasp-retention denture for bilateral free-ended cases Page:1288—1290
25. Stress analysis of distal-extension prosthetics with mesial and distal occlusal rest Page:1282—1284
26. Model establishment and stress analysis of telescopic crown-retained removable partial dentures Page:1285—1287
27. Establishment of finite element models for dentition defect using modular and parametric models Page:1279—1281
28. Research on autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease Page:1383—1386,1390
29. Effects of A3 adenosine receptor antagonist on lung injury after cardiopulmonary bypass in rabbits Page:1328—1330,1340