Volume: 25 Issue: 2

1. Gene clone and activity assay of apoptin Page:85—88
2. Preparation and clinical application of the monoclonal antibodies against the human O6 -methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase Page:81—84
3. Current status and future of the military hospital information system Page:147—151
4. Therapeutic potential and applications of blockade of CD40/CD40L interactions Page:143—147
5. Yeast surface display technology and its applications Page:140—142
6. Fusion PCR for amplification of the full-length cDNA of dengue virus type 2 isolated in China Page:137—139
7. Expression of GST-pi and MDR1 genes in operative specimens of ovarian cancer Page:133—136
8. Purification and identification of recombiant human IGF-Ⅰ Page:129—132
9. Therapeutic effects of combination of three drugs on healing of rabbit corneal wound caused by mustard gas Page:126—129
10. MTT colorimetric assay of corneal epithelial cell activity Page:124—125
11. Tissue speciality of endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation mediated by EPA and its relationship with pathophysiological property Page:119—123
12. Effects of free fatty acid on gene expression and protein tyrosine phosphorylation of leptin-receptor in rats Page:115—118
13. In vitro selection of DNA aptamers to Bacillus anthracis spores by SELEX Page:111—114
14. Cloning of genes of Plasmodium berghei associated with benflumetol resistance Page:107—110
15. The role of P53, Bax, Bcl-2 expression and cell apoptosis in the formation and development of acute radiation-induced skin ulcers Page:103—106
16. Optimization of method for extraction of template of bacteria for randomly amplified polymorphic DNA Page:100—103
17. Research for recombinant epitope antigens of hepatitis Cvirus Page:91—95
18. Cloning and sequencing of partial gene from SENV isolate in China Page:88—90