WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Medical Research> 1998> 7> 3

Volume: 7 Issue: 3

1. Nutritional therapy in chronic renal failure Page:47—49
2. Some discussions on infertility problem Page:28—33
3. The cell growth and tumor suppressive genes Page:36—42
4. Evaluation of methods for detection of new leprosy cases in some provinces of the central of Vietnam Page:26—39
5. Contribution to the establishment and/or improvement study some criteria of cytologic diagnosis of 5 major lung carcinomas Page:23—27
6. Current data on macrolides and future prospects Page:59—62
7. The congenital bronchial fistula of lateral neck, an analysis of 24 cases Page:10—14
8. Evaluation of patients with corneal ulcer hospitalized in department of corneal diseases at national institute of ophthalmology in 1999 Page:47—50
9. The effect of He-Ne laser irradiation on the dynamic change of in experimental infected mice Page:12—19
10. Study on effect of Hegu laser He-Ne iradiation on some peripheral blood indexes Page:31—36
11. Diet for type II diabetes Page:40—41
12. 2,3,bisphosphoglycerate and the glycosylation of the erythrocytes protein in patients with non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) Page:45—50
13. The DNA metylation in vertebral animal: significant and modulation Page:40—43
14. Some remarks of age and karyotypes of parents. WHO have had children with down’s syndrome Page:21—24
15. Phosphodiesterase selective inhibitors and perspective discovery of new specific drugs Page:50—53
16. Selective CoX-2 inhibitor, non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Page:40—44
17. Pharmacovigilance Page:59—60
18. Report of adverse drug reactions Page:54—55
19. Change of gastric acid after operation of nerve X cutting as method of TAYLOR and HILL-BARKER for treatment of perforated duodenal ulceration Page:15—18
20. Study on situation of training methods at Hµ Néi Medical University Page:63—69
21. Use of antibiotic in animal breeding. Page:52—52
22. Some discussion of apoptosis. Page:34—35
23. Extract and determination of polyphenols from Vietnamese green tea leaves Page:35—39
24. Primary results of pharmacological study of the Thong Mach extract for treatment of thromboangiitis obliteration Page:7—11