WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Healthcare Informatics Research> 2020> 26

Volume: 26

1. Issues in Publication Ethics of Healthcare Informatics Research since 2010 Page:78—79
2. Association between Full Electronic Medical Record System Adoption and Drug Use: Antibiotics and Polypharmacy Page:68—77
3. Web-Based Spine Segmentation Using Deep Learning in Computed Tomography Images Page:61—67
4. Immediate Effects and Acceptability of an Application-Based Stretching Exercise Incorporating Deep Slow Breathing for Neck Pain Self-management Page:50—60
5. Prediction of Drug–Drug Interactions by Using Profile Fingerprint Vectors and Protein Similarities Page:42—49
6. Big Data-Driven Approach for Health Inequalities in Foreign Patients with Injuries Visiting Emergency Rooms Page:34—41
7. Prediction of Chronic Disease-Related Inpatient Prolonged Length of Stay Using Machine Learning Algorithms Page:20—33
8. Machine Learning and Initial Nursing Assessment-Based Triage System for Emergency Department Page:13—19
9. Application of Blockchain to Maintaining Patient Records in Electronic Health Record for Enhanced Privacy, Scalability, and Availability Page:3—12
10. Research and Publication Ethics in Academia Page:1—2
11. Factors Associated with 5-Year Costs of Care among a Cohort of Alcohol Use Disorder Patients: A Bayesian Network Model Page:129—145
12. Lessons from Temporary Telemedicine Initiated owing to Outbreak of COVID-19 Page:159—161
13. Doctor Consultation through Mobile Applications in India: An Overview, Challenges and the Way Forward Page:153—158
14. Monitoring Mental Healthcare Services Using Business Analytics Page:146—152
15. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Definitions of e-Health and m-Health Page:119—128
16. Prediction of Serum Creatinine in Hemodialysis Patients Using a Kernel Approach for Longitudinal Data Page:112—118
17. Analysis of Adverse Drug Reactions Identified in Nursing Notes Using Reinforcement Learning Page:104—111
18. Effects of a Mobile-App-Based Self-Management Support Program For Elderly Hemodialysis Patients Page:93—103
19. Quantified Self-Using Consumer Wearable Device: Predicting Physical and Mental Health Page:83—92
20. Path to Advanced Healthcare in the Wake of COVID-19 Page:81—82
21. Erratum to: Protecting and Utilizing Health and Medical Big Data: Policy Perspectives from Korea Page:251—251
22. Understanding Personal Health Record and Facilitating its Market Page:248—250
23. Design of Automatic Hand Sanitizer System Compatible with Various Containers Page:243—247
24. Augmented Reality Application to Develop a Learning Tool for Students: Transforming Cellphones into Flashcards Page:238—242
25. Building Consensus on the Priority-Setting for National Policies in Health Information Technology: A Delphi Survey Page:229—237
26. Impact of Digital Divide on the Adoption of Online Patient Portals for Self-Motivated Patients Page:220—228
27. Keyword Trends for Mother–Child Oral Health in Korea Based on Social Media Big Data from Naver Page:212—219
28. Identifying a Personalized Anesthetic with Fuzzy PROMETHEE Page:201—211
29. Toolkit to Compute Time-Based Elixhauser Comorbidity Indices and Extension to Common Data Models Page:193—200
30. User Acceptance of Electronic Medical Record System: Implementation at Marie Stopes International, Myanmar Page:185—192
31. Prediction of COVID-19 Outbreaks Using Google Trends in India: A Retrospective Analysis Page:175—184
32. Application of Predictive Modelling to Improve the Discharge Process in Hospitals Page:166—174
33. Big Technology and Data Privacy Page:163—165
34. Real-Time Monitoring System to Manage Mental Healthcare Emergency Unit Page:344—350
35. Determining Public Opinion of the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Korea and Japan: Social Network Mining on Twitter Page:335—343
36. Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Health Sector: A Qualitative Study Page:328—334
37. Distribution and Characteristics of Pancreatic Volume Using Computed Tomography Volumetry Page:321—327
38. Analysis of Platforms and Functions of Mobile-Based Personal Health Record Systems Page:311—320
39. Building a Lung and Ovarian Cancer Data Warehouse Page:303—310
40. User Preferences Related to Multimedia Elements of a Mobile Application to Prevent Diabetes Page:295—302
41. Mortality Prediction from Hospital-Acquired Infections in Trauma Patients Using an Unbalanced Dataset Page:284—294
42. Analysis of Smartphone Recordings in Time, Frequency, and Cepstral Domains to Classify Parkinson’s Disease Page:274—283
43. Patient Consent Management by a Purpose-Based Consent Model for Electronic Health Record Based on Blockchain Technology Page:265—273
44. Development and Usability Evaluation of a Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Chatbot Using a Habit Formation Model Page:255—264
45. Contactless Healthcare Page:253—254