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Volume: 25

1. Deep Learning-Based Electrocardiogram Signal Noise Detection and Screening Model Page:201—211
2. Method for Automated Selection of the Trabecular Area in Digital Periapical Radiographic Images Using Morphological Operations Page:193—200
3. Nature of Complex Network of Dengue Epidemic as a Scale-Free Network Page:182—192
4. Prediction and Staging of Hepatic Fibrosis in Children with Hepatitis C Virus: A Machine Learning Approach Page:173—181
5. Correction: Need Assessment for Smartphone-Based Cardiac Telerehabilitation. Page:57—57
6. Blockchain Applications for Healthcare Data Management. Page:51—56
7. Development of a Safe Syringe Disposal System Moving towards Automated Syringe Data Collection. Page:47—50
8. Development of a Web Database System for a Comprehensive Hypertension Management Program in the Primary Health Care Setting of Urban Areas of Peru. Page:41—46
9. Analysis of Interactive E-Health Tools on United Arab Emirates Patient Visited Hospital Websites. Page:33—40
10. Modification of the Conventional Influenza Epidemic Models Using Environmental Parameters in Iran. Page:27—32
11. Effect of Mobile Health on Obese Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Page:12—26
12. Health Referral Enterprise Architecture Design in Indonesia. Page:3—11
13. Managing Unstructured Big Data in Healthcare System. Page:1—2
14. Design and Validation of a Computer Application for Diagnosis of Shoulder Locomotor System Pathology Page:82—88
15. Evaluation of User Experience of New Defense Medical Information System Page:73—81
16. Analyzing and Visualizing Knowledge Structures of Health Informatics from 1974 to 2018: A Bibliometric and Social Network Analysis Page:61—72
17. Blockchain Technology and Healthcare Page:59—60
18. Internet of Things Applied in Healthcare Based on Open Hardware with Low-Energy Consumption Page:230—235
19. Factors Influencing eHealth Literacy of Middle School Students in Korea: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study Page:221—229
20. Bayesian Approach to Predicting Acute Appendicitis Using Ultrasonographic and Clinical Variables in Children Page:212—220
21. Development and Pilot Testing of the Snackability Smartphone Application to Identify Healthy and Unhealthy Snacks Page:161—172
22. Integrated Information System for Early Detection of Maternal Risk Factors Based on Continuum of Care Approach of Mother and Toddler Cohorts Page:153—160
23. Augmentation of Doppler Radar Data Using Generative Adversarial Network for Human Motion Analysis Page:344—349
24. ICT-Based Comprehensive Health and Social-Needs Assessment System for Supporting Person-Centered Community Care Page:338—343
25. Factors Associated with Daily Completion Rates in a Smartphone-Based Ecological Momentary Assessment Study Page:332—337
26. PACS Implementation Challenges in a Public Healthcare Institution: A South African Vendor Perspective Page:324—331
27. Follow-Up Decision Support Tool for Public Healthcare: A Design Research Perspective Page:313—323
28. Machine Learning-Based Prediction of Korean Triage and Acuity Scale Level in Emergency Department Patients Page:305—312
29. Effect of Watch-Type Haptic Metronome on the Quality of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: A Simulation Study Page:274—282
30. Dietary Application for the Management of Patients with Hemodialysis: A Formative Development Study Page:262—273
31. Artificial Intelligence Applications in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Care: Focus on Machine Learning Methods Page:248—261
32. Protecting and Utilizing Health and Medical Big Data: Policy Perspectives from Korea Page:239—247
33. Emerging Ethical Issues in Managing Real World Data Page:237—238
34. Development of Artificial Intelligence to Support Needle Electromyography Diagnostic Analysis Page:131—138
35. Risk Factor Analysis of Extended Opioid Use after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A Clinical Data Warehouse-Based Study Page:124—130
36. Clinical Decision Support Functions and Digitalization of Clinical Documents of Electronic Medical Record Systems Page:115—123
37. Privacy Enhanced Healthcare Information Sharing System for Home-Based Care Environments Page:106—114
38. Health Information Technology Trends in Social Media: Using Twitter Data Page:99—105
39. Comparison of Open-Source Electronic Health Record Systems Based on Functional and User Performance Criteria Page:89—98
40. Narrative Review for Exploring Barriers to Readiness of Electronic Health Record Implementation in Primary Health Care Page:141—152
41. AI in Medicine: Need of Orchestration for High-Performance Page:139—140
42. Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership Page:350—351
43. Real-Time Computed Tomography Volume Visualization with Ambient Occlusion of Hand-Drawn Transfer Function Using Local Vicinity Statistic Page:297—304
44. Integrating Genetic Data into Electronic Health Records: Medical Geneticists' Perspectives Page:289—296
45. Stacking Ensemble Technique for Classifying Breast Cancer Page:283—288