WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Healthcare Informatics Research> 2018> 24> 4

Volume: 24 Issue: 4

1. Augmented Reality to Localize Individual Organ in Surgical Procedure. Page:394—401
2. How to Sustain Smart Connected Hospital Services: An Experience from a Pilot Project on IoT-Based Healthcare Services. Page:387—393
3. Ecological Momentary Assessment Using Smartphone-Based Mobile Application for Affect and Stress Assessment. Page:381—386
4. Design and Construction of a NLP Based Knowledge Extraction Methodology in the Medical Domain Applied to Clinical Information. Page:376—380
5. Laboratory Environment Monitoring: Implementation Experience and Field Study in a Tertiary General Hospital. Page:371—375
6. Public Acceptance of a Health Information Exchange in Korea. Page:359—370
7. Bayesian Network Model to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Treatment of Sleep Apnea. Page:346—358
8. Automated Detection of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer by Texture-Based Analysis for Glaucoma Evaluation. Page:335—345
9. Association between Electronic Medical Record System Adoption and Healthcare Information Technology Infrastructure. Page:327—334
10. Design of a Hospice Referral System for Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Using a Standards-Based Health Information Exchange System. Page:317—326
11. Arousal and Valence Classification Model Based on Long Short-Term Memory and DEAP Data for Mental Healthcare Management. Page:309—316
12. Google Search Trends Predicting Disease Outbreaks: An Analysis from India. Page:300—308
13. Preferences of ICT among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Undergoing Hemodialysis: An Ecuadorian Cross-Sectional Study. Page:292—299
14. Need Assessment for Smartphone-Based Cardiac Telerehabilitation. Page:283—291
15. Effective Validation Model and Use of Mobile-Health Applications for the Elderly. Page:276—282
16. Automated Audiometry: A Review of the Implementation and Evaluation Methods. Page:263—275
17. Digital Epidemiology: Use of Digital Data Collected for Non-epidemiological Purposes in Epidemiological Studies. Page:253—262
18. Making Sense of the Big Picture: Data Linkage and Integration in the Era of Big Data. Page:251—252