Volume: 31 Issue: 1

1. Bilateral masculine mastoplasia associated with imatinib mesylate: a case report and literature review. Page:145—146
2. Silencing MTA1 by RNAi reverses adhesion, migration and invasiveness of cervical cancer cells (SiHa) via altered expression of p53, and E-cadherin/β-catenin complex. Page:1—9
3. Effects of DNA methylation and histone modification on differentiation-associated gene expression in ES, NIH3T3, and NIT-1. Page:10—6
4. Effects of maternal serum on permeability of glomerular endothelial cell membrane. Page:17—20
5. Expression of pigment epithelium-derived factor in bladder tumour is correlated with interleukin-8 yet not with interleukin-1α. Page:21—5
6. Effects of simulated weightlessness on tight junction protein occludin and Zonula Occluden-1 expression levels in the intestinal mucosa of rats. Page:26—32
7. Antitumor activity of erythromycin on human neuroblastoma cell line (SH-SY5Y). Page:33—8
8. Ultrasound-triggered microbubble destruction in combination with cationic lipid microbubbles enhances gene delivery. Page:39—45
9. Adeno-associated viral vector mediated and cardiac-specific delivery of CD151 gene in ischemic rat hearts. Page:46—51
10. Establishment and characterization of chronic-hypoxia-resistant gastric cancer cell line MNK45/HYP. Page:52—7
11. A prospective study on therapeutic gain by concurrent chemoradiotherapy for stage II-IV a nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Page:58—61
12. Inhibitory effect of endostar in combination with radiotherapy in a mouse model of human CNE2 nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Page:62—6
13. Clinical study of PTAS therapy for patients with ischemia cerebrovascular disease caused by artery stenosis. Page:67—72
14. Treatment of post-stroke dysphagia by vitalstim therapy coupled with conventional swallowing training. Page:73—6
15. Role of transforming growth factor-β1 in the process of fibrosis of denervated skeletal muscle. Page:77—82
16. Management of gas gangrene in Wenchuan earthquake victims. Page:83—7
17. Application of decellularized scaffold combined with loaded nanoparticles for heart valve tissue engineering in vitro. Page:88—93
18. PPM1D silencing by lentiviral-mediated RNA interference inhibits proliferation and invasion of human glioma cells. Page:94—9
19. Retroperitoneal laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy: Report of 105 cases. Page:100—2
20. Intervention of nicotine on MNU-induced bladder cancer in rats. Page:103—6
21. Analysis of 287 patients with aortic dissection: General characteristics, outcomes and risk factors in a single center. Page:107—13
22. Correlation of polymorphism of IL-8 and MMP-7 with occurrence and lymph node metastasis of early stage cervical cancer. Page:114—9
23. Preventive effect of gastrodin on cognitive decline after cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: A double-blind, randomized controlled study. Page:120—7
24. Comparison of intraocular pressures at different points in human's cornea before and after laser in situ keratomileusis with tono-pen tonometer. Page:128—30
25. Inhibitory ability of children with developmental dyscalculia. Page:131—6
26. Effect of tumor necrosis factor-α antagonism in asthma: a meta-analysis of the published literature. Page:137—41
27. Two cases of primary intraocular lymphoma: Fine needle aspiration diagnosis and intravitreal methotrexate treatment. Page:142—4
28. Bilateral masculine mastoplasia associated with imatinib mesylate: A case report and literature review. Page:145—6
29. Silencing MTA1 by RNAi Reverses Adhesion, Migration and Invasiveness of Cervical Cancer Cells (SiHa) via Altered Expression of p53, and E-cadherin/β-catenin Complex Page:1—9
30. Effects of DNA Methylation and Histone Modification on Differentiation-associated Gene Expression in ES, NIH3T3, and NIT-1 Page:10—16
31. Effects of Maternal Serum on Permeability of Glomerular Endothelial Cell Membrane Page:17—20
32. Expression of Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor in Bladder Tumour Is Correlated with Interleukin-8 yet Not with Interleukin-1α Page:21—25
33. Effects of Simulated Weightlessness on Tight Junction Protein Occludin and Zonula Occluden-1 Expression Levels in the Intestinal Mucosa of Rats Page:26—32
34. Antitumor Activity of Erythromycin on Human Neuroblastoma Cell Line (SH-SY5Y) Page:33—38
35. Ultrasound-triggered Microbubble Destruction in Combination with Cationic Lipid Microbubbles Enhances Gene Delivery Page:39—45
36. Adeno-associated Viral Vector Mediated and Cardiac-specific Delivery of CD151 Gene in Ischemic Rat Hearts Page:46—51
37. Establishment and Characterization of Chronic-hypoxia-resistant Gastric Cancer Cell Line MNK45/HYP Page:52—57
38. A Prospective Study on Therapeutic Gain .by Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Stage Ⅱ-Ⅳa Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Page:58—61
39. Inhibitory Effect of Endostar in Combination with Radiotherapy in a Mouse Model of Human CNE2 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Page:62—66
40. Clinical Study of PTAS Therapy for Patients with Ischemia Cerebrovascular Disease Caused by Artery Stenosis Page:67—72
41. Treatment of Post-stroke Dysphagia by VitalStim Therapy Coupled with Conventional Swallowing Training Page:73—76
42. Role of Transforming Growth Factor-β1 in the Process of Fibrosis of Denervated Skeletal Muscle Page:77—82
43. Management of Gas Gangrene in Wenchuan Earthquake Victims Page:83—87
44. Application of Decellularized Scaffold Combined with Loaded Nanoparticles for Heart Valve Tissue Engineering in vitro Page:88—93
45. PPM1D Silencing by Lentiviral-mediated RNA Interference Inhibits Proliferation and Invasion of Human Glioma Cells Page:94—99
46. Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Live Donor Nephrectomy: Report of 105 Cases Page:100—102
47. Intervention of Nicotine on MNU-Induced Bladder Cancer in Rats Page:103—106
48. Analysis of 287 Patients with Aortic Dissection: General Characteristics, Outcomes and Risk Factors in a Single Center Page:107—113
49. Correlation of Polymorphism of IL-8 and MMP-7 with Occurrence and Lymph Node Metastasis of Early Stage Cervical Cancer Page:114—119
50. Preventive Effect of Gastrodin on Cognitive Decline after Cardiac Surgery with Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Double-Blind, Randomized Controlled Study Page:120—127
51. Comparison of Intraocular Pressures at Different Points in Human's Cornea before and after Laser in situ Keratomileusis with Tono-Pen Tonometer Page:128—130
52. Inhibitory Ability of Children with Developmental Dyscalculia Page:131—136
53. Effect of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Antagonism in Asthma: a Meta-analysis of the Published Literature Page:137—141
54. Two Cases of Primary Intraocular Lymphoma: Fine Needle Aspiration Diagnosis and Intravitreal Methotrexate Treatment Page:142—144