WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Infection Control> 2018> 17> 2

Volume: 17 Issue: 2

1. Influenza is not a "common cold", pay attention to early antiviral treatment in high risk population Page:93—96
2. Incidence and antimicrobial resistance of pathogens of healthcare-associated infection in a general hospital for three consecutive years Page:97—102
3. Distribution and antimicrobial resistance of Acinetobacter baumannii in a geriatric hospital from 2013 to 2016 Page:103—106
4. Logistic regression analysis on postoperative pulmonary infection in hospitalized patients undergoing spinal surgery Page:107—111
5. Teicoplanin trough concentrations following different loading doses in critically ill patients Page:112—115
6. Retrospective study on the prevention of infection in patients with hematological malignancies after chemotherapy in a class 100 laminar flow ward Page:116—120
7. Distribution characteristics of pathogenic bacteria from diabetic foot ulcer of patients with different Wagner grades Page:121—125
8. Meta analysis on hand hygiene compliance and correct rate among doctors and nurses Page:126—131
9. Necessity of opening the nephrostomy tube for patients with septic shock after percutaneous nephrolithotomy Page:132—135
10. Risk factors for septicemia after cesarean section Page:136—140
11. Values of different fungal infection risk scoring methods for the early diagnosis of invasive Candida infection Page:141—145
12. Clinical features of 35 cases of melioidosis Page:146—150
13. Necessity of setting up the course on clinical healthcare-associated infection according to case-based teaching method in medical higher education Page:151—155
14. Effect of multi-disciplinary team combined with bundle management on prevention of multidrug-resistant organism infection in the intensive care unit Page:156—159
15. Clinical effect of comprehensive intervention on submission rates of microbiological specimens Page:160—164
16. Application of PDCA cycle management method in prevention and control of multidrug-resistant organisms Page:165—168
17. Direct cost of healthcare-associated infection prevention and control in a tertiary comprehensive hospital Page:169—171
18. One case of acute liver failure induced by voriconazole Page:172—174
19. Advances in phenotypic detection methods for carbapenemase production in Enterobacteriaceae Page:175—180