WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Infection Control> 2014> > 12

Volume: Issue: 12

1. Procalcitonin diagnostic value in infection in intensive care unit patients Page:733—735
2. Influence of the placement of instant hand disinfectant in hand hygiene compliance of clinicians Page:727—729
3. Contamination status of dental unit waterlines in three general hospitals Page:720—723
4. Clinical distribution and antimicrobial resistance of 172 Proteus mirabilis isolates and 68 Proteus vulgaris isolates Page:710—713
5. Relationship between resistance and integron of multidrug-resistant Acine-tobacter baumannii Page:705—709
6. Prevalence rate of healthcare-associated infection in a hospital in 2014 Page:743—746
7. Implementation of WHO multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy to improve hand hygiene of health care workers Page:757—759
8. Effectiveness of refined management on the prevention and control of mul-tidrug-resistant organisms Page:754—756
9. Hospital administrators’recognition extent to healthcare-associated infec-tion management staff ’s competency and qualification Page:750—753
10. Prevalence rates of healthcare-associated infection in a maternal and child health hospital in 2010-2014 Page:747—749
11. Effectiveness analysis on management of antimicrobial agents within three years Page:739—742
12. Antimicrobial resistance of Ureaplasma urealyticum from reproductive systems of female patients at a traditional Chinese medicine hospital in three consecutive years Page:736—738
13. Effect of multi-disciplinary team on management of multidrug-resistant organisms Page:846—848
14. Impact of obesity on surgical site infection following colorectal cancer surgery Page:837—839
15. Cleaning and disinfection methods of medical tablet computers Page:834—836
16. Intervention in healthcare-associated infection in a neonatal intensive care unit Page:830—833
17. Homology of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in an intensive care unit Page:827—829
18. Risk factors for surgical site infection following ankle joint and Pilon frac-ture surgery Page:818—820
19. Etiologies of 224 patients with fever of unknown origin Page:814—817
20. Bacterial monitoring on ICU bedside notebook computer keyboards and mice before and after comprehensive intervention Page:843—845
21. Contamination of ward environment of patients with multidrug-resistant organism infection in a stomatology hospital Page:824—826
22. Multicenter survey of surgical site infection following clean incision breast surgery under non-local anesthesia Page:811—813
23. Root cause analysis in continuous improvement of cleaning quality of reusable medical instruments Page:807—810
24. Role of time to positivity of blood culture in differentiating bloodstream infection from contamination during blood withdrawal Page:803—806
25. Teicoplanin concentration in cerebrospinal fluid during intravenous infu-sion in patients following neurosurgery operation Page:798—802
26. Protective role of high mobility group box-1 protein antibody in ConA-in-duced liver injury in mice Page:793—797
27. Risk factors for postoperative healthcare-associated infection in patients undergoing oral and maxillofacial malignant tumor surgery Page:730—732,738
28. Effect of ultrasonic coupling agent on iodine disinfectant Page:717—719,723
29. Application of bundle strategies in the management of multidrug-resistant organisms Page:840—842,845
30. Isolation and antimicrobial resistance of Mycoplasma from urogenital tract Page:821—823,833
31. Application of adenosine triphosphate bioluminescence assay in rapid detection of bacteria on the surface of health care workers’mobile phones Page:849—850,853
32. Screening on colonization of multidrug-resistant organisms in neonatal intensive care unit newborns on admission Page:714—716