Volume: 35 Issue: 10

1. Management of cervical cancer during pregnancy:current situation and the development Page:1085—1089
2. Application status of HPV vaccine in China Page:1090—1095
3. Strategy and progress of chemotherapy for cervical cancer Page:1095—1098
4. Current situation and reflection of preserving reproductive function in cervical cancer patients Page:1098—1105
5. Stage evolution and the controversy of diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer Page:1105—1108
6. Current status and controversy of nerve-sparing radical hysterectomy for cercical cancer Page:1108—1112
7. Controversy and strategies of laparoscopic surgery for cervical cancer Page:1112—1116
8. Controversy and countermeasure of treatment for locally advanced cervical carcinoma Page:1116—1119
9. Effects of spontaneous pregnancy reduction in twin pregnancy after assisted reproductive technology on pregnancy outcomes Page:1126—1129
10. Clinical evaluation of cervicectomy in the treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia with cervicovaginal shortening Page:1130—1136
11. Effect of Sophora flavescens alkaloid on the growth of vaginal lactobacilli:an in vitro study Page:1137—1141
12. Measurement of commonly-used echocardiography indexes and determination of reference values in pregnant women with normal pregnancy Page:1142—1149
13. Observation on the efficacy of motherwort injection in the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding-ovulatory dysfunction Page:1150—1155
14. Study on the antifungal and mucosal repair effects of chitosan gynecological soft gel on vulvovaginal candidiasis in rats Page:1156—1160
15. Comparison of the efficacy of simple high-intensity focused ultrasound with or without uterine curettage for placenta implantation Page:1161—1165