Volume: 35 Issue: 09

1. Risk prevention of neuraxial labor analgesia Page:969—971
2. Limited intervention measures for childbirth Page:972—974
3. Changes in the management of delivery room with new labor stage standard Page:975—978
4. Risk management of postpartum hemorrhage Page:978—982
5. Intrapartum electronic fetal heart rate monitoring Page:982—985
6. Application of ultrasound in delivery room Page:985—989
7. Management of critical illness in the delivery room Page:989—993
8. Establishment and practice of emergency cesarean delivery procedure Page:993—996
9. Establishment and exercise of a rapid response team for obstetrics Page:996—999
10. Prediction of spontaneous preterm birth by cervical length changes in twin pregnancies Page:1019—1022
11. Comparison of clinical pregnancy rates between two types of endometrial preparation protocols for patients with thin endometrium in frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles Page:1023—1026
12. Comparison of pregnancy outcomes after transvaginal cervical cerclage for different surgical indications during pregnancy Page:1027—1030
13. A comparative study of the consistency of ultrasound with MRI on the diagnosis of uterine cesarean scar pregnancy Page:1031—1034
14. Analysis of depression and anxiety status and related factors in patients receving postoperative chemotherapy for cervical cancer Page:1035—1038
15. Analysis of risk factors for perinatal hysterectomy Page:1039—1042
16. Distribution characteristics and risk factors of human papillomavirus infection in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in Shanxi Province Page:1043—1046
17. A comparative study on the effect of remote fetal monitoring and traditional outpatient monitoring of high-risk pregnancy Page:1047—1049
18. Clinical analysis of ovarian hernia: report of 1 case Page:1050—1053