Volume: 35 Issue: 06

1. Abdominal radical trachelectomy preserving fertility for ⅠB1 cervical cancer patients whose tumor≥2cm:the evidence and controversy of "Fudan Criteria" Page:614—618
2. Fertility-preserving treatment for early stage endometrial cancer Page:618—623
3. Fertility-sparing treatment for early stage epithelial ovarian cancer Page:623—626
4. Fertility preservation in nonepithelial ovarian malignancy Page:626—631
5. Prevention of chemotherapy-induced ovarian damage in patients with gynecological malignant tumors Page:631—635
6. Effect of radiotherapy on the reproductive and endocrine function of women with gynecological malignant tumors Page:635—638
7. Oncological outcomes of the fertility-sparing surgery for the gynecologic malignancies Page:638—643
8. Gynecological malignant tumor and assisted reproductive technology Page:644—646
9. Reproductive outcomes of fertility-sparing treatment for gynecologic malignancies Page:646—651
10. Hormone therapy and its risk after gynecological malignancy operation Page:651—654
11. A preliminary study on the origin of neonatal intestinal microbiota during cesarean section Page:672—676
12. Relation between coagulation parameters and pelvic adhesions in endometriosis Page:677—680
13. Expression of Lin28B in the placenta of severe preeclampsia and its clinical significance Page:681—685
14. Therapeutic effects of transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery sacrocolpopexy on pelvic organ prolapse Page:686—688
15. Clinical analysis of different ways of extraction of the myomas in laparoscopic hysteromyomectomy Page:689—692
16. Study of blastocyst transfer in increasing the risk of blighted ovum Page:693—697
17. Clinical analysis of laparoscopic surgery for benign gynecological diseases through suprapubic syndesmosis small incision Page:698—701
18. Effects of two kinds of conizations of cervix in the treatment of precancerous lesions of the cervix and its influence on fertility preservation Page:702—705