Volume: 35 Issue: 05

1. Feasibility of application of umbilical cord blood autologous transfusion in intrapartum and neonatal surgery Page:589—592
2. Short-term efficacy of pectopexy in the treatment of middle pelvic defects Page:584—588
3. Efficacy analysis of the laparoscopic CY Liu non-mesh pelvic floor repair surgery in treatment of the pelvic organ prolapse Page:579—583
4. Expression and clinical significance of hsa-miRNA-200c in patients with liver metastasis of epithelial ovarian cancer Page:574—578
5. TRPC6 channels expression in endometrial cancer and their role in regulating proliferation of endometrial cancer cells Page:569—573
6. Multi-center clinical study of motherwort injection for retained fetal membrane after vaginal delivery Page:564—568
7. A prospective study of correlation between serum leptin,resistin and adiponectin levels and preeclampsia Page:560—563
8. Preliminary study on the clinical value of noninvasive prenatal testing of fetal chromosomal copy number variations Page:554—559
9. Application of high intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of adenomyosis Page:522—527
10. Fertility-assisting strategies for adenomyosis-associated infertility Page:519—522
11. Drug choice in medical therapy and long-term management for patients with adenomyosis of the uterus Page:516—519
12. Laparoscopic conservative surgery for adenomyosis Page:513—516
13. Impact of adenomyosis on fertility and the choice of management Page:510—513
14. Progress in the application and research of MRI in uterine adenomyosis Page:505—509
15. Ultrasound diagnosis and progress of adenomyosis Page:501—505
16. Clinical manifestation and classification of adenomyosis Page:498—501
17. Current situation of research in the pathogenesis of adenomyosis Page:493—498