Volume: 35 Issue: 02

1. Timing and complications of cesarean section for scarred uterus Page:145—147
2. Accidental complications and management of anesthesia during cesarean section Page:148—151
3. Cesarean section of breech presentation-the prevention of newborn fracture Page:151—153
4. Recognition and treatment of ureteral injury in cesarean section Page:153—156
5. Conservative treatment for hemorrhage during mcaesarean operation Page:156—162
6. Application of balloon ocdusion for pernicious placenta previa and its side injuries Page:162—167
7. Surgical site infection following cesarean section Page:167—171
8. Prevention of poor healing of uterine incision and cesarean scar diverticulum after cesarean section Page:171—174
9. Prevention and treatment for amniotic fluid embolism in caesarean section Page:174—177
10. Diagnosis and treatment of uterine fistula after cesarean section Page:178—180
11. Cesarean section and endometriosis Page:180—183
12. Prevention of venous thrombosis after cesarean section Page:183—187
13. Effect analysis of the cesarean scar pregnancy with intervention treatment and expectant treatment Page:210—213
14. Analysis of the relationship between prenatal bleeding and pregnancy outcome of placenta previa Page:214—220
15. Comparative study on hearing status of preeclampsia infants with different degrees of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy and preeclampsia infants without hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy Page:221—225
16. Endometrial stromal nodule: a report of 7 cases and literature review Page:226—229
17. Therapeutic effect of acupuncture on myofascial trigger points combined with low frequency bioelectrical stimulation and manipulative stretch reduction on sacroiliac joint on perinatal period separation of symphysis pubis Page:230—233
18. Preliminary study on the psychological status of male patients with infertility Page:234—237