Volume: 35 Issue: 01

1. Characteristics of CTG and pregnancy management of fetal extrasystole Page:104—106
2. Effectiveness of semi-open suturation of vaginal stump in prevent the development of pelvic lymphocele after pelvic lymphadenectomy Page:107—113
3. Expression of miR-622 and its significance in epithelial ovarian cancer Page:114—116
4. Analysis of pregnancy outcomes in patients with uterine fibroids after high intensity focused ultrasound treatment Page:117—122
5. Distribution characteristics of human papillomavirus infections and genotype identification in Wuchang region Page:123—126
6. Clinical analysis of 19 mullerian adenosarcoma of uterus Page:127—129
7. Analysis of curative effect of Kangfu Xiaoyan suppository in 166 cases of postpartum rehabilitation Page:130—133
8. Basic anatomical research of the fallopian tube and its correlation with the vascular supply of the ovary Page:52—55
9. Key factor analysis of the treatment for severe distal tubal diseases Page:55—59
10. Problems that should be emphasized in the diagnosis and treatment of tubal pregnancy Page:59—64
11. In-depth analysis of damage to the fallopian tubes caused by endometriosis Page:64—67
12. Choice of diagnostic methods in tubal obstructive diseases Page:68—72
13. Pathological characteristics of inflammatory diseases in the fallopian tube Page:72—76
14. Diagnostic value of hysterosalpingography Page:77—80
15. Evidence-based medical evidence of prophylactic bilateral salpingectomy Page:80—83
16. Interventional therapy for fallopian tube obstructive infertility Page:83—86
17. Relationship between fallopian tube abnormality and repeated failure of IVF Page:86—91
18. Clinical indications for recanalization following tubal sterilization Page:91—94