WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Xinxiang Medical College> 2017> 34> 9

Volume: 34 Issue: 9

1. Effect of 60 Co γ-ray irradiation on the quality of leukocyte-filtrated red blood cells suspension Page:813—814,818
2. Effects of enriched environment on behavior and expression of mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 in hippocampus of depression rats Page:798—802
3. Effect of GC-rich DNA fragment on the level of transgene expression in Chinese hamster ovary cells and its position effect Page:794—797
4. Effect of acupoint injection of Xingnaojing injection on the intelligence development and hemorheology in children with mental retarded cerebral palsy Page:840—843
5. Value of fractional exhaled nitric oxide in diagnosing of eosinophils bronchial asthma and in appraising of therapeutic reaction of inhaled corticosteroids for eosinophils bronchial asthma Page:836—839,843
6. Clinical efficacy of butylphthalide soft capsules for treatment of acute cerebral infarction and its effect on the inflammatory reaction of patients Page:830—832
7. Correlation of positive psychological capital and time management disposition in medical college students Page:819—822
8. Correlation between 24 h urinary protein quantitation and pregnancy outcome in patients with pre-eclampsia Page:808—812
9. Comparative analysis of distribution and drug resistance of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in elderly and young and middle-aged patients Page:803—807
10. Application of sensitive index of nursing quality in nursing management of patients with cancer pain Page:857—859
11. Effect of continuous nursing on the psychological status and quality of life in patients with low rectal cancer after Miles operation Page:854—856
12. Detection and analysis of different genotypes of cervical cancer-associated miR-17-5p target loci Page:851—853
13. Efficacy of aripiprazole combined with modified electroconvulsive therapy in treatment of female refractory schizophrenia Page:847—850
14. Application effect and safety analysis of streamlined liner of the pharynx airway anesthesia in painless fiberoptic bronchoscopy Page:844—846
15. Analysis of risk factors for deep venous thrombosis of lower limbs after laparoscopic surgery Page:833—835
16. Correlation between job burnout and self-efficacy ,job satisfaction in bank staff Page:827—829
17. Clinical efficacy of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of chronic dilated cardiomyopathy complicated with systolic heart failure Page:823—826
18. Clinical effect of tacrolimus for Henoch-Sch(o)nlein purpura nephritis in children Page:815—818