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1. Rapid Direct Sampling Detection of Pb in Grain Using Diluted Acid Extraction Coupled with Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Page:459—460
2. Enrichment and Separation of Y(Ⅲ) from Dilute Solutions Using Aliquat 336 Functionalized Chelating Adsorbent Derived from Chitosan Page:446—451
3. Preparation of Uric Acid Electrochemical Sensor Based on Graphene/Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Nanocomposite Sol Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode Page:441—445
4. Rapid Analysis of Volatile Fatty Acids in Feces by Headspace Gas Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:429—435
5. Simultaneous Determination of Phenolic and Salicylanilide Anthelmintics Multi-residues in Cattle and Ovine Tissues by HPLC-MS/MS Page:423—428
6. Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometric Method for Determination of Coccidiostats in Chicken Skin and Fat Page:409—414
7. Determination of Four Sulfa Antibiotics in Groundwater, Soil and Excreta Samples Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:397—402
8. Determination of 31 Triazine Herbicides in Farmland Soils by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:390—396
9. Distribution of Cd,P, S, K, Ca,Cu and Zn Elements in Indian Mustard by LA-ICP-MS Page:355—359
10. Analysis of Arsenic Metabolites of Realgar in Rat Viscera by HPLC-ICP-MS Page:349—354
11. A Method for Evaluation of Non-similarity Degrees between Splitting Fractions of Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma Page:343—348
12. Gold Nanoparticle-based Dynamic Light Scattering Assay for Detection of Mercury Ion Page:332—336
13. Preparation of RuBpy-doped Silica Fluorescent Nanoprobes and Their Applications to Recognition of Liver Cancer Cells Page:326—331
14. A Molecular-Imprinted Sensor for Trace Detection of Gibberellin Based on Ferrocenecarboxylic Acid Multiply Marked Dendrimer Page:315—319
15. Elimination of Perfluorooctanoic Acid Interference from Liquid Chromatography System by Impurity Delay Page:452—456
16. Turn-on Fluorescent Probe Based on Quantum Dots for Detection of Trace Amount Glutamate Dehydrogenase Page:436—440
17. Determination of Flavonols and Flavonol Glycosides in Red Onion by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Photodiode Array Detection-Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Page:415—422
18. Rapid Determination of Bisphenol Diglycidyl Ethers and Its Migration Regulations in Interior Coating of Food Cans Page:403—408
19. Rapid Analysis of Three Kinds of Pesticide Residues by Non-contact Thermal Desorbing and Closing Low Temperature Plasma Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page:384—389
20. Preparation and Characterization of a Novel Isatin Derivative of β-Cyclodextrin-bonded SBA-15 Stationary Phase for HPLC Page:375—383
21. Determination of Triphenylmethane Dye Residues in Water by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Triple Quadrupole Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry Page:367—374
22. Determination of Eight Steroid Hormones in Butter Samples by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:360—366
23. Comparison of Two Quantitative Assays for Determination of Rh-anti-CD20 zumab and Their Application to Pharmacokinetic Study Page:337—342
24. Applications of Phospho-histone H2AX Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay in Vitro Genotoxicity Evaluation of Cigarette Smoke Page:320—325
25. Recent Progress of Colorimetric Assays Based on Gold Nanoparticles for Biomolecules Page:307—314
26. Rapid Determination of Nitrogen Isotope Labeled Nitrate Using Mid-Infrared Attenuated Total Reflectance Spectroscopy Page:747—752
27. Study on Influences of Enzymolysis and Organic Solvent Extraction on Determination of 2 Kinds of β2-Agonist Residues in Sheep Plasma and Urine Page:717—722
28. A Label-free Immunosensor for Microcystins-LR Based on Graphene and Gold Nanocage Page:660—665
29. Determination of 11 Kinds of Phenol and Aniline Dyes in Oxidative Hair Dyes by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:781—782
30. A New Quartz Crystal Microbalance Measuring Method with Expansive Frequency Range and Broadband Adaptive Response Capacity Page:773—778
31. Improvement of Low Mass Cutoff Effect Using Digital Ion Trap Technology Page:918—923
32. Direct Determination of Impurity Elements in High Purity Lithium Hexafluorophosphate Dissolved with Ethyl Alcohol by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page:913—917
33. Determination of Three Neonicotinoid Pesticides Residues by High Performence Liquid Chromatography with Molecularly Imprinting Solid Phase Extraction Page:872—877
34. Graphene and Anthraquinone-2-sulfonic Acid Sodium Based Electrochemical Aptasensor for Pb2+ Page:853—858
35. A Nonenzymatic Sensor for H2 O2 Detection Based on Rare-earth Perovskite LaNiTiO3 Containing Ni Page:847—852
36. Effect of Cancer Target Drug LHRH-PE40 on Elasticity of HeLa Cells Page:811—816
37. Magnetic Affinity Immunoassay Based Enzyme-Labeled Phage Displayed Antibody Page:785—790
38. A Rapid Filtration Sampling Probe for Fermentation Broth On-line Measurement Page:924—928
39. Determination of Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Iridium and Platinum in Copper-Nickel Sulfide Ores by Bismuth-Antimony Fire Assay Page:909—912
40. Fabrication of Molecularly Imprinted Electrochemiluminescence Sensor and Its Application in Heroin Detection Page:904—908
41. Determination of 11 Phthalic Acid Esters in Soil by Accelerated Solvent Extraction-Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:897—903
42. Establishment and Application of an Automated Chiral Two-dimensional High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Bio-analysis of D-Acidic Amino Acids Page:891—896
43. Investigation on Gas Phase Recognition for Metal-Ion Mediated Formaldehyde Imprinted Polymer by Inversed Phase Gas Chromatography Page:885—890
44. Preparation of Cyproheptadine Imprinted Polymers and Its Application to Solid Phase Extraction Page:878—884
45. Determination of 10 Plant Growth Regulators in Bean Sprouts by Sequential Cleaning-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:866—871
46. Analysis of Organophosphate Esters in Dust, Soil and Sediment Samples Using Gas Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectrometry Page:859—865
47. Preparation and Application of Podophyllotoxin Sensor Based on Molecularly Imprinting Technique Page:842—846
48. A Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor Based on Pt@Au Nanoparticles Loading to Polyethyleneimine Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Page:835—841
49. Construction, Screening and Antibody Structure Homology Modeling of Phage Single Chain Variable Fragment Library Against Ofloxacin Page:829—834
50. Derivatization at Injection Port Following Hollow Fiber Microextraction with Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide for Determination of Six Phenolic Acids in Beers by Gas Chromatography Page:824—828
51. An Ultrasensitive Simultaneous Immunoassay Based on Arsenic and Mercury Ions Labeled SiO2@Au Nanoparticle Probes Page:817—823
52. A Gaseous Benzene and Trimethylamine Sensor Based on Cross Sensitivity on Nano-Zr3 Y2 O9 Page:805—810
53. Signal Amplification Effect of Non-fluorescent Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles Cluster for Detection of Trace Proteinsbiological Molecules Page:799—804
54. Rapid Identification of Multiple Bacteria on a Microfluidic Chip Page:791—798
55. Surface Modification Technologies of Quantum Dots Based Biosensors and Their Medical Applications Page:1061—1069
56. Determination of Moroxydine Residue in Tomatoes Using CdTe Quantum Dots as Fluorescence Probes Page:1057—1060
57. Determination of Bisphenolic and Halogenated Bisphenolic Compounds in Human Urine by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1053—1056
58. An Electrochemical Biosensor for Detection of Breast Cancer Cells Based on Exonuclease I-catalyzed DNA Degradation Reaction Page:1049—1052
59. A Label-free and Separation-free Detection for Melamine Based on Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Page:1022—1027
60. Acetone-Enhanced Negative Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization Mass Spectrometry for Rapid Detection of Explosives Page:1017—1021
61. Fragmentation Characteristics and Utility of Immonium Ions for Peptide Identification by MALDI TOF/TOF Spectrometry Page:1010—1016
62. Enantioseparation and Determination of Propranolol in Human Plasma on a New Derivatized β-Cyclodextrin Bonded Phase by HPLC Page:1002—1009
63. Effects of Ginseng Aqueous Extract on Neurochemicals in Diabetic Encephalopathy Rat Brain by Online Microdialysis-LC-MS/MS Page:997—1001
64. Study on Electrochemical Behaviors and Determination of Xanthine and Uric Acid on Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode Page:991—996
65. Preparation of Electrospun ZnO-Carbon Composite Nanofiber Modified Electrodes for the Detection of Trace Lead Page:985—990
66. Monitoring Urine Thiodiglycol after Rabbit Skin Exposure to Sulfur Mustard Based on Highly-sensitive Isotope Dilution Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:980—984
67. Application of Two-dimensional 1H-31P Inverse NMR Pulse Sequence in Detection of Organophosphorus Chemical Warfare Agents and Related Compounds Page:975—979
68. Fabrication of Ascorbic Acid Sensor Based on Phosphotungstic Acid/ZnO Nanofibers Page:968—974
69. Novel Method for Determination of Lysozyme Based on Fluorescence Recovery of a Cationic Aluminum Phthalocyanine-Mucopolysaccharides Association Complex Used as a Red Emitting Fluorogenic Substrate Page:962—967
70. Visual Colorimetric Detection of Neurogenin 3 with Glutathione-Modified Gold Nanoparticle Page:955—961
71. Research on Gas-Sensing Properties of TiO2-SnO2 Composite Nanocrystalline to Ozone under Ultra-Violet Light Page:948—954
72. Electroluminescence Biosensor for Determination of Pb2+Based on G-Quadruplex of Aptamer probe Page:942—947
73. Classification of Atmospheric Individual Aerosol Particles Sampled by Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry Using Self-Organizing Map Page:937—941
74. Thermal Desorption-Gas Chromatography or Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Semi-Volatile Compounds on Atmospheric Particulate Matters Page:931—936
75. Application of Peptide Self-assembled Multilayers on Detection of Thrombin Page:1044—1048
76. Electrochemical Behavior and Determination of Pyridoxine Hydrochloride at Graphene-Carbon Nanotubes/Poly(nicotinic acid) Modified Electrode Page:1039—1043
77. Mercury Speciation Determination in Fish and Soil Samples Based on Low Pressure LC-AFS Combined with Rapid Sample Pretreatment Page:1033—1038
78. In Situ Depth Profiling of Complex Film by Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Page:1028—1032
79. Determination of Pb(Ⅱ) Based on Dehydroabietylamine Schiff Base-Multi-walled Carbon Nano-tubes Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode Page:1501—1506
80. Determination of Residues of 26 β2-Agonists in Pork Liver by Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1486—1492
81. On-site Detection of Sulfur Mustard Based on Pinhole Shell-Isolated Nanoparticle-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Page:1465—1470
82. Determination of Organophosphate Esters in Cosmetics by Stable Isotope Dilution-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:1441—1446
83. Preparation of Novel Biocompatible Macromolecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent Page:1421—1426
84. Sensor Design Based on Structure Adjustment in Loops of G-quadruplex Page:1414—1420
85. Mutual Influence of Lead and Cadmium Ions on Bismuth Film Electrode Page:1539—1543
86. Determination of K+, Na+and Ca2+in Miorodialysis of Apoplast of Poplar Stems by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry with Microdialysis Method Page:1535—1538
87. Determination and Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soil Nearby Oil Waste Disposal Site Page:1513—1517
88. Preparation and Functional Exploration of Cysteine Peptides from Fresh Garlic Scales for Improving Bioavailability of Food Legume Iron and Zinc Page:1507—1512
89. Raman Spectral Profiles of Promoting Effects of Organic Nitrogen Sources on Ethanol Fermentation Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae Page:1471—1477
90. Simultaneous Extraction and Determination of Three Quaternary Ammonium Compouds in Soil by Ultrasonic Exaction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:1459—1464
91. Determination of Alkaloids in Honey by Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1453—1458
92. A Study on Distribution and Chemical Speciation of Lead in Corn Seed Germination by Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Fluorescence and Absorption near Edge Structure Spectrometry Page:1447—1452
93. Analysis of 5 Dyes Residues in Navel Orange with Temperature-assisted Ionic Liquid Dispersive Liquid-liquid Microextraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Detection Page:1434—1440
94. Highly Fluorescent Carbon Nanoparticles for Sensitive Detection of IronⅢ Page:1427—1433
95. Accurate Determination of 13 C Isotopic Abundances of Free Intracellular Amino acids with Low Concentration by GC-MS-Selective Ion Monitoring Method Page:1408—1413
96. A Novel Biomimetic Porphyrin Biosensor Based on Poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and 1-Pyrenebutanoic Acid Decorated with Hematin and Its Application in Bioelectrical Catalysis of Catechol Page:1400—1407
97. An Integrated Nucleic Acid Extraction Microchip for Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction Micro Total Analysis System Page:1393—1399
98. Simultaneous Determination of Anions and Cations by Multimodal Liquid Chromatography Page:1544—1548
99. Detection of Authenticity of Grape Seed Oil with Ion Mobility Spectrometry Page:1530—1534
100. Determination of Methylmercury and Ethylmercury in Aquatic Products by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry with Stable Isotope-Labelled Internal Standard Page:1524—1529
101. Raman Spectra of Unknown Components Fitting Algorithm Based on Voigt Function and Its Application in Methanol-Gasoline Quantitative Analysis Page:1518—1523
102. High Throughput Screening of Drug Multi Residues in Fish by Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Page:1478—1485
103. Simultaneous Determination of Chromium Ⅲ, Chromium Ⅵin Leather and Cloth by Ion Chromatography with On-line Sample Pretreatment Column-Switching Technique Page:1190—1195
104. QuEChERS-Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Determination of 2,4,6-Trinitrophenol, 2,4,6-trinitroresorcinate and 2,4,6-Trinitrophloroglucinol in Soil Page:1184—1189
105. Residue and Degradation of Cyantraniliprole and Its Main Metabolite in Pepper and Soil Page:1178—1183
106. Preparation of Label-free Thrombin Aptasensor Based on Pd-Au Nanoparticles Page:1138—1143
107. Rapid Detection of Porcine Circovirus 2 Based on Double Molecular Beacons Page:1104—1109
108. Selective Extraction of Low Molecular Weight Proteins by Mesoporous Silica Particles with Phenyl-Modified Internal and Alkyl-diol-Modified External Surfaces Page:1083—1087
109. Application of Planar Microelectrode Array Modified by Nano-structure Titanium Nitride on Dual Mode Neural Information Recording Page:1071—1076
110. Electrochemiluminescence Behavior of Luminol at Closed Bipolar Electrode and Its Analytical Application Page:1221—1224
111. Studies on Changes of Brain Energy Metabolism in Diabetic Rats by 31 P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Page:1216—1220
112. Detection of Specific DNA Sequence with a Non-labeled Molecular Beacon and a Nucleic Acid Dye Hoechst 33258 Page:1211—1215
113. Simple and Rapid Detection of Melamine in Milk Based on T-Melamine-T Duplex Structure and SYBR Green Ⅰ Page:1206—1210
114. Simultaneous Determination of N3-methyladenine and N3-ethyladenine in DNA by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1201—1205
115. Detection of Lead Ions in Water Based on Surface Energy Transfer between Gold Nanoparticles and Fluorescenct Dyes Page:1196—1200
116. Determination of Quinolones in Spicy Soup Using Packed Fiber Solid Phase Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Fluorimetric Detection Page:1172—1177
117. Simultaneous Determination of 20 Anti-Obesity Drugs Illegally Added in Weight-loss Functional Foods by Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1162—1171
118. Measurement of Particle Volatility Using Single Particle Aerosol Mass Spectrometry Tandem Thermodiluter Page:1156—1161
119. Direct Competitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detection of Acrylamide in Food Samples Page:1150—1155
120. Aptamer-Based Microcantilever Sensor for O-ethyl S-[2-(diisopropylamino) ethyl] methylphosphonothiolate, Sarin Detection and Kinetic Analysis Page:1144—1149
121. Synthesis of A Novel Fluorescence Switch Conjugated Polymers and Its Discrimination Ability Toward S-Adenosylmethionine Page:1132—1137
122. Determination of Organic Acids from Mainstream Cigarette Smoke using Ultra Low Temperature Solvent Extraction Followed by Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Page:1125—1131
123. Sequence Structures of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate-Co-Ethylene 2,5-Furandicarboxylate) via 1 H-NMR and 13 C-NMR Page:1117—1124
124. Simultaneous Determination of 34 Pesticide Residues in Vegetable Oil by QuEChERS-on-line Gel Permeation Chromatography-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:1110—1116
125. Application of Factor Analysis in Imaging Mass Spectrometric Data Analysis Page:1099—1103
126. Separation of Chlorine and Its Isotopic Composition in Plants Page:1094—1098
127. Metabonomics Study on Luteolin Intervention of Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells Page:1088—1093
128. Relationship Between Surface Morphology and Performance of a Spirally Hierarchical Structure-based Electrochemical Glucose Sensor Page:1077—1082
129. Determination of Benzo(a) pyrene Residues in Edible Oil and Oil Products by High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Page:1387—1388
130. Algorithms, Strategies and Application Progress of Spectral Searching Methods Page:1379—1386
131. Recent Advances on Rotational Spectroscopy and Microwave Spectroscopic Techniques Page:1369—1378
132. Establishment of Analysis Method for Detection of Petroleum Degrading Genes AlkB and Nah in Contaminated Soil and Its Application Page:1348—1353
133. Fast Analysis of Vitamin A and E in Animal Derived Foods by On-Line Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:1343—1347
134. Electrochemical Characterizations of Quaternarized Nanodiamond-Myoglobin Modified Electrode Page:1332—1337
135. Rapid Determination of N-Methylcarbamoyl Adduct in Hemoglobin of Workers Exposed to N,N-Dimethylformamide by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:1326—1331
136. Electrochemical Immunosensor for Determination of Microcystins Based on Carbon Nanotubes/Au Nanoparticles Composite Film Page:1301—1306
137. Determination of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Derivatives, Tetrabromobisphenol A, Hexabromocyclododecane in Egg Samples by Gel Permeation Chromatography and Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Page:1288—1294
138. Determination of 15 Phthalate Esters in Drinking Water by Solid Phase Extraction-Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1281—1287
139. Detection of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants by UV Photoionization High-Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry Page:1259—1263
140. Fabrication of Flower-Shaped Pt-Au-graphene Nanostructures and Their Application in Electrochemical Detection of Glucose Page:1240—1244
141. Application of Modified Mesoporous Silica Materials for Analysis of Small Molecules by MALDI-TOF-MS Page:1235—1239
142. Determination of Phytolith-occluded Carbon Content Using Alkali Dissolution-Spectrophotometry Page:1389—1390
143. Enhancement of Near Infrared Spectroscopy Determination of Water Contents in Oils Using Oil-Water Stabilization and Support Vector Regression Page:1364—1368
144. Sulfuric Acid Modified Poly (GMA-EGDMA) Coating for Solid Phase Microextraction Coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Its Application to Determination of Four Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Water Page:1359—1363
145. Determination of 9 Phenoxy Acid Herbicides in Soil by Solid Phase Extraction and LC/MS/MS Page:1354—1358
146. Determination of Aflatoxin B1 and Aflatoxin B2 in Edible Oil by Using Graphene Oxide-SiO2 as Soild Phase Extraction Coupled with HPLC Page:1338—1342
147. Determination of Butyltin Compounds in Aquatic Animal and Plant Products Using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry after Hydrochloric Acid-Methanol Solution Extraction Page:1320—1325
148. Quantitative Determination of Selenium Species in Se-enriched Yeast Using Liquid Chromatography-Hydride Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Page:1314—1319
149. Evaluation of Piecewise Direct Standardization Algorithm for Near Infrared Quantitative Model Updating Page:1307—1313
150. Aptamer-based Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Method for Determination of Estradiol Page:1295—1300
151. Colorimetric Determination of Lactate Dehydrogenase on Paper-Based Microwell Arrays Microfluidic Device Page:1276—1280
152. A Soil Water Extraction Method Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction Technique for Stable Isotope Analysis Page:1270—1275
153. Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents by Differential Mobility Spectrometry and Drift-time Ion Mobility Spectrometry Hybrid Technology Page:1264—1269
154. Production and Identification of Broad Spectrum Monoclonal Antibody against a Group of Pyrethroid Insecticides Page:1245—1251
155. Near Infrared Spectroscopic Model Transfer Based on Simple Linear Regression Page:1229—1234
156. Green Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Quantum Dots for Detection of Hg2+ Page:1252—1258
157. Fast Structure Confirmation of Daptomycin by Matrix_assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page:63—68
158. Genotyping of Alcohol Dehydrogenase Gene by Pyrosequencing Coupled with Improved Linear_after_the_Exponential Polymerase Chain Reaction Using Human Whole Blood as Starting Material Page:55—62
159. Development of a QuEChERs Method for Determination of 20 Perfluorinated Compounds in Animal Liver by HPLC_MS/MS Page:40—48
160. Analysis of Contents and Distribution Patterns of Rare Earth Elements in Surface Sediments of the South Mid_Atlantic Ridge Page:21—26
161. Simultaneous Detection of 25 Kinds of Veterinary Antibiotics in Soil, Manure and Water Samples Using Liquid Chromatography_Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:13—20
162. Application of Electrochemically Active Bacteria as Anodic Biocatalyst in Microbial Fuel Cells Page:155—163
163. Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometric Method for Determination of Cr Content and Distribution in Cr_doped ZnSe Crystals Page:151—154
164. Platform of Reversed Phase_Strong Cation Exchange_Reversed Phase Two_Dimensional High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Determination of Methotrexat in Plasma Page:146—150
165. Electrochemiluminescence Performance of Poly(aniline_luminol) Composite Nanowires Synthesized by Chemical Oxidation Page:141—145
166. Determination of Three Pyrethroids in Soil by Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion Extraction_Dispersed Liquid Phase Microextraction_Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Page:137—140
167. Fluorescein Mercury Combined with Optical Sensing Micro Sequential Injection Lab_on_Valve for Determination of H2 S in Intestinal Perfusate Page:132—136
168. Determination of Plant Hormones by Capillary Electrophoresis Based on Polymer Micelles Page:127—131
169. Simultaneous Determination of 11 Volatile Organic Compounds Metabolites in Human Urine Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Electrospray Ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:121—126
170. Determination of 11 Fat_soluble Vitamins (A, D, E, K) and Their Derivatives in Vitamin Tablets by Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography Page:115—120
171. Determination of 17 Characteristic Ingredients of Plant Extracts in Hair Growth Cosmetics by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:110—114
172. Selective Solid Phase Extraction of Nonylphenol and Bisphenol A in Environmental and Food Samples Using Double_Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Microsphere Page:105—109
173. A Micro Electrochemical Sensor for Nitrate Determination Based on Square_wave Pulsating Current Deposition Process Page:98—104
174. A Wearable Wireless Electrochemical Instrument Used for In_vivo Neurotransmitter Detection Page:93—97
175. Gas Chromatography_Mass Spectrometry Method for Rapid Detection of 16 Preservative Residues in Vegetables for Export Page:87—92
176. On_line Preconcentration for Sensitive Analysis of PAHs in Cosmetics by Reversed Microemulsion Electrokinetic Chromatography Page:81—86
177. Rapid Detection of Five Common Fatty Acids in Industrial Oleic Acid Based on Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography_Mass Spectrometry Page:75—80
178. Simultaneous Determination of Resveratrol and Polydatin in Polygonum Cuspidatum by Quantitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Page:69—74
179. Determination of Chlorinated Persistent Organic Pollutants in Infant Hair by Gas Chromatography_High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Page:49—54
180. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectrum Recognition for Trace Detection of Common Drugs in Urine Page:33—39
181. Determination of Ultratrace Copper in Barium Phosphate Laser Glass by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page:27—32
182. Metabonomics Study on Root Exudates of Cd Hyperaccumulator Sedum Alfredii Page:7—12
183. Rapid and Sensitive LC_MS/MS Determination of Aflatoxin B1, Deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone in Artificial Porcine Gastrointestinal Digested Juices Page:1—6
184. Application of Two-dimensional Liquid Chromatography Analysis of Drugs and Toxicants Page:1851—1858
185. Simultaneous Determination of Eleven Ulta-violet Absorbents in Cosmetics by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:1846—1850
186. Determination of N-Acetyl-S-(N-methylcarbamoyl) cysteine in Human Urine by Online Solid Phase Extraction-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:1842—1845
187. Quantification Analysis of Targeted Proteins in Complex Sample by Novel Data Independent Acquisition Page:1750—1758
188. An Automated Dual-gradient Liquid Chromatography-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of Four Kinds of Plants Hormones in Different Parts of Soya Beans and Its Application to a Real Analysis Page:1743—1749
189. Determination of Pharmacokinetics Differences of Ammuxetine Isomers in Rat Plasma Using On-Line Solid Phase Extraction with Liquid Chrommatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1717—1722
190. Dual-Gradient Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Charged Aerosol Detector for Detection of Macromolecules in Traditional Chinese Medicine Injections Page:1871—1872
191. Progress in Mass Spectrometry Acquisition Approach for Quantitative Proteomics Page:1859—1868
192. Determination of Erythrocin in Chicken Manure by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Corona-Charged Aerosol Detection Coupled with On-line Solid Phase Extraction Page:1838—1841
193. Determination of 2460 A in Trichoderma Hazianum Fermentation Liquor by On-line Two-dimensional Liquid Chromatographic Method Page:1828—1832
194. Simultaneous Determination of Clozapine, Quetiapine and Risperidone in Human Serum with Online Solid Phase Extraction-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:1823—1827
195. Fully Automated Determination of Four Androgenic Hormones in Serum by Online Turbulent Flow Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1818—1822
196. Determination of 4 Environmental Endocrine Disruptors Involving Bisphenol A in Dairy Products by On-line Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1811—1817
197. Simultaneous Determination of Four Lignans in Magnoliae Flos Extract by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page:1804—1810
198. Simultaneous Determination of Seven β2-Agonists in Livestock Manure by On-line Cleanup Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1797—1803
199. Determination of Astragaloside IV in Radix Astragli and Its Preparations by Online SPE-Liquid Chromatography with Charged Aerosol Detector Page:1791—1796
200. Sensitive Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Water by Online Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:1785—1790
201. Determination of Teicoplanin in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid Using an On-line Solid Phase Extraction-Two Dimensional Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spactrometry Page:1773—1778
202. Separation of Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine Synthetic Intermediates by Online Molecular Imprinted Solid Phase Extraction and Liquid Chromatography Page:1767—1772
203. Determination of 14 Sulfonamides Residue in Milk by On-line Solid Phase Extraction in Cation Exchange Mode/Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1759—1766
204. Determination of Nitroimidazoles and Their Metabolites Residues in Honey by TurboFlow Online Purification-Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Sepctrometry and Istopes Dilution Technique Page:1735—1742
205. Application of On-line SPE-HPLC System in Pharmacokinetic Study of Highly Active Anti-Cancer Compound TEB-415 Page:1729—1734
206. Simultaneous Determination of Seven Metabolites of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Human Urine by Online Solid Phase Extraction-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:1723—1728
207. Preparation, Characterization and Application for Genomic DNA Extraction of a Magnetic Microsphere with Surface Charge Switching Page:1598—1603
208. Quantum Dots Labeled Lateral Flow Strip for Determination of Procalcitonin in Blood Page:1592—1597
209. Determination of Trace Gibberellin A3 by Magnetic Self-assembly Molecularly Imprinted Electrochemical Sensor Page:1580—1585
210. Establishment of Cloning and Sequencing Method for High-Resolution Human Leukocyte Antigen-B Genotype Assay Page:1574—1579
211. Rapid Screening of Carbamates Pesticide Residues in Vegetables by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Based on Principle of Enzyme Inhibition Page:1561—1567
212. Fabrication and Cell Imaging of Room Temperature Phosphorescent Silica Nanomaterials Page:1586—1591
213. Preparation and Experimental Study on Dielectrophoresis- Based Microfluidic Chip for Cell Patterning Page:1568—1573
214. Characterization and Determination of Silver Nanoparticle Using Single Particle -Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Page:1553—1560
215. Analysis of Volatile Components in Duchesnea Indica by Different Extraction Methods Page:1710—1714
216. Simultaneous Determination of Trace Elements and Major Elements in Food by ICP-MS Using Microwave Digestion for Sample Preparation Page:1706—1709
217. Salt Effect in High-voltage Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page:1697—1701
218. Identification of Major Metabolites of Salbutamol in Swine Urine and Plasma Using Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Electrospray-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry Page:1692—1696
219. Study of Tobacco Sensory Evaluation Model in Near Infrared Spectroscopy by Semi Supervised-Partial Least Squares Page:1687—1691
220. Fast Determination of Al Residue in Polyether Ketone Ketone by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Page:1702—1705
221. A Study on Model Performance for Ethanol Precipitation Process of Lonicera japonica by NIR Based on Bagging-PLS and Boosting-PLS algorithm Page:1679—1686
222. On-line Quantitative Monitoring and Control of Tobacco Flavors by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Combined with Advanced Calibration Transfer Method Page:1673—1678
223. A Study of Miriplatin and Its Pt-metabolites in Beagle Dog Plasma by Size Exclusion Chromatography-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page:1667—1672
224. Preparation and Recognition Properties of CuO Nanoparticles Doping Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor for Phenobarbital Page:1661—1666
225. A Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with Electrochemically Reduced Graphene Oxide/Gold Nanoparticles-Chitosan Composite Film for Sensitive Determination of Uric Acid Page:1656—1660
226. Depletion of Chicken Egg White Proteins by Pending Templates Imprinted Polymers Page:1651—1655
227. A Study on Metabolic Difference of Radix Aconiti Preparata before and after Its Combination in Rat Intestinal Microbiota Using UPLC-MS Combined with Principal Component Analysis Page:1646—1650
228. Identification of Metabolized Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Fishery Products by Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1640—1645
229. Direct Molecular Analysis of Garlic Using Internal Extractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page:1634—1639
230. Characterization of Inclusion Type in Steel by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Page:1623—1628
231. Determination of Trace Metals in Lutetium-Yttrium Orthosilicate by Solution-Cathode Glow Discharge-Atomic Emission Spectrometry Page:1617—1622
232. Determination of Tetrodotoxin in Human Urine and Plasma after Immunoaffinity Column Clean-up Using Ultra-Performanc Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography Coupled with Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Page:1611—1616
233. Critical Amino Acids Analysis of Epitopes in Pen a1 Page:1604—1610
234. Design and Construction of an Embedded Telemetry System for Potentiometric Sensors Page:457—462
235. Cold Saponification Method for Determination of 5 Lutein Stereoisomers in Dairy Products by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:404—408
236. Study on Migration Model of Antioxidants in Food Contact Polypropylene Plastics Page:399—403
237. Determination of Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins/Dibenzofurans, Dioxin Like Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Brominated Flame Retardants and Polybrominated Dibenzo-p-dioxins/Dibenzofurans in Flue Gas from Stationary Source Page:356—365
238. In Situ Investigation on Electrochemical Polymerization and Properties of Polyaniline Thin Films by Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance Page:350—355
239. Purge-trap Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometric Method for Analysis of Isoprene in Natural Waters Page:333—337
240. Gas Chromatography-Combustion-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry for Determination of Five Volatile Components in Wine and Its Application in Geographical Origin Traceability Page:344—349
241. Quantum-dot Submicrobead-Based Immunochromatographic Strip for Rapid and Quantitative Detection of Plasmodium Falciparum Page:338—343
242. Fabrication of New GH-CS/Fc-NH2/Cytc Modified Electrode and Its Application in Detection of Nitrite Page:325—332
243. Development of Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction for Quantifying Escherichia Coli O157:H7 Page:319—324
244. Supported Ionic Liquid Solid Phase Extraction Coupled to Electrochemical Detection for Determination of Trace Bisphenol A Page:313—318
245. Flexible Device for Direct Analysis in Real Time without Grid Electrode for Mass Spectrum Analysis Page:451—456
246. Magnetic Field Enhanced Photoelectron Ionization Source Portable TOF-MS and Its Application in Analysis of Volatile Reduced Sulfur Compounds Page:444—450
247. Determination of Methylmercury in Seafood after Dispersive Liquid-liquid Microextraction by Direct Mercury Analyzer Page:429—432
248. Highly Sensitive Self-assembly Magnetic Molecularly Imprinted Electrochemiluminescence Sensor for Determination of Cinchonine Page:424—428
249. Determination of Plant Growth Regulators in Vegetable by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Isotope-coded Derivatization Page:419—423
250. Determination of Fumonisin B1 and Fumonisin B2 in Formula Feeds for Livestock and Poultry by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:414—418
251. Rapid and Highly Sensitive Analysis of Antioxidants in Edible Oils with Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Prior to Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:409—413
252. Determination of Cholesterol Content in Vegetable Oil for Rapid Screening Waste Oil Page:394—398
253. Preparation of Polyacrylamide Resin and Its Adsorption Properties on 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Page:379—386
254. Construction of a Single Chain Variable Fragment Antibody Against Sulfonamides and Its Interaction with Sulfathiazole Page:366—370
255. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Bushen Jiannao Grains by Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography Page:288—293
256. Simultaneous Determination of Toxic Alkaloids and Rat Poisons in Toxic Samples by Dispersive Liquid-liquid Micro-extraction Combined with Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:282—287
257. Determination of Tetrodotoxin in Marine Organisms by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Cleaned up by Immunoaffinity Column Page:277—281
258. Research Progress on Microfluidic Chip of Cell Separation Based on Dielectrophoresis Page:300—309
259. Determination of Glyphosate, Aminomethyl Phosphonic Acid and Glufosinate in Different Teas by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:271—276
260. Determination of 26 Mycotoxins in Feedstuffs by Multifunctional Cleanup Column and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:264—270
261. Determination of Hydroxylated Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Soils by QuEChERS-Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:251—256
262. Development of Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry for Determination of Antioxidant Activity of Phenolic Compounds Page:233—238
263. Qualitative Analysis of Open-Path Fourier Transform Spectra Page:226—232
264. Preparation of an Electrochemical Sensor for Determination of Chlortetracycline Based on Molecularly Imprinted Film Page:212—217
265. Self-asembled Gold Nanoparticles Coating for Solid-Phase Microextraction of Ultraviolet Filters in Environmental Water Page:207—211
266. Analysis of Reaction Products of (Ethylenediamine) palladium(Ⅱ) Chloride and 5′-Deoxyguanylic Acid in Aqueous Solution by Liquid Chromatography-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page:193—198
267. Research and Application of Analytical Technique onδ18Op of Inorganic Phosphate in Soil Page:187—192
268. Serumal Metabonomic Study on Mechanism of Schisandra Chinensis in Rat Diabetic Nephropathy Page:169—175
269. Development and Evaluation of a High Sensitive Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometric System Page:310—311
270. Molecular Imprinting Electrochemiluminescence Analysis Page:294—299
271. Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Flaxseed Extracts by 2, 2-Diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Assay Page:245—250
272. Assessment of Influence of Origin Variability on Robustness of Near Infrared Models for Soluble Solid Content of Apples Page:239—244
273. Characterization and Investigation of Reduction Capacity of Hydrophilic Organic Matter from Compost and its Influence Factors Page:218—225
274. A Peptide Microarray-Based Fluorescent and Resonance Light Scattering Assay for Screening Thrombin Inhibitor Page:199—206
275. Quantitative Analysis of Soil by Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Using Genetic Algorithm-Partial Least Squares Page:181—186
276. Electrokinetic Separation of Polystyrene Microspheres in Conductive Media on a Microfluidic Chip Page:176—180
277. Ensemble Partial Least Squares Algorithm Based on Variable Clustering for Quantitative Infrared Spectrometric Analysis Page:1086—1091
278. Redox-Responsive Vesicles Prepared from Supramolecular 2-Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin and Ferrocene Derivative for Drug Delivery Page:1080—1085
279. Determination of Four Aflatoxins by Pressurized Capillary Electrochromatography-Laser Induced Fluorescence Detection Page:1063—1068
280. Analysis of Small Molecule Compounds by Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry with ZnO, CuO and NiO Nanoparticles as Matrix Page:1058—1062
281. Determination of Bifenthrin in Tea by Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:1047—1052
282. Determination of Organophosphate Esters in Human Serum Using Gel Permeation Chromatograph and Solid Phase Extraction Coupled with GC-MS Page:1033—1039
283. Indirect Competitive Chemiluminescent Enzyme Immunoassay Method for Determination of Dimethyl Phthalate in Soy Sauce and Liquor Page:1027—1032
284. Preparation and Application of Molecular Imprinting Polymer Based Zero Current Potential Sensor for Benzidine Page:1021—1026
285. Determination of Chlorinated Anilines Residues in Soil by Gas Chromatography-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Solid Phase Microextraction Page:1009—1015
286. A Microfluidic Chip with Titanium Dioxide Membrane Enhanced Pseudo Valve Used for the Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Page:989—993
287. Heparinase Digestion-based Disaccharide Analysis of Clinical Heparin and Heparinoids Drug Page:964—970
288. Development of Android Platform Based Portable Trace Heavy Metal Ions Detector Page:1098—1103
289. Kinetic Migration Behaviors of Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde from Paper Packaging Materials into Food Stimulant Tenax Page:1092—1097
290. Determination of Caffeic Acid Based on ZnO Nanoparticles Enhanced Luminol-EDTA Chemiluminescence Page:1075—1079
291. Determination of Trace Carbaryl in Water by Europium-Diallyl Phthalate Fluorescent Probe Page:1069—1074
292. Determination of Perfluorinated Compounds in Water by Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Combined with Hollow Fiber Membrane Extraction Page:1053—1057
293. A New Method for Accurate Determination of Peroxidase Activity Based on Fluorescence Decrease of Guaiacol Page:1040—1046
294. Absolute Quantification of Human Growth Hormone by Isotope Dilution-High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:1016—1020
295. Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism by Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction Coupled with High Specific Invader Assay in Single Tube Page:1001—1008
296. Determination of Mycotoxin Biomarkers in Eggs by Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion Page:994—1000
297. Study of Microelectrode Array Probe for Simultaneous Detection of Glutamate and Local Field Potential during Brain Death Page:983—988
298. A Microfluidic Chip with Integrated Microelectrode for Real-time Dopamine Detection Page:977—982
299. A Low Noise Amplifier System for Nanopore-based Single Molecule Analysis Page:971—976
300. Application of an Ultrasound-assisted Polymer Surfactant-enhanced Emulsification Microextraction for Determination of Aromatic Amines in Water Sample Page:957—963
301. Effects of Microfiltration Membrane Adsorption on Detection of Pesticides in Water by Direct Injection Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1761—1765
302. Research Progress of Molecular Imprinting Cryogel Page:1777—1784
303. Controlled Preparation and Characterization of Aspirin Surface Molecularly Imprinted Separating Medium Based on Halloysite Nanotubes Page:1772—1776
304. A Metabonomics Study of Atherosclerosis by Rapid Resolution Liquid Chromatography Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Page:1766—1771
305. Determination of Inosine Monophosphate in Meat Products by Ion Chromatography with Suppressed Conductivity Detection Page:1749—1753
306. Quartz Crystal Microbalance and Atomic Force Microscopy for Study of Carbohydrate-sensitive Multilayers Composed of Pheylboronic Acid Polymers Page:1728—1734
307. A Combination of Molecular Simulation and Network Methods for Analysis of Conformation Variation in Activation Process of β2 Adrenergic Receptor Page:1722—1727
308. Imprinted Electrochemical Sensor Based on Cobalt Nanoparticles/Graphene Modified Carbon Electrode for Sensitive Determination of p-(Tert-octyl) phenol Page:1716—1721
309. Chiral Separation and Identification of D,L-Histidine Based on Nanochannels Membrane Coupling with Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectroscopy Page:1695—1700
310. Highly Sensitive Fluorescent Aptasensor for Thrombin Detection Based on Competition Triggered Rolling Circle Amplification Page:1688—1694
311. A TiO2/CNTs Nanocomposites Enhanced Luminol Electrochemiluminescence Assay for Glucose Detection Page:1682—1687
312. Application of Inorganic Layered Materials in Electrochemical Sensors Page:1648—1655
313. Progress of Chemical Modeling and Model Population Analysis Page:1638—1647
314. Research Progress of Three-dimensional Fluorescence Coupled with Chemical Multiway Calibration Page:1629—1637
315. Analysis of Brain Pharmacokinetics of Hyperoside and 1,5-Dicaffeoylquinic Acid and Treatment Effects of Acanthopanax Senticosus Leaves on Cerebral Ischemia by On-line Microdialysis-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1754—1760
316. Determination of 15+1 European Priority Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Edible Oil by Online Solid Phase Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:1743—1748
317. Electrochemiluminescence Behavior of [ Ru(bpy) 3 ] [4-(Clph) 4 B] 2/N,N,N',N'-Tetrakis(propyl)-pentanediamine Nanopaticles Modified Electrode Page:1708—1715
318. Electrochemiluminescence Biosensor Based on DNAzyme and 3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylic Dianhydride Derivative Functionalized Hollow Gold Nanoparticles for Detection of Lead Ions Page:1701—1707
319. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Sensor Based on Magnetic Beads-induced Nanoparticles Aggregation for Detection of Bacterial Deoxyribonucleic Acid Page:1676—1681
320. Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel ELF-97-based Fluorescent Probe for Hydrogen Peroxide Detection Page:1671—1675
321. Recent Developments on Quantitative Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Techniques Page:1656—1663
322. Application Progress of Exonuclease-assisted Signal Amplification Strategies in Biochemical Analysis Page:1620—1628
323. Recent Progress of DNAzyme-Nanomaterial Based Biosensors Page:1611—1619
324. Separation of Triacylglycerols in Edible Oil by Reversed Phase Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy Page:1377—1382
325. Determination of Au and Ag in Geological Samples by Loaded Polyurethane Foam-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Page:1371—1376
326. Determination of Selenium Species in Burdock and Panax Notoginseng Using Ultrasonic Assistant Extraction Combined with High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page:1329—1334
327. Determination of Metal Ions in Environmental Samples by Matrix-Assisted Microwave Induced Plasma Surface Sampling Atomic Emission Spectrometry Page:1306—1312
328. Determination of Siderophores in Seawater by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Solid Phase Extraction Page:1285—1290
329. Fabrication of IgG Functionalized Mn Doped ZnS Quantum Dots for Low Background Phosphorescent Sensing of IgG in Human Serum Page:1272—1277
330. Se-Hg Dual-element Labeling Strategy for Selectively Recognizing Selenoprotein and Selenopeptide Page:1265—1271
331. Recent Advances in Mitochondrial Proteomics Page:1257—1264
332. Study of Stainless Steel Solid Phase Microextraction Fiber for Selective Absorption of Impurities in Gutter Oil Page:1422—1428
333. Effect of Bensulfuron Pollution on Levels of Bufadienolides from Venom Secreted by Toad Page:1415—1421
334. Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Q Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-orbitrap Mass Spectrometry for Serumal Metabonomics Study of Drug-induced Liver Injury in Patients Page:1408—1414
335. Highly Sensitive and Label-free Fluorescence Detection of DNA Based on Structure Switch of Hairpin Probe DNA to G-Quadruplex-based DNAzyme Page:1402—1407
336. Preparation of Zinc Oxide-Graphene Composite Modified Electrodes for Detection of Lead Page:1395—1401
337. Analyses of Water and Methanol Extractable Pentachlorophenol in Soils Using Vortex-assisted Liquid-liquid Extraction and Gas Chromatography Page:1389—1394
338. Determination of Hexabromocyclododecanes Enantiomers in Earthworm and Soil by Chiral High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Isotopic Dilution-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1383—1388
339. Determination of Impurity Elements in Nickel-Zinc Ferrites Materials by Direct Current Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry Page:1366—1370
340. Determination of Trace Metals (Cr, Mo, Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Fe, Mn, Ni, V, Co) in Seawater by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with On-line Injection Technique Page:1360—1365
341. Determination of Stable Silicon Isotopes Using Multi-Collector Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page:1353—1359
342. Determination of Trace Metal Impurities in High Pure Tin Oxide Electrode Material by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page:1349—1352
343. Rapid Determination of 9 Organophosphorous Flame Retardants in Textiles by Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1342—1348
344. Magnetic Dispersive Solid Phase Microextraction Followed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Determination of Benzoylurea Pesticides in Water and Juice samples Page:1335—1341
345. A Flow Injection Chemiluminescence Method for Determination of Hydrocortisone in Human Serum by Trivalent Silver Complex Page:1322—1328
346. TiO2-coated Hollow Fiber Micro-Extraction Combined with Electrothermal Vaporization-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Trace Elements Analysis in Environmental Water Samples Page:1313—1321
347. Applications of Metal Nanoclusters in Environmental Monitoring Page:1296—1305
348. Miniaturized Corona Discharge-Atomic Emission Spectrometer for Determination of Trace Mercury Page:1291—1295
349. Recent Progress of Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Atomic Spectrometric Analysis Page:1278—1284
350. An Innovative Approach to Sensitive Artificial Sweeteners Analysis by Ion Chromatography-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Page:361—366
351. Fast Detection of Carbonate and Bicarbonate in Groundwater and Lake Water by Coupled Ion Selective Electrodes Page:355—360
352. Determination of Uric Acid Based on Chitosan/Ru(bpy) 2+3/Silica Nanoparticles Electrochemiluminescence Sensor Page:342—347
353. Direct Analysis of Phospholipids in Biological Tissues Using Internal Exlractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Page:329—334
354. A Low Detection Limit Penicillin Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Penicillinase-Hematein Au/ZnO/Single Graphene Nanosheets Page:377—384
355. Solid Phase Extraction Technique Based on Electrospun Nanofibrous Page:474—481
356. Optimization of Performance of Toroidal Ion Trap with Triangular Electrode by Theoretical Simulation Page:482—488
357. Determination of Atmospheric Krypton and Xenon by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in Direct Injection Mode Page:468—473
358. Analysis of Staphyloxanthin Biosynthesis Using Single Cell Raman Spectroscopy Page:456—461
359. A Metabonomics Study of Childhood Pneumonia by Rapid Resolution Liquid Chromatography Quadrupole Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry Page:451—455
360. Synthesis of Novel Water-Soluble Silicon Quantum Dots with Imidazole Groups and Its Application in Fluorescent Detection of Page:367—376
361. An Automated On-line Solid Phase Extraction-Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometric Method for Six Endogenous Phytohormones Analysis in Rice Page:409—415
362. Application of High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy in Relative Quantitative Analysis in Proteomics Page:403—408
363. Determination of Eight Typical Lipophilic Algae Toxins in Particles Suspended in Seawater by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:335—341
364. Fabrication and Application of a Molecularly Imprinted Sensor for Morin Detection Page:385—390
365. Determination of Free Inorganic Cadmium Ions in Marine Bivalves by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Page:1277—1280
366. Determination of Phosphates, Tetrabromobisphenol A and Sudan Ⅰ in Children Products by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Page:1236—1242
367. Determination of 19 Kinds of Nonprotein Nitrogen Compounds in Powdered Formulas by Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction-High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1227—1235
368. Chemiluminescence Immunoassay for Quantitative Analysis of Prostate Specific Antigen Complexed toα1-Antichymotrypsin in Human Serum Page:1209—1214
369. Residue Determination of cis-Epoxiconazole Enantiomers in Fruit and Tea by Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography Combined with Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Page:1200—1208
370. Chemical Modifications of Peptides and Proteins with Low Concentration Formaldehyde Studied by Mass Spectrometry Page:1193—1199
371. Detection of N-Acyl-homoserine Lactones Signal Molecules of Quorum Sensing Secreted by Denitrification Flora in Microaerobic Nitrogen Removal Processes by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:1165—1170
372. Molecularly Imprinted Film Grafted from Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Chip for Determination of Testosterone Page:1157—1164
373. Study and Compatible Design of Two Types of Liquid Auto Sampler for Gas Chromatographer Page:1308—1313
374. Recent Development of Droplet Microfluidics in Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction Page:1300—1307
375. Progress on Molecular Mechanism of Phosphorylation/Dephosphorylation and Detection Technology of γH2 AX Page:1291—1299
376. Application of Time-resolved Fluroimmunoassay for Determination of Furaltadone Metabolite 3-Amino-5-morpholinomethyl-2-oxazolidinone Page:1286—1290
377. In situ Determination of Anthracene Adsorbed onto Mangrove Root Surface Micro-zone Using Microscopic Fluorescence Spectrometric Analysis System Page:1281—1285
378. Activated Carbon Enrichment Combined with Pyrolysis Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for Determination of Trace Amounts of Mercury in Water Page:1270—1276
379. A Novel Dopamine Sensor Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes/Nafion/Copper Nanoparticles Nanocomposites Page:1263—1269
380. Quantification of Nitrite Ion in Environmental Water Samples by Ratiometric Fluorescence Indicator in Combination with Quantitative Fluorescence Model Page:1250—1256
381. Preparation and Application of Immunoaffinity Column for Multi-mycotoxins Page:1243—1249
382. Classification of Bacterial Colonies on Agar Plates Using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology Page:1221—1226
383. Development of Unidirectional Negative Corona Discharge Ion Mobility Spectrometer for Detection of Explosives Page:1185—1192
384. Establishment of a Novel Diagnostic Method for Colorectal Cancer Based on Metabolites of Intestinal Microorganism Page:1178—1184
385. High-Throughput Assessment of Mitochondrial Fluorescence Labeling at Single-Particle Level Page:1171—1177
386. Rapid Detection of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in Weak Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Signal Drugs by Paper Substrate-Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectrometry Page:1735—1742
387. Determination of Fe, Co, Mn and Ni in Synthetic Diamonds by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry Page:457—458
388. Simultaneous Determination of Oxygen and Nitrogen in Synthetic Diamonds by Inert Gas High Temperature Extraction-Impulse Heating Method Page:779—780