WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Western Pacific Surveillance and Response> 2012> 3> 3

Volume: 3 Issue: 3

1. Analysis of fatal outcomes from influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 in Mongolia Page:43—48
2. A community-based sero-epidemiological study of hepatitis B infection in Lianyungang, China, 2010 Page:69—75
3. How can we fight against antimicrobial- resistant bacteria in the World Health Organization Western Pacific Region? Page:40—42
4. Surveillance should be strengthened to improve epidemiological understandings of mosquito-borne Barmah Forest virus infection Page:63—68
5. High-risk and multiple human papillomavirus infections among married women in Can Tho, Viet Nam Page:57—62
6. Innovative data tools: a suite for managing peer outreach to key affected populations in Viet Nam Page:29—34
7. Influenza B outbreak in a primary school in Adelaide, Australia, 2011 Page:76—82
8. HIV and AIDS Data Hub for Asia Pacific: a regional tool to support strategic information needs Page:18—21
9. Human resource challenges in scaling up the response to HIV in Papua New Guinea Page:15—17
10. HIV surveillance systems in the Asia Pacific region Page:9—14
11. Uptake of interventions for preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in 11 operational districts in Cambodia Page:22—28
12. How are countries in the Western Pacific Region tracking the HIV epidemic? Results from a 2011 survey of ministries of health Page:3—8
13. Respiratory virus laboratory pandemic planning and surveillance in central Viet Nam, 2008–2010 Page:49—56
14. Sex, gender and emerging infectious disease surveillance: a leptospirosis case study Page:37—39
15. An online framework for introducing STI point-of-care tests in Pacific island countries and areas Page:35—36
16. Strengthening the surveillance of and response to HIV in the Western Pacific Page:1—2