WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery> 2019> 39> 08

Volume: 39 Issue: 08

1. Characteristics of inguinal hernia in adolescents in China and the problems deserving attention in diagnosis and treatment Page:788—791
2. Treatment of adolescent inguinal hernia repair Page:792—794
3. Surgical consideration of pediatric inguinal hernia Page:795—797
4. Controversy, consensus and reasonable choice of application of mesh in treatment of inguinal hernia in adolescents Page:798—800
5. The problems of mesh repair and the value of tissue repair in the treatment of groin hernia in young people Page:800—803
6. The importance of biological mesh repair in adolescent inguinal hernia repair Page:803—806
7. Risk factors and countermeasures for recurrence of adolescent inguinal hernia after operation Page:806—810
8. The clinical character of adolescent female inguinal hernia and the key points in management Page:810—811
9. Investigation of prevalence for perioperative venous thromboembolism and risk factors of the present situation in Chinese adults patient with inguinal hernia(CHAT-1) Page:815—820
10. Clinical analysis on the technique of transverse fascia reinforcement with biological mesh in young inguinal hernia patients Page:821—824
11. Management of postoperative recurrence of inguinal hernia in adolescents: An analysis of 9 cases Page:825—828
12. Analysis of repair effect in 170 cases of adolescent inguinal hernia Page:829—831
13. Effect of perioperative and postoperative chemotherapy on the prognosis of patients with advanced gastric carcinoma after resection Page:832—839
14. Clinical phase Ⅰ study of domestic surgical robot: A report of 103 cases Page:840—843
15. Pancreatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors: A report of four cases and literature review Page:844—853
16. Clinicopathologic analysis of 38 male breast cancers Page:850—853
17. Three-dimensional visualization technology for precise diagnosis and treatment of primary liver cancer: A Meta-analysis Page:854—860
18. Preliminary understanding of the development of laparoscopic radical gastrectomy in China Page:872—874