WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery> 2019> 39> 02

Volume: 39 Issue: 02

1. Chylous leakage after thyroid cancer surgery with central lymph node dissection: A clinical analysis of 14 cases Page:173—177
2. Analysis of risk factors and intervention measures of esophagojejunal anastomotic leakage in gastric cancer patients after laparoscopic total gastrectomy Page:168—172
3. Therapeutic effect analysis of colorectal polyps with diameter≥2.5cm treated by endoscopic submucosal dissection: A report of 567 cases Page:162—167
4. Treatment of gallbladder carcinoma invading porta hepatis with the conventional surgery approach and the transhepatic hilar approach: A retrospective comparative study Page:155—167
5. North China bariatric & metabolic surgery clinical database registry report(2018) Page:149—154
6. Emphasis on the significance of "short hepatic portal vein" anatomy in perihepatic portal surgery Page:145—148
7. Value and evaluation of hilar surgical approach in hilar biliary stricture Page:143—145
8. Application of perihilar surgical technique in the treatment of central cholangiectasis Page:139—142
9. Application of perihilar surgical techniques in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma invading hepatic hilum Page:134—138
10. Application of perihilar surgical techniques in gallbladder cancer invading hepatic hilum Page:130—134
11. Significance of digital intelligent medical technology in preoperative evaluation of perihepatic hilar biliary tract diseases Page:126—130
12. Anatomy and clinical significance of hilar plate Page:122—126
13. Advance in the perioperative management:Enhanced recovery after surgery,perioperative surgical home and perioperative medicine Page:118—121
14. Application of perihilar surgical techniques in biliary tract surgery Page:113—117
15. On perihilar surgery Page:110—112