WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery> 2001> 21

Volume: 21

1. Mutagenecity and proliferative activity of duodenal reflux juice from patients with remote postgastrectomy. Page:225—227
2. Comprehensive surgical management in primary venous reflux disease of lower extremity Page:51—53
3. Extended resection for pancreatic carcinoma. Page:54—56
4. Multiple electrodes radio-frequency in treating complications of liver tumor and its prevention and treatment. Page:93—94
5. Therapeutic efficacy of lamivudine in preventing the activity of hepatitis B virus in perioperative patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Page:95—97
6. Observe the shape of plug mesh and patch by B ultrasound after plug-mesh hernia repair. Page:80—81
7. The application of tension-free hernioplasty in elderly inguinal hernia. Page:82—83
8. The application of polypropylene mesh & plug in hernia repair. Page:84—85
9. Tension-free mesh-plug repair in inguinal strangulated hernia Page:86—87
10. Laparoscopic hernioplasty in 50 cases. Page:88—90
11. Analysis of etiology of 72 cases with incision hernia of abdominal wall. Page:91—92
12. Surgical treatment of large bowel obstruction caused by eolorectal carcinoma(a report of 52 cases). Page:100—101
13. Causes and treatment of bile leakage(a report of 22 cases). Page:102—104
14. Treatment of the cases with the papilla of Vater located in the diverticula by opening of diverticula adding Oddis sphincteroplasty. Page:105—106
15. Diagnosis and treatment of Nevin Stage V gallbladder cancer Page:107—108
16. Portal hemodynamic features and its changes following devascularization procedure in cirrhotics. Page:149—151
17. Managiment of portal hypertension complicated with hyperthyroidism Page:152—153
18. Study of surgical style of treating acute mesenteric venous thrombosis Page:154—155
19. Diagnosis and treatment of primary presacral tumor: analysis of 23 cases Page:156—157
20. Surgical treatment of postoperative rebleeding in portal hypertension. Page:142—144
21. Combined devascularization and mesocaval shunt for treatment of portal hypertension: analysis of 100 cases. Page:145—146
22. Long-term effect of combined portoazygous devuscularization and shunt for treatment of portal hypertension. Page:147—148
23. Nosocomial infections in the surgical intensive care unit—retrospective analysis of five years. Page:209—212
24. Application of enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition support in critically ill surgical patients. Page:213—215
25. The diagnosis and treatment of the sharp injury in the back. Page:216—217
26. The diagaosis and treatment of postoperative acute cholecystis Page:218—219
27. The resect margin of hepatectomy for primary hepatocellular carcinoma Page:220—221
28. Analysis of 67 cases with secondary carcinoma of the liver. Page:222—224
29. Prevention of skin flap necrosis following eradicative operation of breast cancer Page:228—229
30. Clinical analysis of 531 cases of abdominal surgery with hypertension. Page:280—282
31. Clinical application of devascularization of venous traffic branches by endoscope. Page:278—279
32. Lower extremity deep venous insufficiency and Cockett syndrome. Page:276—277
33. The clinical study of prevalence,prevention and treatment of hypophosphatemia in postoperative patients of general surgery. Page:290—291