WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Rehabilitation Nursing> 2001> 4

Volume: 4

1. The Relationship among Percieved Social Support. Hope and Quality of Life of Cancer Patients. Page:219—231
2. A Comparison of the Sexual Concerns of Men and Women with Spinal Cord Injuries. Page:198—206
3. The Effects of Kyongrak Massage in the Elderly with Chronic Pain. Page:155—164
4. A Study on the Relationship between Hope and Self-Care Agency in Hemodialysis Patients. Page:137—145
5. The Need for Rehabilitation Day Care Program Service of Stroke Survivor's Family. Page:207—218
6. The Effects of Community-Based Self-Help Management Program by Strengthening Self-Efficacy of Post Stroke Elderly Patients. Page:187—197
7. Effect of Diabetes Education Program on Glucose Metabolism and Lipid Metabolism, Self-efficacy in NIDDM Patients. Page:165—178
8. The Effect of Exercise for Activity of Daily Living and Depression in Stroke Patients. Page:146—154
9. Development of a Curriculum for Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist Program. Page:179—186
10. The Educational contents of Rehabilitation Nursing. Page:118—123
11. Comparision of Body Image between DM patients who used Insulin Pump and didn't use Insulin Pump. Page:105—117
12. A study of the Nursing Interventions performed by the ICU nurses to the patients with Cerebrovascular disorders. Page:94—104
13. Effects of Brisk Walking & Muscle Strengthening Exercise Using Thera-band on Pain, Fatigue, Physical Function, and Disease Activity in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Page:84—93
14. Descriptive Study on the Development of Educational Program for Mothers with Children who have had Open Heart Surgery in Congenital Heart Disease. Page:73—83
15. The Correlation between Perceived Social Support and Hope of Stroke Survivors. Page:58—72
16. A study on the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Quality of Life of Elderly Home Residents. Page:46—57
17. The Relationship Between Self-Concept and Self-Care Activities of the Cerebral Palsied Adolescents. Page:31—45
18. Patients' Lived Experience in Rehabilitating from Stroke. Page:20—30
19. The Effect of Aerobic Exercise Program on Health Status and Physical Fitness in Patients after the Stem Cell Transplantation. Page:7—19
20. Comparision of Body Image between DM Patients who used Insulin Pump and didn't use Insulin Pump. Page:251—264
21. Translation and Validity test of the FIM instrument and Guide. Page:232—239
22. Current Status and the Future Prospect of Rehabilitation Nursing in Korea. Page:240—250