Volume: 37 Issue: 7

1. Clinical efficacy of cattle encephalon glycoside and ignotin injection with salviae miltiorrhizae and ligustrazine hydrochloride injection for acute cerebral infarction Page:111—113
2. Association study between clinical pharmacokinetic of paclitaxel and chinical effect in patients with gynecological malignant tumor Page:84—86
3. Efficacy of salvia miltiorrhiza injection on viral myocarditis and its effect of antioxygen free radicals Page:81—83
4. Preparation and evaluation of insulin thiolated hyaluronic acid nanoparticles in vitro Page:77—80
5. Progress of tolvaptan in treatment of patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease Page:184—186
6. Effect of dexmedetomidine on the stress reaction and incidence of shivering Page:158—160
7. Effect of Mycobacterium vaccae vaccine combined with chemotherapy on immune function in treatment of children with pulmonary tuberculosis Page:129—131
8. Side effects of interferon αin treatment of chronic hepatitis B and its clinical significance study Page:126—128
9. Significance of oral pancreatin enzyme capsules on life quality of patients with total gastrectomy Page:120—123
10. Construction,expression,and the analysis of antitumor activity of all anthropogenic medicinal anti-EGFR ScFv (HL-L-L) Page:72—76
11. Study on hydroxysafflor yellow A enteric pellets Page:180—183
12. Investigation on the extraction technology of Northeast tussah pupa oil with SFE-CO2 and analysis of its composition Page:174—176
13. Meta analysis of euthyrox on the blood lipid of patients with hypothyroidism Page:167—170
14. Meta analysis of efficacy and safety of levofloxacin in treatment of refractory pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis Page:164—166
15. Analgesic effect evaluation of dezocine in postoperative analgesia in abdominal surgery Page:156—157
16. Effect of budesonide combined with montelukast on lung function and serum levels of IL-6,IL-8 and TNF-αin patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:153—155
17. Effect of fluvastatin and butylphthalide soft capsules in treatment of acute cerebral infarction and dynamic effect on serum C reaction protein Page:150—152
18. Interventional effect of atorvastatin on inflammatory factors hs-CRP,TNF-αand IL-6 of coronary heart disease Page:147—149
19. Clinical value analysis of atorvastatin in treatment of patients with arteriosclerotic cerebral infarction Page:144—146
20. Efficacy of valsartan combined with Huangkui capsules in treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis Page:141—143
21. Effect study of rapamycin on the expression of tumor helicase RECQ1 in glioma patients Page:138—140
22. Efficacy and prognosis of tetramethylpyrazine injection as an adjuvant of 1,6-diphosphate on neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy Page:135—137
23. Effectiveness of exclusive salcatonin and combining salcatonin and Xianling Gubao in treatment of osteoporotic pain patients:a control study Page:117—119
24. Effect of tranexamic acid on blood loss in vein and joint of patients with total knee arthroplasty Page:105—107
25. Effect of tea polyphenols on oxidative stress and micro inflammatory condition in maintenance hemodialysis patients Page:87—89
26. Preparation of iRGD modified liposome and its targeting to colon cancer cell Page:69—71
27. Effect of parecoxib on hippocampal inflammation in partial hepatectomy rats and its possible mechanism Page:61—65
28. Study on the mechanism of interferon-γon the proliferation of renal carcinoma cell intervention Page:55—57
29. Chemical preventive effect of matrine on ethyl nitrate nitroguanidine nitrate induced gastric cancer in rats Page:52—54
30. Impact study of curcumin on ASO and IL-8 level changes in serum of psoriatic mice model induced by TPA Page:46—48
31. Analysis of effects of allicin prodrug on proliferation of esophageal cancer cell line Eca9706 and the expression of apoptosis gene Page:43—45
32. Effect of extraction of radix isatidis on the expression levels of TGF-βin lung tissues of rats with radioactive lung injury Page:37—39
33. Effect of big strain rhodiola injection on levels of leptin and leptin receptor mRNA in serum and liver of rabbit with fatty liver Page:34—36
34. Protective effect of flos puerariae flavonoid on adriamycin-induced toxic myocarditis Page:27—30
35. Effect of sulindac on human pancreatic cancer cell PANC-1 proliferation and apoptosis and its possible mechanism Page:23—26
36. Retinoic acid incubation effect on proliferation of U251 cell line and effect on MAPK signal pathway Page:19—22
37. Neuroprotective effect of escitalopram oxalate on cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats Page:9—13
38. Clinical application of real-time fluorescence quantitive PCR for detecting Streptococcus pneumoniae Page:102—104
39. Clinical efficacy and adverse reactions of transarterial chemoembolization combined with sorafenib in treatment of liver carcinoma Page:99—101
40. Expression and significance of DLL4 protein in endometriosis Page:96—98
41. A multi-center study on effect of trichosanthin and methotrexate in treatment of uterine scar pregnancy Page:93—95
42. A multicenter study effect of berberine hydrochloride on serum HIF-1αand Caspase -3 levels in patients with acute cerebral infarction Page:90—92
43. Effect of Rho kinase combined with Sheng Mai injection on TNF-α, IL-10, ICAM-1 and CD11/CD18 in patients with Ⅱ°superficial burn Page:57—59
44. Study on antimicrobial effects of single herbs in wet Ruchuang Bingmi hydropathic compress agent Page:50—52
45. Comparison of DNA extraction methods from four Chinese traditional medical herbs Page:17—21
46. Cloning and sequence analysis of methyltransferase gene in four species of Huperziaceae Page:13—16
47. Efficacy of 150 mg clopidogrel and triple antiplatelet in patients with acute anterior myocardial infarction undergoing PCI Page:73—75
48. Effect of α-keto acid combined with low protein diet on kidney function, calcium-phosphorus metabolism and adenosine deaminase activity in malnourished patients with long term peritoneal dialysis Page:69—72
49. Clinical observation of alprostadil combined with Yiqi Huoxue Huatan Tongluo Decoction in treating arteriosclerosis obliterans Page:63—65
50. Total glucosides of paeony inhibits adriamycin-induced nephropathy in rats through blocking TLR4/NF-κB/TGF-β1 signaling Page:43—46
51. Glucocorticoid induced apoptosis in osteoblast via a mitochondria-mediated pathway Page:35—38
52. Inhibitory effect of miR-199 a on bladder cancer Page:32—34
53. Effect of high glucose on endothelial function Page:29—31
54. Thermodyn amic study on the interaction of excipients and protein Page:5—9
55. Egr-1 mediating oxidative stress caused by hypoxia/reoxygenation in cardiomyocytes Page:25—28
56. Preparation and properties of drug carrier non-PEG blank liposomes Page:22—24
57. Expression and Purification of recombinant soluble human BAFF Page:1—4
58. Application of microsphere delivery system in treatment of osteoarthritis Page:185—188
59. Discordances between interpretation algorithms for genotypic resistance in prediction of human immunodeficiency virus resistance Page:182—184
60. A review of abuse-deterrent opioids Page:178—181
61. Lurasidone:a new atypical antipsychotic drug Page:175—177
62. Progress on relationship between occurrence, development of colon cancer and molecular mechanism of miRNA Page:169—171
63. Research advances on chemical constitutes and biological activities of Radix et Rhizoma Clematidis Page:165—168
64. Progress of ion-pairing reverse liquid chromatography for analysis of oligonucleotides Page:161—164
65. USP inhibitors and screening methods Page:152—156
66. Study on dissolution test of Xinkeshu capsule Page:148—151
67. Optimize the extraction process of Qingrejiedu oral liquid by multi-index comprehensive evaluation Page:141—144
68. Determination of the activity of cytochrome C by the chromogenic substrate method Page:138—140
69. Preparation and characterization of proanthocyanidins/bletilla striata polysaccharide/chitosan microsphere Page:133—137
70. Self-made xiaozhongsanjie decoction combined with levothyroxine sodium tablets in treatment of thyroid nodule Page:130—132
71. Effect of povidone iodine irrigation combined with levofloxacin eye drops on inflammatory indexes, NO and antioxidant indexes in serum and tear fluid of patients with diabetic cataract Page:125—127
72. Effect of breviscapine on serum copeptin, NT-proBNP, HIF-1αand IMA in patients with acute ischemic cere brovascular disease Page:119—121
73. Effect of plant estrogen on serum hormone levels, NOS and oxidative stress products in patients with uterine fibroids with iron deficiency anemia Page:113—115
74. Study on effect of Fufang Xueshuantong capsule on serpine1,α-serpine1 protein and KLF2 in patients with lower extremity venous thrombosis Page:110—112
75. Study on changes of blood cell distribution width and D-dimer in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:107—109
76. Effect of TSH inhibition on sIL-2 R, TSGF, CD44 V6 and T lymphocyte subsets in elderly patients with thyroid cancer Page:104—106
77. Effect of folic acid combined with Qizhi Weitong granule on serum gastrin, sIL-2 R and immune function in chronic atrophic gastritis patients of Hp positive Page:101—103
78. Effect of matrine on sex hormone level, metal ion content and soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor in male patients with liver cirrhosis Page:98—100
79. Effect of octreotide combined with compound coenzyme on Th17/CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Treg imbalance in patients with purulent appendicitis Page:95—97
80. Mesalazine sustained-release tablets in combination with azathioprine treatment of small bowel Crohn Disease clinical results and analysis Page:92—94
81. Effects of curcumin on NT-pro-BNP, IL-6, IL-10 and pulmonary function in patients with sepsis induced by lung injury Page:89—91
82. Effect of fluorouracil for injection on methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, glutathione S-transferase and tumor markers on patients with advanced gastric cancer Page:85—88
83. Effect of rivaroxaban on HIF-α, P-selectin and TNF-αin patients with lower extremity venous thrombosis Page:82—84
84. Comparison of effect of paste epoxy resins and biological ceramic paste on interleukin-1, interleukin-6 and interleukin-10, and hypersensitive c-reactive protein Page:79—81
85. Effect of high dose metformin on serum HE4, LPA and regulatory T cells in patients with ovarian cancer Page:76—78
86. Determination of iodine content of iodine-rich herbal and analysis of effective factors Page:171—173,176
87. Effect of defibrase on APTT,PT and blood rheology in patients at the acute stage of cerebral infarction Page:124—125,128
88. Simultaneous determination of seven active ingredients in Xiongju Shangqing pills by HPLC Page:177—179,183
89. Value of ADAM12-S in early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy of pregnant women Page:161—163,166
90. A multicenter study of effect of pidotimod on the immune function in children with respiratory tract infection Page:132—134,137
91. Prediction of prostate cancer by logistic regression model about patient's age and transrectal ultrasound characteristics combined with serum PSA level Page:114—116,119
92. Clinical efficacy of laparoscopy combined with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist in treatment of endometriosis Page:108—110,113
93. Animal experiment study of silica nanoparticles labeled peptides with 125 I Page:66—68,71
94. Effect of ulinastatin on the nerve regeneration of mice encephalomyelitis Page:58—60,65
95. Effect of liensinine on cortical EEG of epileptic rats induced by lithium chloride-pilocarpine Page:49—51,54
96. Effects of halofuginone on maturation of dendritic cells and immune tolerance during homograft heart transplantation of rats Page:40—42,45
97. Effect of puerarin on the expression of HIF-1αin placenta of rats with preeclampsia Page:31—33,36
98. The inhibition and possible mechanism of resveratrol on hepatocellular carcinoma cell line Bel-7402 both in vitro and vivo Page:6—8,13
99. Study on effect of Bailing Capsule combined with Xihuangwan on estrogen receptor,matrix metalloproteinase-9, tumor markers and estrogen in stage III breast cancer patients Page:60—62,65
100. Effect of caffeine citrate on pulmonary function, VEGF and insulin-like growth factor in sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome rats Page:47—49,52
101. Effect of sitagliptin on the expression of NO/iNOS in type 2 diabetic nephropathy Page:10—12,16
102. Effect of liraglutide combined with insulin on HbA1c, T lymphocyte subsets and islet function in patients with type 1 diabetes Page:66—68,72
103. Effects of proliferation and apoptosis of phloretin on the hepatoma carcinoma cells HepG-2 Page:39—42,46
104. Aspirin, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases Page:172—174,177
105. Research advances of parathyroid hormone-related protein Page:157—160,164
106. Study on compatible stability of Danshen injection and dopamine injection Page:145—147,151
107. Curative efficacy analysis for metronidazole tablets combined with sophora gel in treatment of bacterial vaginitis Page:128—129,132
108. Effect of granulesten on hs-CRP and lipid in patients with stroke Page:122—124,127
109. Study on changes of coagulation, fibrinolysis, platelet and tumor markers in patients with advanced lung cancer by chemotherapy Page:116—118,121
110. "Effect of special management of ""medical care integration""on improving the rational use of antimicrobial agents in orthopedics" Page:419—420,423
111. Effects and safety for early urinary continence of elderly prostate cancer patients treated by laparoscopic radical prostatectomy with bladder neck preservation Page:415—418
112. The value of detection of free zinc protoporphyrin in cervical infiltration cells in cervical cancer screening Page:413—414,418
113. Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer with CT guided percutaneous cisplatin sustained release tumor implantation Page:411—412
114. Observation on the therapeutic effect of drug combined with psychological intervention on the patients with chronic urticaria Page:406—407,410
115. Investigation and study on the current situation of combined use of antimicrobial drugs Page:403—405
116. Effects of hypotonic nonionic contrast agents on serum creatinine,blood urea and renal function in elderly patients withischemic cerebrovascular disease Page:401—402,405
117. Anaysis on the effect of prognosis of psychological counseling combined with early double anti antiplatelet on the treatment of the patients with acute cerebral infarction Page:398—400
118. Risk factors of multiple-drug-resistant bacterial infection in lower respiratory tract of patients with acute stroke Page:396—397,400
119. Effects of antipsychotic drugs combined with psychological intervention on postoperative acute mental disorders in elderly men Page:385—386
120. Analysis of tuberculosis knowledge questionnaire in respiratory department of general hospital Page:382—384
121. Clinical analysis of electroacupuncture combined with massage in the treatment of cervical spondylotic radiculopathy Page:367—369
122. Clinical research of psychological intervention combined with celecoxib and physiotherapy on vertebral artery type of cervical spondylosis Page:339—341
123. Observation on the effect of calcium gluconate oral solution combined with psychological intervention on preventing the advertise reaction in blood donation by plateletpheresis Page:308—309,312
124. Obserbation on the effect of the long-term low-dose mifepristone on the treatment of hysteromyoma Page:306—307
125. Effects of sufentanil-midazolam intravenous anesthesia combined with epidural block on hemodynamics and anesthesia awake Page:304—305
126. Analysis on the risk factors of intracranial infection after neurosurgery and the therapeutic effect of vancomycin Page:301—303
127. Clinical observation of metformin combined with rosiglitazone in the treatment of newly diagnosed type Page:299—300,303
128. Effect of calcipotriol on psoriasis and its effect of peripheral blood IFN-γ, IL-2 and IL-4 levels Page:288—290,293
129. Psychological intervention combined with hydrotalcite in treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease clinical research Page:286—287
130. Percutaneous kyphoplasty combined with alendronate in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures in patients with psychological intervention Page:284—285,287
131. Study on psychological intervention on the treatment of the patients with rivanol induced labor in late pregnancy with depressive Page:276—277,279
132. Effect of labetalol in treatment of severe preeclampsia Page:274—275
133. The clinical efficacy and safety of nitroglycerin combined with atenolol in the treatment of coronary heart disease Page:271—273
134. Analysis of the relationship between the expression of p-AKT and HIF-1α protein and the response of breast cancer to neoadjuvant chemotherapy Page:259—260,263
135. Study on the effects of letrozole and clomiphene on the treatment of ovulation induction and the changes of reproductive hormone in the patients with polycystic ovary syndrome Page:257—258
136. Effect of glycerin fructose combined with mannitol in the treatment of postoperative swelling of extremities fractures Page:253—254
137. Effect of epirubicin combined with docetaxel or paclitaxel in the treatment of breast cancer Page:251—252,254
138. Clinical analysis of remifentanil controlled intravenous analgesia pump combined with psychological intervention for labor analgesia Page:249—250
139. Effect of dexmedetomidine on restlessness in recovery stage in patients with fracture undergoing combined intravenous inhalation anesthesia and operation Page:247—248,250
140. Effect of low-dose dexmedetomidine on hemodynamics in general anesthesia in patients with essential hypertension Page:244—246
141. Clinical analysis of oxytocin combined with misoprostol in preventing postpartum hemorrhage of cesarean section Page:231—232,234
142. Clinical observation of low dose thyroxine combined with irbesartan and hydrochlorothiazide combined with psychological intervention in the treatment of severe heart failure in the elderly Page:222—223
143. Effect of longan tablets and levofloxacin on the treatment of chronic nonbacterial inflammatory prostatitis by single or combined application Page:220—221
144. Analysis of gemcitabine combined with cisplatin in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer and psychological intervention Page:218—219
145. Effect of psychological intervention combined with flurbiprofen axetil on the recovery period of laparoscopic surgery for sevoflurane anesthesia Page:207—208
146. Effect of rosuvastatin calcium combined with clopidogrel and aspirin on prevention of cerebral infarction in elderly patients with transient ischemic attack and the effects on blood lipids and platelets Page:204—206
147. Observation of 100 cases of early caries treated with ammonia silver nitrate Page:189—190,193
148. Clinical study of oral administration of oral administration of aminoglucose hydrochloride and intra-articular injection of sodium hyaluronate combinedwith functional exercise in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis Page:184—185,188
149. Comparison of remifentanil combined with sevoflurane or propofol in anesthesia for patients with intracranial tumors Page:182—183
150. Analysis of the efficacy of pirarubicin combined with paclitaxel in the treatment of three negative breast cancer Page:180—181
151. Effect of periopusside administration of ambroxol combined with psychological intervention on patients with lung cancer after thoracoscopic lobectomy Page:178—179,181
152. Comparative analysis on the effect of ovulation induction of letrozole and clomiphene on the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome Page:176—177
153. Effects of 70 pearl flavor pill associating with acupuncture on nerve function in acute cerebral infarction patients Page:159—161
154. Diabetes pill in combination with metformin on elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with cerebral microvascular lesion blood viscosity, the effects of cognitive dysfunction Page:144—145,148
155. Clinical effect of combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its effect on pulmonary function Page:134—135
156. The clinical analysis of Compound Erlongzuoci pill combined with auricular point stickingand vitamin B12 acupoint injection therapy on nervous tinnitus of middle and old aged Page:131—133
157. The clinical effect of zhidanhuayu Decoction on patients with carotid atherosclerotic plaque Page:129—130,133
158. Study on the effect of Tianqi Jiangtang capsules combined with metformin on blood viscosity, cognitive disorder in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated with cerebral microvascular lesions Page:123—125,128
159. Clinical observation on treatment of sympathetic cervical spondylopathy by Jiawei Gegen decation Page:121—122
160. Clinical observation on treatment of senile patients with essential hypertension by modified Liuwei Dihuang decoction Page:119—120,122
161. Observation on the effect of Liqidingchuan pill combined with Dexamethasone on the treatment of the patients with acute asthma Page:116—118
162. Effect of TCM for removing blood stasis on promoting blood circulation and cerebral blood perfusion in patients with hypoperfusion/decreased embolic clearance type cerebral infarction Page:114—115,118
163. Study on flavonoids constituent in Mallotus apelta Page:447—448
164. Clinical effects of Zhenzhumingmu eye drops combing with antibiotic in treatment of chronic conjunctivitis Page:109—110,113
165. Analysis on the effect of herbal reyanbao combined with rehabilitation training on the rehabilitation of patients with lumbar disc herniation Page:106—108
166. clinical curative effect observation on treatment of endometriosis with Zoladex needle combined with Sanjiezhentong capsule Page:104—105,108
167. Clinical effects of Juming Jiangya pill combined with amlodipine besylate in treatment of essential hypertension Page:101—103
168. Effect of Guizhi Fuling capsule combined with blood activating and stasis removing therapy on uterine fibroids Page:99—100,103
169. Epidemiology of prostate cancer and its risk factors Page:444—446
170. The roles of NOD1 and NOD2 in tumorigenesis and development Page:440—443,446
171. Effect of routine western medicine combined with Buqi Shengchang Decoction on vaginal internal pressure and prolapse symptoms in patients with uterine prolapse Page:90—92
172. Observation on the effect of Sanhuang Ointment plastered on the treatment phlebitis after mannitol infusion Page:88—89,92
173. Observation and psychological intervention of calcium in the treatment of senile osteoporosis pain Page:86—87
174. Effects of somatostatin combined with early enteral nutrition on inflammatory factors and intestinal permeability in patients with severe acute pancreatitis Page:83—85
175. Research progress and application of nocoding RNAs in Cancer Page:436—439
176. Short term efficacy of glucocorticoids in patients with idiopathic interstitial pneumonia evaluated by high resolution CT semi quantitative scores Page:434—435
177. Effect of total thyroidectomy on quality of life in patients with nodular goiter Page:431—433
178. The effect of the new type of Enteral Nutritional Emulsion on the blood glucose and serum level of serum calcitonin in patients with acute respiratory failure Page:73—75
179. Clinical observation of low molecular weight heparin in different age points before and after femoral intertrochanteric fracture Page:71—72,75
180. Effect of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist on uterine fibroids and its effect on immune function Page:68—70
181. Effect of laparoscopic myomectomy on the changes of T cell subsets in patients with uterine fibroids Page:429—430,433
182. Effect of Daying-35 combined with metformin on ovulation induction after polycystic ovary syndrome Page:63—65
183. Clinical observation of leukotriene receptor antagonist combined with antihistamine in the treatment of allergic Page:61—62,65
184. Clinical analysis of recombinant human granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor gel in the treatment of burn wounds Page:59—60
185. Effects of pegylated interferon on cellular immune function in patients with chronic hepatitis C Page:57—58
186. Analysis on the protective effect of somatostatin on the pancreatic blood flow and function on the patients with acutepancreatitis Page:54—56
187. Clinical analysis of amiodarone combined with psychological intervention in the treatment of senile rapid arrhythmia Page:426—428
188. Evaluation of the effect of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography onradiofrequency ablation combined with absolute alcohol injection in hepatocellular carcinoma Page:424—425,428
189. Effect of detail management combined with routine management onmanagement of cerebral protective agent in patients with intracerebralhemorrhage and its effect on cognitive function Page:421—423
190. Study of applications of urine routine and urinary sediment in urine test Page:408—410
191. Study on the vaginal bacteria test by PCR and bacterial culture Page:43—44
192. Study of technical method of immunohistochemical staining in pathological tissue Page:40—42
193. Analysis of the role and mechanism of A2AR activation in tau hyperphosphorylation after brain injury Page:23—24,28
194. Effect of cognitive behavior intervention combined with drug therapy on quality of life in patients with gastric duodenal ulcer Page:393—395
195. Clinical application of antidepressant combined with α-blocker in the treatment of chronic prostatitis Page:391—392,395
196. Study on the correlation between phlegm-dampness type and blood lipid and blood glucose level and the countermeasures Page:389—390
197. Changes of TRIM16 expression in hippocampal neurons apoptosis of rats with cognitive dysfunction in type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:6—9
198. Characteristics and prognosis of pulmonary infection in 83 elderly patients in emergency department Page:387—388
199. Study on the effects of psychological intervention and multimodal drug therapy on analgesia and stress response in department of orthopedics Page:379—381
200. The efficacy of injecting insulin in family diabetes mellitus in Xiaofeng town community in Huzhou area and the analysis of the problems of injection technique Page:377—378,381
201. Diagnostic value of serum hyaluronic acid and laminin in patients with coronary heart disease complicated with myocardial infarction Page:375—376
202. Effect of surgery combined with drugs and psychological intervention on prognosis of patients with distal radius fracture Page:373—374
203. Clinical study on acupuncture and massage combined with anterior cervical decompression and bone graft internal fixation in treatment of cervical spondylotic myelopathy Page:370—372
204. Analysis of the effect of combination therapy combined with psychological intervention on lumbar disc herniation Page:365—366,369
205. Analysis on the application value of brain natriuretic peptide levels in patients with hemorrhagic fever of seriously renal syndromes continuous renal replacement therapy Page:362—364
206. Clinical analysis of psychological intervention combined with intracapsularinjection of kidney fat in the treatment of nephrotic diseases Page:360—361,364
207. Analysis of MRI findings of recurrent supurative colangitis complicated by intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma Page:357—359
208. Observation on the effect of moxibustion and massage combined with psychological intervention on patients with early diabetic foot Page:355—356,359
209. Effect of heat preservation on the recovery of BIS and the concentration of propofol in the recovery of propofol in elderly patients Page:352—354
210. Value on application of combined CRP, PA with blood routine inspection in diagnosis of bacterial infectious diseases in children Page:349—351,354
211. Application effect of irbesartan combined with spironolactone on chronic heart failure and its effect on cardiac function Page:346—348
212. Analysis of the influence of hypertension on pregnant women and fetus after use of labetalol combined with psychological intervention Page:344—345
213. Cost-effectiveness analysis of cefoperazone sulbactam sodium in nosocomial infection Page:342—343
214. Effect of Chuanxiongqin injection combined with nimodipine on primary open angle glaucoma Page:334—336
215. Effect of aerobic inhalation of salbutamol on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and psychological intervention Page:332—333,336
216. Clinical observation of progesterone combined with psychological intervention on threatened abortion caused by luteal insufficiency Page:330—331
217. Effect of Tangniaole capsule combined with metformin on the blood glucose, urine glucose and insulin resistance in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:327—329
218. Oral azithromycin,oral and intravenous erythromycin treatment of respiratory tract mycoplasma infection curative effect and adverse reaction of contrast Page:325—326,329
219. Clinical observation of gemcitabine in the treatment of elderly patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer Page:323—324
220. Clinical evaluation of patroline adjuvant therapy for retrograde pulpitis Page:321—322,324
221. Effect of psychological intervention combined with aspirin and tegrinol in surgical treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction and its effect on quality of life Page:319—320
222. Application value of methacetin enteric-coated tablets in patients with steroid resistant severe ulcerative colitis Page:317—318,320
223. Observation on the effect of misoprostol combined with psychological intervention on the treatment of the patients with induced abortion Page:315—316
224. Study on the effect of dinoprostone, misoprostol and oxytocin on the treatment of cervical ripening and labor induction Page:313—314,316
225. Tiotropium bromide powder for inhalation combined with psychological intervention on the treatment effect of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in stable period Page:310—312
226. Effect of dicetaxin combined with psychological intervention on early cognitive function in the patients with hip arthroplasty Page:294—295,298
227. CT imaging evaluation analysis of preoperative SOX regimen neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer Page:291—293
228. Clinical study of zoledronic acid in the treatment of bone metastasis in patients with lung cancer Page:282—283
229. Effect of patients with anxiety and depression in elderly patients with hypertension antihypertensive effect of psychological intervention combined with Flupentixol and Melitracen Tablets Page:280—281
230. Effects of seven sevoflurane or propofol combined with remifentanil anesthesia on patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery Page:278—279
231. Observation on the effect of cetylpyridine chloride gargle in the treatment of oral Candida infection Page:269—270,273
232. A meta-analysis of eye toxicity induced by tamoxifen in breast cancer patients Page:266—268
233. Effect of atorvastatin on endothelium diastolic function in patients with coronary heart disease Page:264—265,268
234. Study on the effect of treatment of chronic superficial gastritis in elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:261—263
235. Analysis on the effect of minocycline hydrochloride as the auxiliary treatment of patients with retrograde pulpitis Page:255—256,258
236. Study on the effect of propess on cervical collagen remodeling and cervical mature in fetal pregnancy Page:241—243
237. Analysis on the effect of pantoprazole and omeprazole in the treatment of gastric ulcer Page:239—240,243
238. Observation on the effect of carboprost suppositories retention on the treatment of puerpera with mazischesis Page:237—238
239. The therapeutic effect of piperacillin sodium and sulbactum sodium(PIP/SBT)for injection in children bronchopneumonia Page:235—236,238
240. Effect of PKP combined with anti osteoporosis drugs on osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures Page:233—234
241. Application of low molecular weight heparin combined with psychological intervention in prevention of deep venous thrombosis after lower limb fracture surgery Page:229—230
242. Clinical observation of misoprostol combined with psychological intervention in preventing maternal postpartum hemorrhage Page:226—228
243. Efficacy of saxagliptin combined with acarbose in the treatment of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:224—225,228
244. Clinical observation of micro-fracture operation combined with sodium hyaluronate in the treatment of talar cartilage injury with ankle arthroscopy Page:216—217,219
245. Combined administration of pilocarpine and timolol eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma Page:213—215
246. Effects of Minocycline Hydrochloride Ointment on Collagenase in Gingival Crevicular Fluid Page:211—212,215
247. Observation on the effect of venlafaxine combined with antipsychotics on the treatment of negative symptoms of schizophrenia Page:209—210
248. Effect of low dose of dexamethasone combined with mannitol on early swelling of oral and maxillofacial injuries Page:202—203,206
249. Effect of gastric capsule combined with psychological intervention on immune function and quality of life in patients with advanced gastric cancer Page:199—201
250. Research on the power of tolbutamide will benefit the antidepressant Page:196—198,201
251. Clinical effect of different doses of anthracyclines on breast cancer patients before chemotherapy Page:194—195
252. Efficacy of treatment otitis media with effusion by Ambroxol combined with glucocorticoids Page:191—193
253. Effect of ambroxol hydrochloride combined with budesonide in treatment of children bronchial pneumonia on C-reactive protein level in patients with C-, WBC Page:186—188
254. Effect of preoperative chemotherapy with XELOX and psychological intervention on surgical treatment of advanced gastric cancer Page:174—175,177
255. Observing the influences of liver function and virus outcome with telbivudine combined with adefovir dipivoxil Page:171—173
256. Effect and mechanism of cetuximab on cell proliferation of SW1990 and PANC-1 cells in pancreatic carcinoma Page:168—170,173
257. Ritodrine hydrochloride in comparison with Magnesium Sulfate expect application effect in the treatment of placenta previa Page:166—167
258. Comparison of the efficacy of Doxofylline and aminophylline in the treatment of bronchial asthma Page:164—165,167
259. Efficacy of Yiqi Huoxue decoction in treating cerebral infarction in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with Qi deficiency and blood stasis syndrome Page:162—163
260. Effect of Astragalus membranaceus on antioxidant capacity and liver and kidney function in patients with chronic schizophrenia and metabolic syndrome Page:157—158,161
261. Effect of modified Yulin Decoction on reproductive endocrine related indexes and ovarian function in patients with premature ovarian failure Page:155—156
262. Effect of lyceum barbarum combined with corticosteroids on the treatment of acute anterior uveitis and its impact on related cytokines Page:152—154,156
263. Effects of breviscapine combined with aspirin on aspirin resistance in elderly patients with coronary heart disease Page:149—151
264. Application of compound Danshen Dripping pill combined with lowfrequency pulsed electrical stimulation in post-stroke rehabilitation Page:141—143
265. Effects of injection needle scalpel combined with Tongbi tincture hot compress on the erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CRP and IL-1 in knee osteoarthritis Page:138—140,143
266. Effect of Shenqi Fuzheng injection on immune function and quality of life in patients with advanced gastric cancer chemotherapy Page:136—137
267. The clinical effect of treatment of severe carbon monoxide poisoning with Naoxingjing injection combined with naloxone Page:126—128
268. Curative efficacy of Oryzanol combine with Dingkundan in treatment of perimenopausal period and its effects on endocrine improvement Page:111—113
269. Effect of Astragalus and chemotherapy on the expression of VEGF in NSCLC, MVD and immune function Page:96—98
270. Clinical curative effect of Wangbi tablet combined with joint mobilization in the treatment of periarthritis of shoulder Page:93—95,98
271. Efficacy of statins combined with glucocorticoid in the treatment of primary nephrotic syndrome Page:81—82,85
272. Effect of psychological intervention on anxiety in elderly patients with insulin Page:78—80
273. Analysis on the postoperative effect of Ruin nutrient solution combined with dietary education on the postoperative patients with gastrointestinal neoplasms Page:76—77,80
274. Clinical study of continuous external drainage combined with intrathecal infusion of urokinase in prevention and treatment of cerebral vasospasm after aneurysm Page:66—67,70
275. Observation on the effect of metformin combined with nutrition and exercise therapy on metabolic syndrome Page:52—53,56
276. Analysis on the effect of insulin subcutaneous pump combined with psychological intervention on the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus Page:50—51
277. Effectof Shenfuqing injection combined with glucocorticoidon the treatment of septic shock Page:47—49
278. Effect of Kangfuxin Liquid on pain relief,saliva SIgA level and IgG level in patients with oral ulcer Page:45—46,49
279. Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and tension protein homologous gene(PTEN)in gingival carcinoma and its clinical significance Page:37—39
280. Analsis on the protective effect and mechanism of Nec-1 on cytotoxicity induced by cyclosporine A Page:34—36,39
281. Inflammation and immune stress of obese asthmatic rats by adipocytokines Page:31—33
282. Antioxidant activity of diferent macroporous resin elution fractions from kochia scoparia.in vitro Page:29—30,33
283. A2AR activation after traumatic brain injury in the role of excessive tau protein phosphorylation and mechanism research Page:25—28
284. Expression of Stathmin gene in ovarian cancer tissue and its valuation value on effect of Paclitaxel combined with cisplatin chemotherapy Page:20—22
285. Experimental study on the protective effect of lentivirus-mediated SIRT6 overexpression on radioactive lung injury in rats Page:17—19
286. Inhibition Mechanism of Rohdea Rothon hypha formation by Candida albicans Page:10—12
287. Methodology establishment of detection of Vibrio vulnificus by flow cytometry and aptamer Page:1—5
288. Clinical study of valsartan combined with benazepril in the treatment of congestive heart failure Page:337—338,341
289. Clinical analysis of serotretine combined with metformin in the treatment of senile diabetic patients with sulfonylurea failure Page:296—298