Volume: 37 Issue: 3

1. The correlation of adverse pregnancy outcomes and the intervention effects of levothyroxine in early pregnancy in diagnosis of hypothyroidism and subclinical hypothyroidism Page:304—306
2. Evaluation of cardiac ultrasonography in the evaluation of congestive heart failure in peripartum cardiomyopathy patients treated with L-carnitine Page:301—303
3. Clinical observation on the differences of liver function indexes in acute left heart failure and congestive heart failure Page:298—300
4. Distribution and drug sensitivity of pathogenic bacteria in respiratory tract nosocomial infection in hospitalized patients with diabetes mellitus Page:294—297
5. Curative efficacy of cyclophosphamide combined with VAD regimen in treatment of multiple myeloma and its effects on coagulation function Page:267—269
6. Application of pre injection of low dose rocuronium in MECT Page:265—266
7. Clinical effect of salmon calcitonin in the treatment of senile osteoporosis and its effect on BMD and VAS scores Page:262—264
8. Efficacy comparison of aerosol inhaled and systemic glucocorticoid and its influence on the expressions of PCT and hs-CRP in elderly AECOPD Page:258—261
9. Clinical effect of sevoflurane and propofol anesthesia on hemorrheology in elderly patients with colon cancer radical surgery Page:240—242
10. Effect of calcium dobesilate capsules in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy Page:225—227
11. Effects of pulmicort inhalation on serum sICAM-1, SP-A and IGF-1 levels in children with mycoplasma pneumonia Page:222—224
12. Clinical efficacy and mechanism of oxycodone in cancerous neuropathic pain in advanced colon cancer Page:215—218
13. Clinical effect of aluminum phosphate gel combined with omeprazole in the treatment of peptic ulcer Page:210—212
14. Anti-angina pectoris combined with anxiolytic-depressive drugs in angina pectoris with anxiety and depression and its influence on psychological fluctuation Page:207—209
15. Clinical effect of ozagrel sodium combined with cinepazide in the treatment of atherosclerotic cerebral infarction and its effect on hemorheology and blood lipid Page:204—206
16. Effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy combined with anthracycline and taxane in early or locally advanced breast cancer and its effects on ER,PR and Her-2 Page:195—197
17. Effect of Zafirlukast on the inflammatory factors and immune function of patients with seasonal allergic asthma Page:191—194
18. Effect of minocycline hydrochloride ointment combined with ibuprofen on serum concentration in chronic periodontitis Page:184—186
19. Effects of safflower yellow pigment on plasma D-D and β-HCG levels in patients with conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy Page:175—177
20. Clinical effect of breviscapine combined with nerve growth factor in ischemic optic neuropathy Page:172—174
21. Effect of omeprazole combined with Kangfuxin liquid on immune function, gastrin family and NO levels in gastric ulcer Page:168—171
22. Effect of thymosin α1 combined with Xuebijing injection on serum CRP, TNF-α, IL-6 and IL-8 levels in severe pneumonia complicated with sepsis Page:165—167
23. Curative efficacy of Ningmitai capsules unite Tamsulosin hydrochloride sustained realeased capsules treatment of Ⅲ type B prostatitis and its effects on level of the prostate fluid of IL-10 , TNF-α, PGE-2 Page:135—137
24. Effect of Ganoderma capsule on expressions of CD105 protein and miR-21 in cervical cancer tumor tissue associated with HPV infection Page:131—134
25. Effect of Bairui capsule combined with azithromycin in the treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia and its effect on serum hs-CRP, EC and SIL-2R Page:128—130
26. Clinical study of Guizhi Fuling capsules combined with fosfomycin trometamol power on pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic effusion Page:110—112
27. Effect of Danshao Shugan granule combined with metformin in treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver and its effects on lipid and uric acid metabolism Page:104—106
28. Effect of Bairui granule and deacetylated ligustrazin injection on plasma BNP and FABP levels in children with heart failure and pneumonia Page:101—103
29. Effect of Shiwei Longdanhua particles on serum inflammatory factors and immune function in elderly patients with acute bronchitis Page:98—100
30. Effect of Linggui Zhugan decoction on the level of serum inflammatory factors, blood lipid and oxidation with coronary heart disease Page:95—97
31. Effect of recombinant human type Ⅱ tumor necrosis factor-αreceptor antibody fusion protein on serum ESR and CRP in patients with ankylosing spondylitis Page:92—94
32. Improvement of determination of related substances in piracetam and its injection by HPLC Page:65—68
33. Quality evaluation of radix salvia miltiorrhizae tablets and the methods thereof Page:62—64
34. Effect of lentinan polysaccharides on hippocampus in Alzheimer 's disease rats Page:48—51
35. Stady on the expression of miRNA-21 in renal tubular epithelial cells Page:44—47
36. Studies on the effect of ulinastatin on hippocampal neuron and MMP-9 expression after ischemia-reperfusion injury rats Page:41—43
37. Research advance of early biomarkers on acute kidney injury in sepsis Page:27—29
38. Research progress on the chemicals with cancer stem cell growth inhibitory activity Page:20—26
39. Research status of the extraction methods, biological activites and application of yeast β-glucan Page:15—19
40. "An apoptotic ""Eat Me"" signal: phosphatidylserine exposure" Page:320—322
41. Current Status of microRNA in tumor therapy Page:316—319
42. Clinical analysis of different routes of administration of methotrexate combined with hysteroscopy in cesarean scar pregnancy Page:307—309
43. Clinical application of iodiol contrast agent in malignant tumor by spiral CT scanning combined with endoscopy Page:291—293
44. Changes of serum inflammatory mediators in secondary septic shock after chemotherapy for acute leukemia Page:288—290
45. ABCF2 positive expression and its relationship with chemotherapy resistance in ovarian carcinoma Page:285—287
46. Effects of exectin hydrochloride combined with intensity modulated radiotherapy on CEA, NSE and CA199 levels in advanced lung cancer Page:282—284
47. Effects of potassium dehydroandrograpolide succinate injection on plasma IL-33, PCT and hs-CRP in COPD complicated with CAP Page:279—281
48. Effect of mosxapride citrate on gastrin in patients with gastroesophageal reflux Page:276—278
49. Effect of triethanolamine cream in treatment of wound healing and its effect on level of IL-2 , IL-8 and TNF-α Page:273—275
50. Curative efficacy of euthyrox in treatment of hypothyroidism during pregnancy and its effect on levels of TSH,FT3 and FT4 Page:270—272
51. Effect of pantoprazole and norepinephrine injection on serum levels of inflammatory factors and hemostasis in peptic ulcer bleeding Page:252—254
52. Curative effect of desloratadine citrate disodium and fexofenadine in refractory urticaria Page:249—251
53. Comparison of the effect of tigrine and clopidogrel in PCI in patients with STEMI Page:246—248
54. Clinical efficacy of ambroxol combined with budesonide aerosol inhalation in treating neonatal pneumonia Page:237—239
55. Carbetocin combined with oxytocin for prevention of bleeding after artificial abortion Page:234—236
56. Curative efficacy of Dezocine in treatment of receiving laparoscopic appendectomy and its effects on white blood cell count and C reactive protein Page:231—233
57. Effect of calcium dobesilate combined with compound Xueshuantong in patients with diabetic retinopathy Page:228—230
58. Clinical efficacy of emedastine difumarate combined with pranoprofen eye drops in allergic conjunctivitis and its influence on related indicators Page:219—221
59. Effects of febuxostat on the levels of IL-1β, TNF-αand COX-2 in serum of patients with gout Page:198—200
60. Tiotropium and salmeterol xinafoate and fluticasone propionate powder for inhalation combined with non-invasive ventilation in respiratory failure Page:181—183
61. Effect of Tanreqing injection on pulmonary function, blood gas index and clinical symptoms in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Page:159—161
62. Clinical evaluation of Kudiezi injection in acute cerebral infarction and its effects on serum VEGF, S-100βand MMP-9 levels Page:141—143
63. Effects of Xianyimucao capsule on hormone level and menstrual recovery in patients with vaginal bleeding after drug abortion Page:138—140
64. Effect of Danqi Shuxin capsule in treating patients with coronary heart disease complicated with hypercholesterolemia Page:125—127
65. Clinical effect of Fuke Xiaoyan prescription combined with nifuratel and nysfungin in senile mycotic vaginitis Page:119—121
66. Effect of Hedan tablet combined with fluvastatin on serum LDL and heart rate variability in coronary atherosclerotic heart disease Page:116—118
67. Clinical study of ginkgo biloba extract dripping pills on ACS patients after PCI and its effects on PAR, ACT and ATⅢ Page:113—115
68. Effect of Ningdong granule combined with haloperidol on the therapeutic effect and cellular immune function in children with Tourette's syndrome Page:107—109
69. Clinical efficacy of vitamin D combined with iron succinate on children with premature anemia Page:87—89
70. Effects of pegylated interferon combined thymopeptideenteric -coated tablets on CXCR3 , CCR6 and serum IL-2 and soluble ligand in chronic hepatitis Page:81—83
71. Effect of lentinan injection in different treatment administration of oxaliplatin combined with capecitabine in gastric cancer and the effect on the peripheral blood of patients with CEA and CA199 levels Page:78—80
72. Effect of erythropoietin on hemorrhage of hip replacement surgery Page:72—74
73. Effects of mouse nerve growth factor on serum brain-derived neurotrophic factor, Fibulin-5 and intracranial blood flow in acute cerebral infarction Page:69—71
74. The antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of the powder of Ganoderma lucidum Page:52—54
75. The docking prediction of baicalin and BMP receptor using SwissDock Page:34—36
76. Study progress on antitumor activities of artemisinin and its derivatives Page:10—14
77. Studies on the characteristics and cytotoxicity of gentamicin/chitosan microspheres for local injection Page:5—9
78. Effect of Xingnaojing injection on cognitive function recovery in acute cerebral infarction Page:156—158
79. Influence of Shenmai injection for the postoperative infection and related serum indexes of patients with breast cancer Page:153—155
80. Curative efficacy of Xianlinggubao capsules combined with Lugua polypeptide injection in vertebral osteoporosis Page:147—149
81. Clinical efficacy of esomeprazole, mosapride, magnesium plus aluminum in reflux esophagitis Page:213—214,218
82. Mechanism of amifostine combined with low dose cyclosporine in refractory immune thrombocytopenia Page:187—190,194
83. Clinical efficacy of trastuzumab for injection on locally advanced breast cancer and related indexes Page:178—180,183
84. Effects of lentinan and thymopentin injection combined with PTP chemotherapy on serum TSGF, IgG, IgA, IgM and quality of life in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma Page:75—77,80
85. Luteolin protects brain injury and improves endogenous neural stem cells proliferation on cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat Page:37—40,43
86. Cerebrolysin for patients with HIE:a systematic review Page:310—315,319
87. Effect of meropenem on purulent meningitis and its value evaluation Page:255—257,261
88. Effect of oral diosmin tablets on the pain and wound healing after modified anal fissure resection Page:243—245,248
89. Clinical effect of aripiprazole on olanzapine in the treatment of post-schizophrenia patients with increased body weight Page:201—203,206
90. Effect of Astragalus injection combined with low molecular weight heparin and nifedipine on levels of laboratory related indexes and pregnancy outcomes in preeclampsia Page:162—164,167
91. Effect of Qizhen capsule combined with docetaxel injection on neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer and its safety evaluation Page:144—146,149
92. Effects of Fuzheng Xiaoai decoction joint tamoxifen on serum sex hormone and endometrial thickness with breast cancer Page:122—124,127
93. Effect of mesalazine combined Bifidobacterium triple viable in the treatment of ulcerative colitis Page:90—91,94
94. Clinical efficacy of thyroxine replacement therapy in pregnancy patients with subclinical hypothyroidism Page:84—86,89
95. Analysis of online Mendelian inheritance in man Page:1—4,9
96. Effects of Tongxinluo capsule and Shen Mai injection in treatment of patients with acute decompensated heart failure and its effect on level of left ventricular ejection fraction, hs-CRP, BNP and QTcd Page:150—152,155