Volume: 37 Issue: 2

1. Effects of recombinant human erythropoietin β injection on levels of SOD, GSH-PX, MDA and Hcy with diabetic peritoneal dialysis Page:136—138
2. Clinical effect of combination of salbutamol and budesonide in bronchial asthma Page:267—269
3. Effect of low-dose erythromycin combined with salmeterol-fluticasone in stable COPD with remission stage of life Page:255—257
4. Effect of seretide combined with singulair on lung function improvement and prognosis of moderate to severe AECOPD Page:252—254
5. Clinical efficacy of montelukast on bronchial asthma and influence on the immune state of patients Page:249—251
6. Effects of dexmedetomidine combined with propofol on hemodynamics in elderly patients undergoing painless gastroscopy Page:235—237
7. Effects of sevoflurane combined anesthesia on early cognitive function in elderly patients Page:232—234
8. Observation on the effect of esomeprazol in the elderly patients with gastric ulcers and influence for the pepsinogen,cAMP and cGMP Page:220—222
9. Effect of low molecular weight heparin calcium combined with early rehabilitation intervention on prevention of deep vein thrombosis after internal fixation of intertrochanteric fracture Page:216—219
10. Clinical effect of low molecular weight heparin calcium combined with vertebroplasty in osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures in elderly patients Page:212—215
11. Clinical efficacy of rosuvastatincombined with oxycodone sustained release tablets in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer and its effects on serum IL-6 and TNF-αlevels Page:193—195
12. Clinical study of comprehensive intervention on bone mass reduction in postmenopausal women Page:183—186
13. Effects of growth hormone on serum levels of Ghrelin, LP, IGF-1 and IGFBP3 in children with idiopathic short stature Page:177—179
14. Clinical analysis of enalapril combined with atorvastatin in diabetic nephropathy Page:174—176
15. Effect of compound Lactobacillus acidophilus on serum SP, VIP, 5-HT, IL-6 and TNF-αin patients with diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome Page:149—152
16. Effect of the HMGB1、CEA and SCC-Ag by paclitaxel combined with cisplatin chemotherapy in advanced esophageal cancer Page:165—167
17. Comparison of curative effect and prognosis of 60 cases of anthracycline resistant breast cancer patients treated with docetaxel and vinorelbine Page:162—164
18. Effect of different gosages of oxytocin on infantile pathological jaundice Page:159—161
19. Effects of allergen-specific immunotherapy on FEV1 and airway responsiveness in patients with idiopathic asthma Page:142—145
20. Effect of triple therapy plus traditional Chinese medicine in peptic ulcer caused by Helicobacter pylori Page:133—135
21. Observe the clinical curative effect of Tanreqing injection of antibiotics in the treatment of pulmonary infection in the elderly Page:123—125
22. Effect of Tanreqing injection assisted Ganciclovir on children with respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia Page:120—122
23. Protective effect of Addie in treatment of cardiac injury induced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with cervical cancer Page:116—119
24. Effects of astragalus injection auxiliary on the levels of Serum troponin I and related inflammatory factors inpatients with infantile viral myocarditis Page:113—115
25. Effects of sodium hyaluronate in combination with compound salvia injection on levels of inflammatory factors and knee joint function in patients with osteoarthritis Page:100—102
26. Clinical efficacy of Roukouwuweiwan in treatment of schizophrenia and its effect on serum SOD, MDA and NO Page:97—99
27. Clinical sudy of Kangaiping Wan on postoperative patients with colorectal cancer treated with FOLFOX chemotherapy Page:93—96
28. Clinical effect of Shugan Jieyu capsule combined with sertraline on postpartum depression Page:87—89
29. Effects of Shuganjieyu capsule of plasma glucose and lipid metabolism and sleep and body weight in depression Page:84—86
30. Curative effect of Chaiqin tiaogan capsule in treatment of patients with hepatitis B virus Page:81—83
31. Application of Fufang Xueshuantong capsule in patients with optic atrophy of glaucoma and its influence on ocular hemodynamics Page:78—80
32. Effects of radix notoginseng saponin dispersible tablets combined with rivaroxaban in treatment of tibial fracture after operation and its effects on joint function and the leves of inflammatory factors Page:75—77
33. Curative efficacy of Huazhi Rougan granule in treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver and its influence on levels of adiponectin, IL-6 and TNF-α Page:65—67
34. Effect of metacentric particles with bisoprolol fumarate pesos on the elderly patients with heart failure with ventricular arrhythmia treatment Page:62—64
35. Effect of lithagogue decoction combined with tamsulosin on calculus removal rate and renal colic in patients with lower ureter calculus Page:59—61
36. Therapeutic effect of Xiefu Zhuyu decoction joint brain protein hydrolysate injection in traumatic brain injury and its effect on cerebrospinal fluid of ET-1 Page:55—58
37. Processing method, extraction technology and quality evaluation analysis of Paeonialactiflora Pall Page:43—45
38. Study on synthesis and adsorption kinetics of Ganoderma lucidum Polysaccharide-Fe(Ⅲ) complex Page:40—42
39. Comparison of the three preparation methods in technology of salinomycin micelle Page:37—39
40. Inhibition mechanism of gallnut on biofilm formation by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Page:24—27
41. Effect of meropenem on killing of caenorhabditis elegans by pseudomonas aeruginosa Page:20—23
42. Effect of TPh on cell HepG-2 cell cycle, apoptosis and related gene expression of hepatocellular carcinoma Page:15—19
43. Salvia miltiorrhiza ligustrazine prevention in elderly hip treatment in perioperative period of patients with cardio cerebral apoplexy fracture Page:320—322
44. The functional diversity of leech salivary gland secretions and its application Page:316—319
45. Research progress of extraction and purification of Hirudin Page:313—315
46. The pathway regulation and targeted therapy of tumor stem cells regulatory and targeting therapy of tumor stem cell related signal pathway Page:308—312
47. Comparison of effects of laparoscopic operation and open operation for the peripheral blood T lymphocyte subsets and Th1 Th2 of patients with severe acute pancreatitis Page:305—307
48. Value of Xpert MTB/RIF test in bronchial alveolar lavage fluid in the discovery of sputum smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis Page:302—304
49. Relationship between BRCA1 protein expression in lung cancer tissues and the efficacy of chemotherapy Page:297—299
50. Clinical expression of P53,Livin and PARP in the epithelial ovarian cancer and its impact in the chemotherapy resistance and clinical prognosis Page:294—296
51. Relationship between plasma brain natriuretic peptide level and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation Page:291—293
52. Plasma BNP levels and serum albumin, serum total bilirubin and prothrombin time in patients with cirrhosis correlation Page:288—290
53. Comprehensive application value of laparoscopic surgery combined with sodium hyaluronate in adhesive intestinal ileus Page:285—287
54. Effects of aspirin on the endometrium of patients with severe intrauterine adhesions after electrical resection Page:282—284
55. Effect of pidotimod granules combined with Carboxymethyl starch sodium solution in recurrent respiratory tract infection and immune function Page:279—281
56. Therapeutic and preventing effect of probiotics for antibiotic-associated diarrhea in elderly severe lung infection Page:276—278
57. Efficacy and safety of meropenem and imipenem cilastatin in elderly pulmonary infection Page:273—275
58. Analysis of the treatment effect of nikethamide and noninvasive ventilator on respiratory failure Page:270—272
59. Clinical efficacy of fluticasone propionate combined with noninvasive positive pressure ventilation on COPD and its effect on pulmonary function Page:261—263
60. Application of budesonide combined with terbutaline aerosol in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and its influence on inflammatory factors Page:246—248
61. Anesthetic effect and safety of different doses of midazolam on lung cancer Page:244—245
62. Effects of general anesthesia and combined spinal epidural anesthesia on postoperative cognitive function in elderly patients with lower limb fracture Page:241—243
63. Effects of dexmedetomidine on intraoperative sedation and levels of TNF-α, IL-1 and IL-6 in forearm traumatic patients with brachial plexus block Page:238—240
64. Clinical efficacy of gabapentin and carbamazepine in elderly patients with primary trigeminal neuralgia Page:229—231
65. Effect of ulinastatin for multi system function state of patients with acute abdomen during the the perioperative period Page:226—228
66. Efficacy of escitalopram in acute schizophrenia and depression and its influence on blood parameters with disease Page:223—225
67. Mechanism and clinical value of sacral plexus perfusion in rachi lumbocrural pain Page:205—208
68. Clinical efficacy and safety of oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release tablets in treatment of advanced cancer pain Page:199—201
69. Efficacy of pioglitazone combined with gliclazide sustained-release tablets in type 2 diabetes mellitus on early stage Page:190—192
70. Effect of calcium dobesilate tablets combined with mecobalamin injection on diabetic peripheral neuropathy and its effects on oxidative stress and neurotrophic factor Page:187—189
71. Effect of lamivudine combined with adefovir ester of hepatitis B cirrhosis of the liver decompensation period curative effect evaluation Page:171—173
72. Effect of nifedipine on brain edema and neurological function in patients with cerebral hemorrhage Page:168—170
73. Application of debridement adhesive combined with comfeel silver ion dressing in wound treatment after the total cystectomy Page:153—155
74. Analysis of curative effects of Pudilan Xiaoyan Koufuye on patients with eOLP and ROU Page:129—132
75. Effect of compound sophora flavescens injection on intraperitoneal chemotherapy of cisplatin in malignant ascites of gastric cancer patients and its influence on immune function Page:109—112
76. Clinical efficacy and safety of Danshen Chuanxiongqin injection combined with Isosorbide dinitrate in the treatment of myocardial ischemia Page:103—105
77. Therapeutic effect of tripterysium glycosides combined with isotretinoin in cysticacne and its effect on related indicators Page:72—74
78. Comparison the effect of Shengxuening tablets and ferrous succinate in treating pregnancy with anemia Page:68—71
79. Effect of Yiqihuoxue Paishiyin combined with levofloxacin on renal calculus and inflammatory state Page:49—51
80. Effect of metformin on the expression of heat shock protein and VEGF in 5637 cell line of bladder cancer Page:32—36
81. Development of the high-throughput screening fluorescence polarization assay for HSP90 inhibitor Page:8—11
82. Establishment of malignant pleural effusion model of Lewis lung cancer based on Micro Echo Technology Page:5—7
83. Effect of different stimulants on the LAG3 expression and function of spleen lymphocytes in mice Page:1—4
84. Clinical efficacy and ultrasonographic evaluation of anti-thyroid drugs in the treatment of primary hyperthyroidism Page:196—198,201
85. Effect of dinoprostone suppositories and oxytocin in promoting cervical ripening and childbirth outcome Page:180—182,186
86. Observation on the effect of long-acting interferon injection and nucleoside drugs on serum interleukin 37 levels and clinical effect in patients with hepatitis B Page:139—141,145
87. Clinical efficacy of Sini decoction adjustment combined rabeprazole enteric capsules in gastroesophageal reflux cough and its effect on IL-8, SP, MCT levels Page:126—128,132
88. Effect of Kidney nourishing decoction in the treatment of reproduce patients in serum hormone Page:46—48,51
89. Research on the IgE, EOS, LTE-4 content and its clinical significance with the inacute phase of pediatric asthma Page:300—301,304
90. Clinical efficacy of milrinone injection in the treatment of pulmonary heart disease complicated with respiratory failure Page:264—266,269
91. Safety and feasibility of montelukast combined with budesonide in the treatment of children with asthma Page:258—260,263
92. Effect of low molecular weight heparin on prevention of central venous catheter related deep venous thrombosis in patients with lower limb fracture Page:209—211,215
93. Observation efficacy and side effects of risperidone orally disintegrating tablets combined with oxazepam in schizophrenia Page:202—204,208
94. Study of endostain combined with cisplation in malignant pleural effusion of lung cancer Page:156—158,161
95. Clinical efficacy of polysaccharide iron combined with folic acid in treatment of anemia in gestation women and its effect on neonatal outcomes Page:146—148,152
96. Effect of Ligustrazine on the quality of blood during operation Page:106—108,112
97. Effects of Xiaojin capsule, Xiaoyao Pill and Shu er jing capsule in patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands and its effects on vascular endothelial growth factor and basic fibroblast growth factor Page:90—92,96
98. Comparison of clinical efficacy of Sanziyangqin decoction and ambroxol hydrochloride in treatment of bronchiolitis Page:52—54,58
99. Expression features of osteoprotegerin, receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B and receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand in avascular necrosis femoral head Page:28—31,36
100. Synthesis and inhibitory activities on vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation of furan-acrylic acyl group piperazine derivatives Page:12—14,19