Volume: 37 Issue: 1

1. Preventive effect of sodium hyaluronate gel on postoperative adhesion of hysteroscopic intrauterine adhesions Page:142—144
2. Clinical effect of Kang Shuling gel on the inflammatory factors in Ⅱ degree burns Page:139—141
3. Effect of fibroblast growth factor on extraction of tooth in type 2 diabetic patients Page:126—128
4. Chaihu Shugan decoction combined with Group cognitive behavioral therapy on effect of HAMD and NIHSS in patients with depression after stroke Page:123—125
5. Influence of Bushenjiangu capsules on the RF, hs-CRP, ESR with rheumatoid arthritis patients Page:119—122
6. Effect of astragalus membranaceus on serum free amino acids and chemokines in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Page:107—109
7. Influence of asarone injection for the pulmonary surfactant proteins and oxygen supply state of newborns with pneumonia Page:104—106
8. Effects of salvia tetramethylpyrazine on hemorheology in vertebrobasilar transient ischemia attack Page:101—103
9. Shenmai injection for inhibition of hepatic and renal toxicity and leukocyte disorder during chemoradiotherapy in advanced breast cancer Page:74—77
10. Effect of Liuwei anxiao capsules combined with omeprazole for the gastric electrical parameters and gastrointestinal motility related indexes of patients with functional dyspepsia Page:71—73
11. Effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza Ligustrazine on peripheral lymphocyte neutrophil proportion, neurological function score and prognosis in patients with acute cerebral infarction Page:68—70
12. miR-146a expression and its effect on the biological characteristics in gastric carcinoma Page:46—50
13. Effects and mechanism of astragaloside-Ⅳ on diabetic ardiomyopathy Page:42—45
14. Hypoglycemic effect of the mixture of kelp extract, wolfberry, and Chinese yam to diabetic rats Page:23—26
15. Anti-light aging effect of Polygala tenuifolia saponins on the skin Page:18—22
16. Preparation and characterization of thermosensitive chitosan hydrogels containing astragalus polysaccharides/chitosan microshperes Page:13—17
17. Research progress of PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer Page:319—322
18. Correlation of visfatin and L-PGDS with lower extremity arteriosclerosis Page:298—301
19. Effect of low-dose aspirin combined with metoprolol in high blood coagulation and cardiac function of elderly patients with heart failure Page:254—256
20. Effect of hydrochloric acid and azithromycin in the treatment of children with mycoplasma pneumonia and its effect on the level of serum inflammatory factors in children Page:248—250
21. Effects of butyphthalide on cognitive function with acute cerebral infarction complicated with leukoaraiosis Page:239—241
22. Effect of dexamethasone combined with clomiphene on serum sex hormone levels in polycystic ovary syndrome Page:235—238
23. Effect of amiodarone hydrochloride treatment time on treatment success rate of ventricular premature beats after radiofrequency ablation Page:229—232
24. Effects of caffeine citrate on apnea and its effect on endothelin, nitric oxide and β-endorphin in premature infants Page:223—225
25. Effect of daptomycin on serum copeptin and procalcitonin in septicopyemia induced by MRSA Page:203—206
26. Comparision of rivaroxaban and warfarin on preventing post-operation deep vein thrombosis in elderly hip fracture patients with diabetes mellitus Page:200—202
27. Glucocorticoids+cyclophosphamide+tacrolimus capsules in type Ⅲ+Ⅴ and Ⅳ+Ⅴ lupus nephritis Page:188—190
28. Effect of thalidomide combined with gefitinib on quality of life andsurvival in advanced non-small cell lung cancer Page:185—187
29. Effect of compound betamethasone injection combined with radiation on keloid in frontal facial region Page:169—171
30. Clinical effect of application of tegafur combined with standardized adjuvant therapy in stage of Ⅲ carcinoma of colon and rectum Page:165—168
31. Effects of pancreatic kininogenase enteric-coated tablets on optic discand macular retinal hemodynamics in diabetic retinopathy Page:154—156
32. Effect of recombinant bovine basic fibroblast growth factor ongingival sulcus bleeding index and its efficacy in gingivitis Page:151—153
33. Effect of 17β-estradiol combined with DRSP on serum FSH and E2 in patients with menopausal Page:147—150
34. Effect of PEG-IFN alpha -2a combined with ribavirin in type 1b chronic hepatitis C virus Page:136—138
35. Clinical effect of LMWH and pressure pump on DVT and coagulation in perioperative period of hip fracture Page:133—135
36. Mouse nerve growth factor and sub-hypothermia for neural protection in severe traumatic brain injury and its mechanism Page:129—132
37. Therapeutic effect of clarithromycin combined with Cassia Twig-Poria Cocos capsule in chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and its influence on high sensitivity C - reactive protein Page:116—118
38. Clinical curative effects of Kaihoujian spray in children acute suppurative tonsillitis Page:113—115
39. Effect of integrated traditional chinese and western medicine on hyperthyroidism and on blood glucose metabolism disorder Page:110—112
40. Study on effect of astragalus polysaccharide on peripheral circulation MDSC in lung cancer and its clinical effect Page:97—100
41. Effect of Gongxuening on serum inflammatory index and bleeding for women placing the IUD after cesarean section Page:91—93
42. Randomized controlled study of elderly patients with intertrochanteric fracture treated with Duyiwei capsule combined with traditional Chinese medicine bone setting manipulation Page:87—90
43. Effects of penehyclidine hydrochloride injection combined with safflower injection on TLRs / NF-κB signaling pathway and T cell subsets in mononuclear cells of patients with organophosphorus pesticide poisoning Page:81—83
44. Effect of Kangfuxin Liquidon on gingiva groove liquid IL-1β, PGE2, sICAM-1in fixed orthodontic patients with gingivitis Page:78—80
45. Efficacy of Ginkgo laminae on blood lipid, homocysteine and intimamedia thickness in recovery phase of cerebral infarction Page:63—65
46. Determination of content and encapsulation efficiency of leuprolideacetate microspheres Page:60—62
47. Inhibition of gallnut extract on MRSA β-lactamase Page:39—41
48. Expression and purification of autotoxin in sf9 insect cells Page:34—38
49. Research on the process control method of active pharmaceutical ingredient in pituitrin Page:55—59
50. Cell cycle arrest and autophagy induced by celecoxib in human HepG2 cells Page:51—54
51. Differential expression of histone demethylase KDM3B and JMJD1C in acute myeloid leukemia Page:27—30
52. The G4-quadruplex mutation of the core gene enhances the immunogenicity of hepatitis C virus DNA vaccine Page:6—12
53. Long noncoding RNA YLB regulates expression of multiple genes in subtelomeric regions Page:1—5
54. Clinical effect of high dose of calcitriol on end-stage renal disease patients complicated with secondary hyperparathyroidism Page:220—222
55. Thromboelastogram R time monitoring of low molecular weight heparin in malignant tumor Page:289—291
56. Correlation of plasma heme oxygenase-1 level and type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:277—279
57. A comparative study of Sodium valproate concentration in peripheral blood monitoring by FPIA and HPLC in epilepsy children Page:292—295
58. Value of combined application of high risk human papillomavirus DNAdetection and thinprep cytologic test for cervical cancer screening Page:283—285
59. Application of cerebrolysin in pediatric clinic Page:315—318
60. Advancesinstudiesofanti-cancerliposomeswithitspreparationandtargeting Page:311—314
61. Effects of chronic methamphetamine use on cognitive impairment in human Page:306—310
62. piggyBac transposon system and its applications in the genemanipulation in mammals Page:302—305
63. Discussion on rational dosage of hydromorphone hydrochloride in the elderly after hip Page:269—273
64. Analysis of the rational use of Shenmai injection of 400 cases Page:266—268
65. Dexamethasone sodium phosphate injection combined with spinal and epidural anesthesia in delivery of elderly parturient women Page:263—265
66. Effect of laparoscopic ovarianectomy combined with gestrinone in the treatment of ovarian cysts and its effect on FSH, LH and E2 Page:260—262
67. Effect of benazepril combined with atorvastatin in treatment of chronic heart failure and its effects on level of plasma NT-proBNP Page:245—247
68. Effect of travoprost eye drops on visual function, stability of tear film and inflammatory index after anti-glaucoma surgery Page:242—244
69. Comparison of compound flumethasone ointment and clobetasol propionate cream on serum and skin lesion Th cell related cytokines secreted in eczema Page:217—219
70. Clinical effect of ropivacaine intrathecal injection on carpal tunnel syndrome with nervi medianus entrapment syndrome Page:210—213
71. Curative efficacy of benazepril combined with atorvastatin on plasma NT-proBNP and its efficacy in chronic cardiac failure Page:194—196
72. Effect of budesonide and salbutamol on serum IL-6 and TNF- levels in bronchopneumonia Page:191—193
73. Efficacy of combined application of mannitol and monosialoganglioside on neurological function and its efficacy in brain edema after intracerebral hemorrhage Page:172—175
74. Effect of atorvastatin calcium on serum hs-CRP and TNF-α levels inpatients with cerebral infarction Page:179—181
75. Therapeutic effects and survival quality of raltitrexed and radiotherapy in esophagus cancer Page:176—178
76. Effect of metoprolol combined with benazepril on cardiac structure and function in elderly heart failure Page:160—162
77. Clinical comparative of aspirin and clopidogrel combined with atorvastatin calcium in the treatment of acute ischemic cerebrovascular disease Page:157—159
78. Effect of 17β-estradiol on idiopathic ventricular arrhythmia and IP3/Ryn 2 expression of receptor-regulated calcium pool during peri-menopausal period Page:145—146,150
79. Effect of diazepam on maternal mood, cervical dilatation and childbirth outcome in the first stage of labor Page:257—259,262
80. Comparison of the effects of bismuth-containing quadruple and standard triple therapy on Hp positive peptic ulcer Page:251—253,256
81. Curative effect and influencing factors of capecitabine in treatment of advanced breast cancer Page:233—234,238
82. Effect of cisplatin combined with docetaxel concurrent radiotherapy on advanced esophageal carcinoma and the effect on immune status Page:226—228,232
83. Effect of tirofibanhydrochlorideonmyocardial biomarkersanditsshort-term prognosis inacuteST-segment elevationmyocardial infarction Page:197—199,202
84. Protective effect of Shen Mai injection in the treatment of lung injury induced by radiotherapy in patients with advanced breast cancer Page:94—96,100
85. Effects of Danhongtongjing formula combined with levofloxacin on serum cytokines in patients with chronic prostatitis Page:84—86,90
86. Efficacy and adverse reaction of total glucosides of paeony compared with vitamin B2 in recurrent aphthous ulcers Page:66—67,70
87. Study on the mechanism of AHV-PI on platelet aggregation by PI3K/Akt signal pathway Page:31—33,38
88. Diagnostic value of TREM-1, PCT and CD64 in children with sepsis disease and its effect on the application of low dose hormone Page:280—282,285
89. Expression of tumor stem cell markers Lgr5 and CD44 in esophageal carcinoma and its clinical significance Page:296—297,301
90. Sensitivityanalysisofpatientswithproliferativediabeticretinopathyconjunctival aerobicobservationandcommonlyusedantimicrobialdrugs Page:286—288,291
91. Relationship between ABCG2 expression and chemotherapeutic efficacy and drug resistance of anthracyclines after breast cancer surgery Page:274—276,279
92. Effect of general anesthesia combined with epidural anesthesia on analgesia and microcirculation in patients undergoing total hysterectomy Page:214—216,219
93. Efficacy of tigecycline on serum procalcitonin and its efficacy in elderly COPD and nosocomial infection Page:207—209,213
94. Effects of mesalamine on the expression of TNF-α, IL-6, IL-17 and intestinal barrier function with ulcerative colitis Page:182—184,187
95. Efficacy of alendronate sodium combined with dietary and exercise intervention in postmenopausal osteoporosis Page:163—164,168