Volume: 24

1. An Improved Measurement of Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer to Analyse Protein-protein Interaction in Protein Homodimer Page:619—629
2. Effects of Divalent Mg2+ and Monovalent Na+ on Cleavage Reactions by Multiribozyme System in vitro Page:612—618
3. Complete Sequencing and Analysis of mtDNA in Phlaeoba albonema Zheng Page:604—611
4. Characterization and Amino Acid Sequence of y3,an Antiviral Protein from Mushroom Coprinus comatus Page:597—603
5. Comparative Proteome Analysis of Plasma Membrane from Different Differential Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cell Lines Page:712—718
6. Coordinative Effects of Salt and Alkali Stresses on Sunflower Antioxidative Enzymes Page:704—711
7. Hemolytic Effects of Melittin Involve Activity Change of Two Types of Enzymes on RBC Membrane Page:522—530
8. Enzymatic Synthesis of Endomorphin by Immobilized Papain on Sodium Alginate-Chitosan Page:426—431
9. A Proteomic Method For Core Needle Biopsy Sample Characterization Page:221—230
10. Prokaryotic Expression of eBCMA-Fc Fusion Protein, a Soluble BLyS Receptor, with Computer-aided Molecular Design in E. coli Page:127—133
11. Comparative Proteome Analysis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cell Lines with an Immortalized Nasopharyngeal Epithelial Cell Line NP69 Page:11—19
12. Establishment of an in vitro Protein Modification System with Antiserum Against Ubiquitin-like Modifier bISG15 Page:30—34
13. Eukaryotic Translation Factors Resided in PSI-induced Inclusions in PC12 Page:20—29
14. Silencing of Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein(MRP1) Expression by siRNAs Page:1118—1125
15. Expression and Function Analysis of Cholinergic Components nAChRα7 in Preadipocytes Page:803—809
16. Hainantoxin-Ⅵ, A Novel Tarantula Neurotoxin Inhibiting Insect Voltage-gated Sodium Channel Inactivation Page:796—802
17. Protein Components of Lewy Bodies (LBs) Identified from Synthetic Proteasome Inhibitor (PSI)-induced Inclusions in PC12 Cells by MS Analysis Page:906—915