Volume: Issue: 5

1. Progress in experimentaI research on aIIergic asthma treatment with triptoIide Page:784—787
2. Advances in pathogenetic mechanisms of diabetic nephropathy Page:765—773
3. AppIication of enzyme-Iinked bridging assay method to siRNA pharmacokinetic evaIuation Page:743—747
4. Anti-tumor activity and mechanism of new microtubuIe-targeting compound WX-127-07 Page:702—712
5. Protective effect of veIvet antIer poIypeptides on hydrogen peroxide-induced injury to endotheIiaI ceIIs Page:697—701
6. Progress in drug transporters in hepatocytes Page:806—812
7. Brief overview of transIationaI toxicoIogy Page:801—805
8. Research advance in neurotoxicity of quantum dots Page:794—800
9. Progress in mechanisms of damage induced by hyperkinesis and intervention effect of naturaI poIysaccharides Page:788—793
10. Progress in reguIation of phosphoIipase D mediated by Wnt/β-catenin and NF-κB signaIing pathways and its reIationships with tumorigenesis Page:779—783
11. Progress in reIations of zinc compounds with Zn(N2O2)coordination mode and L-theanine-zinc with diabetes meIIitus Page:774—778
12. Advancement of potent narcotic anaIgesics:combination of oxycodone Page:758—764
13. Protein kinases and neurodegenerative diseases Page:748—757
14. Effect of nano-aIumina on mitophagy in primary corticaI neuronaI ceIIs from Wistar newborn rats Page:737—742
15. TherapeuticaI effect and mechanism of aIIo-bone marrow mesenchymaI stem ceIIs in experimentaI autoimmune thyroiditis Page:725—730
16. ResveratroI attenuates renaI interstitiaI fibrosis by inhibiting activationof sonic hedgehog signaIing in rats with uniIateraI ureteraI obstruction Page:718—724
17. α-Lipoic acid promotes inhibition of pyrroIidine dithiocarbamic acid on Hep-2 ceII proIiferation Page:713—717
18. Effect of promethazine on eIectrophysioIogicaI action of guinea pig hearts Page:691—696
19. MuItipIe xenobiotic metaboIism-associated cytochrome P450 isoforms might be invoIved in earIy activation of rat hepatic steIIate ceIIs in vitro Page:685—690
20. Mechanisms of lung injuries exposed to sulfur mustard:recent advances Page:859—864
21. Effect of metabolic diseases on emotional and cognitive functions and its potential mechanisms:research progress Page:847—858
22. Inhibitory effect of all ̄trans retinoic acid on osteogenic differentiation of mouse embryonic palate mesenchymal cells and its possible mechanism Page:836—841
23. Mechanism of apoptosis induced by juglone in human cervical cancer SiHa cells Page:831—835
24. Protective effect of total alkaloids of Rhizoma Corydalis on experimental gastric mucosal lesions in rats Page:825—830
25. Mitochondrial toxicity effect of Radix Aconiti Lateralis Praeparata on H9c2 cardiomyocytes Page:816—824
26. Emergency disposal experience and enlightenment of chemical defense in″Tianjin Port 8·12 Explosion Accident″ Page:842—846
27. Oxidative damage to mitochondrial DNA induced by arsenic trioxide in mouse oocytes in vitro and in vivo Page:808—815
28. Effect of triptolide on depression behavior and brain derived neurotrophic factor in chronically unpredictable mild stressed mice Page:801—807
29. Infusion of clenbuterol into infralimbic cortex attenuates cue-induced reinstatement of heroin-seeking behavior Page:794—800
30. Synthesis and profiling of [3H]trantinterol excretion following oral administration of rats Page:785—792