WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica> 2021> 56> 3

Volume: 56 Issue: 3

1. Current status of treatment and drug discovery for neuropathic pain Page:679—688
2. Baicalein reduces Aβ25-35-induced PC12 cell damage by inhibiting the JAK2/STAT1 pathway Page:771—777
3. Inhibition of exosomes-mediated melanoma metastasis by icaritin Page:778—785
4. Review of novel compounds that act on the AT2 receptor Page:711—722
5. Sempervirine inhibits proliferation of human glioma U251 cells in vitro and in vivo Page:786—792
6. Research progress on indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 (IDO1) inhibitors Page:723—733
7. Advances in drug research targeting the Wnt signaling pathway in colorectal cancer Page:689—695
8. Minimally invasive dissolving microneedles for ocular brinzolamide delivery Page:849—854
9. Anti-dengue virus activity of natural podocarpane-type diterpenoid in vitro Page:793—798
10. Gelation of small molecule amorphous drugs Page:855—864
11. Development and application of a chemical transformational method for the indirect measurement of ligustilide content in Angelica sinensis Page:841—848
12. Biphasic dissolution test and its application in the evaluation of poorly soluble drug preparations Page:743—750
13. Multi-template molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction and its application in the extraction and separation of multi-components from traditional Chinese medicine Page:751—760
14. 8-Azaguanine-induced autophagy contributes to its chemoresistance in hepatic cancer cells Page:799—807
15. The mechanism of NLRP3 inflammasome affecting vascular aging and the development of related drugs Page:696—702
16. Research progress on the interaction of neuropsychiatric drugs with the gut microbiota Page:643—653
17. Research progress of focused ultrasound combined with microbubbles to open blood-brain barrier for brain-targeted delivery Page:761—770
18. The mechanism of action of Pudilan Xiaoyan oral liquid against LPS-induced acute respiratory infection in mice based on biological network analysis and metabolomics Page:816—822
19. A new cadinane-type sesquiterpenoid from Commiphora myrrha Page:831—834
20. Model-informed drug development for immune checkpoint inhibitors Page:734—742
21. The diversity of endophytic fungi in endangered medicinal material Daphnes Cortex as determined by high-throughput sequencing technology Page:872—878
22. Mitochondrial retrograde signaling: a new option for the treatment of mitochondrially related diseases Page:661—668
23. The combined therapeutic effects of 5-aminolevulinic acid cubic liquid crystal and light needles for basal cell cancer Page:865—871
24. The protective effects and mechanism of Alismatis Rhizoma extracts against senecionine-induced acute liver injury in mice Page:823—830
25. Research progress of neutrophil extracellular traps and related targeted drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases Page:669—678
26. The compound cell model-based evaluation for idiosyncratic liver injury of Cis-SG and Trans-SG Page:808—815
27. DNA barcoding identification of commercial decoctions in traditional Chinese medicine Page:879—889
28. Synthesis and antibacterial activities of novel sulfonamide derivatives containing a fused-ring Page:835—840
29. The regulatory role of E2F1 in prostate cancer Page:654—660
30. Research progress on STAT protein inhibitors in the treatment of lymphoma Page:703—710