WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica> 2019> 54> 7

Volume: 54 Issue: 7

1. Predicting and validating the mechanism of Trichosanthes mediated anti-myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury by network pharmacology Page:1234—1240
2. Progress in characteristics and application of olfactory bulbectomy animal model Page:1157—1165
3. Caffeoyl quinic acids in Chrysanthemum morifolium improve LPS-induced HUVEC vascular endothelial cell injury by regulating ERK/MAPK signaling pathway Page:1207—1213
4. Recent advances in microglial activation for treatment of chronic neuropathic pain Page:1166—1173
5. Down-regulation of miR-205-5p sensitizes HNE1/DDP to cisplatin induced apoptosis in vitro Page:1200—1206
6. Assessment of monoclonality of cell bank for recombinant biologics production Page:1325—1329
7. Progress in research of the structure and function of Elabela/APJ signal Page:1174—1178
8. Comparison of intestinal bacteria and inflammatory cytokine expression in rats with ulcerative colitis after treatment of three regiments Page:1241—1250
9. Simultaneous determination of three chemical compounds in embryonic parenchyma cells and endocarp stone cells of Arctii Fructus at five different growth stages by UFLC-MS/MS Page:1265—1270
10. Comparative analysis of aconitine alkaloids in aconite tube using direct ionization and wooden tip spray mass spectrometry Page:1271—1276
11. Research progress, chemistry, manufacturing and controlsconsiderations of mesenchymal stem cell products Page:1317—1324
12. Cloning and sequence analysis of codeine-O-demethylase gene from Papaver somniferum and Papaver rhoeas Page:1312—1316
13. Repositioning drug discovery for Alzheimer's disease based on global marketed drug data Page:1214—1224
14. Observation on efficacy, pharmacokinetic behaviors and safety of new modified RNA oligonucleotide targeting Foxo-1 via two routes of administration Page:1251—1256
15. Tryptanthrin derivative CY-1-4 nanoparticle induces ferroptosis in B16-F10 cells Page:1288—1296
16. Anti-diabetic effects of the fraction of alkaloids from Ramulus Mori, an innovative Sangzhi alkaloids as an α-glucosidase inhibitor Page:1225—1233
17. Analytical capabilities of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSI) and its potential applications in medicinal plants Page:1179—1189
18. A new cadalene sesquiterpene glycoside from Dendrobium nobile Page:1257—1259
19. A new oleanane type triterpenoid from Viburnum taitoense Hayata Page:1260—1264
20. The black phosphorus quantum dots-based photothermal effect on dendritic cells activation Page:1297—1302
21. First-in-class small molecule drugs in 2018 Page:1145—1156