WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Preventive Medicine> 2005> 15> 6

Volume: 15 Issue: 6

1. Assessment of virulence and potential risk of direct transmission to human of 2004-2005 virus H5N1 in Southern Vietnam through surveillance and genetic analysis Page:5—10
2. Sequencing VP4, VP7, NSP1, NSP4 genes of human Rotavirus strain G1P8 Page:27—32
3. Characteristics of social migration, malaria epidemiology anf related risk factors in migrants in Ea Sup district, Dak Lak province, 2002-2004 Page:15—20
4. Mother’s knowledge on child health care in 3 districts of Can Tho province Page:21—25
5. Effectiveness of iron fortified fish sauce on body iron storage Page:26—33
6. Reproductive tract infections among married women aged 15-49 in a rural commune of the Northern Vietnam Page:34—39
7. Utilization of contraceptives and ANC services in 30 communes in Can tho province ( 2003): Page:40—46
8. Intervention to improve the effective health care for rural reproductive age women Page:47—51
9. Concern and perception of women in Da Nang city on the health warning on the pack of cigarettes, 2004 Page:52—57
10. Workplace environmental conditions and worker's health status at Thai Nguyen coalluary factory Page:58—64
11. Working environment and health of workers in Na Duong coal mine, Lang Son province Page:65—69
12. Determination of the Bacillus probiotic strains used for biosubtyl production at IVAC by 168 rRNA gene sequences analysis and Western Blot Page:70—75
13. The reality of growing and using Vietnamese medicinal herbs at commune health stations in Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong, 2003 Page:76—81
14. Value of a novel rapid monoclonal enzyme immunoassay stool antigen and role of age in diagnosing Helicobacter pylori infection in children Page:84—88
15. Compost techniques for organic waste Page:89—93
16. The role of electronic microscopy in study and diagnosis of viral diseases Page:94—96
17. Food safety: Listeria infection and rapid test for diagnosis Page:97—99