WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Preventive Medicine> 2004> 14> 5

Volume: 14 Issue: 5

1. Role of natural killer cell in natural protection against HIV-I infection among exposed uninfected IDUs in Vietnam Page:5—9
2. Poliovirus immunized status, number of received OPV doses, and period of time after the last OPV dose in children Page:10—16
3. Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) molecular relationship of Hib pathogenous strains isolated in Hanoi Page:17—22
4. Effectiveness of oral cholera vaccine three to five years after mass vaccination in Hue Page:23—26
5. Changes in hemodynamic of pulmonary arteries and heart chambers after mitral valve surgical commissurotomy evaluated by Doppler ultrasonography Page:27—32
6. Effectiveness of high micronutrient and energy dense powder on micronutrient deficiency and malnutrition of children 5-8 months of age at Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province Page:33—39
7. Relationship between nutrition practices of mothers, physical activity of children and overweigh - obesity status of children 4-6 years old Page:40—44
8. Characteristics of social allowances of medical workers Page:45—49
9. Outline of technical support for Bac Can centre of preventive health Page:50—53
10. Cross-infection of Helicobacter pylori in multiple generation households in Northern Vietnam Page:54—59
11. Acid fast bacilli (AFB) in the HIV/AIDS patients hospitalized in Institute for Clinical Research in Tropical Medicine Page:60—63
12. Isolation and selection of rotavirus strains type G4 on Rhesus kidney cells - MA104 Page:64—68
13. The management of wasters in health service units at the high plateau Page:69—72
14. Nutritional status, EPI results of children under five years old and parasitic infestation of Ruc ethnic minority in Thuong Hoa - Quang Binh province Page:73—75