WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Preventive Medicine> 2001> 11> 4

Volume: 11 Issue: 4

1. Survival duration and prognosis factors after operation of esophageal cancer Page:19—27
2. Ambulatory haemorrhoidectomy by laser CO2. Page:25—33
3. Results of treatment of haemorrhoid by sclerotization injection with kinurea Page:16—19
4. Some opinions of mortality situation in Viet Duc hospital in 1996 Page:13—17
5. Some opinions of local anesthesia in haemorrhoidectomy Page:22—30
6. Gastroesophageal reflux Page:35—39
7. Histopathological features of gastric mucosa before and after eradication of H.pylori in patients with operated perforated gastroduodenal ulceration Page:36—40
8. Identification of agglutinogens 1, 2 and 3 by the IVAC monospecific B.pertussis antisera Page:18—21
9. Results of treatment of patients with gastroduodenal ulceration by pansiron G Page:32—36
10. Perforated gastroduodenal ulceration saturation via abdominal endoscopy Page:40—45
11. Gastric carcinoma - a review of combination of chemotherapy Page:1—6
12. Several complication of gastroduodenal ulceration after urological operation Page:41—45
13. Gastropneumography in the diagnosis of suspected acute gastroduodenal perforation. Page:32—37
14. Some opinions of femoral head replacement in Viet Duc hospital. Page:24—27
15. Treatment of femoral fracture by carbon plate. Page:32—38
16. Erythrocyte transfusion to compensate for blood loss in operation in adult. Page:52—58
17. Selection of incision in the treatment of kidney staghorn calculi Page:32—36
18. A case of colonic duplication in adults: Vn J Sur Med 2002 Aug Page:29—32
19. Some remarks on cholera in Viet Nam, 1986-2000 Page:14—17
20. Results of surgical treatment of rupture of cavernous corpus Page:24—28
21. Primarily evaluation of mechanical ventilation with semi-open circuit. Page:28—31
22. Rupture of diaphragm Page:30—35
23. Proteomics Page:55—60
24. A case of Hemophilia with postperitoneal bleeding that rupturing in to abdominal cavity, operated Page:51—53
25. Conservative treatment of external hemorrhoid that causes acute embolism by nefidipin Page:61—62
26. Surgical results of hemorrhoidectomy by CO2 laser comparing with normal knife Page:29—33
27. Evaluation of infiltration of cancer cells in to the rectal wall and its application for operation Page:1—5
28. Evaluating the results of therapeutic procedures of rectal cancer Page:30—36
29. Rectal lavage during operation Page:5—11
30. Operative results of malformation of cerebral arterio-venous fistula Page:34—37
31. Extemporized biopsy and lymphadenectomy in surgical treatment for gastric cancer. Page:33—40
32. Frey’s procedure for pancreatic stone and chronic pancreatitis Page:10—13
33. Dysembryoplastic neuroepithelioma- a case report Page:56—60
34. Some achievements of scientific research of the Central Highland Institute of hygiene and epidemiology Page:5—9
35. Surgical treatment of ruptured cerebral arterial aneurysm Page:14—18
36. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of anal fissure. Page:59—62
37. Anal fistula - diagnosis and treatment Page:54—58
38. Telomerase and urological cancer Page:1—4
39. Contribution to early diagnosis and effective treatment of bladder rupture due to the close abdominal trauma Page:7—11
40. Clinical and subclinical features and surgical treatment of urethral stone in Ha Tay hospital Page:7—11
41. The relationship between dietary fat and cardiovascular disease Page:62—70